JD.com Enters Into a Partnership with Hasbro and Paramount Pictures

Richard Liu Qiangdong has been gracing the headlines for being the founder of the largest online retailer in China- JD.com. The company is also known as Jingdong. As an entrepreneur, Richard Liu Qiangdong is always passionate about his line of work. To ensure that JD.com is always a step ahead of its competitors, Richard Liu Qiangdong ensures that each of the products being delivered to the clients is screened. The screening process is to ensure that no counterfeit products are delivered by the clients. Over the years, JD.com has been partnering with various corporations. Recently, JD.com has partnered with Hasbro and paramount pictures.

The partnership is in relation to the transformers movie known as Bumblebee. JD.com, paramount pictures, and Hasbro will celebrate the new release of the bumblebee movie as a way of commemorating partnership. In the film, Bumblebee was on the run in the year 1987. To stay safe, he had to seek refuge in a junkyard that was situated in California. Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) discovered bumblebee when she turned 18 years old. Bumblebee was broken, and he had incurred some damages during various fights that led to his decision to seek a safe haven. When Charlie discovered him, he was in the form of a Volkswagen bug. Later on, Charlie learned that the VW bug is no ordinary car.

The partnership between JD.com, Hasbro and the Paramount Pictures took place in 2017. After the partnership came to life, together they formed a mission red mini short that showcased the Red Knight and Optimus Prime. The Red Knight was a special transformers character that was formed by JD.com. In the Transformers film, the red Knight strives to protect the energon fuel source.

JD.com and Hasbro will also ensure that the Red Knight Transformers bot action figures will be present in the market. The action figure was be released in 2018, December 29th. More than 300 million clients were able to purchase the bumblebee movie-themed merchandise that came about as a result of the partnership between Hasbro, JD.com and Paramount Pictures. Numerous delivery vans and boxes within China will be tasked with delivering this merchandise to all the clients who have placed an order.

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Things you need to know about SEC Whistleblower office

The SEC Whistleblower office is among the game changers in the day to day lives of people. The firm that was specially established to ensure that rules and regulations set by the government are followed by people as required. The firm gives freedom and protection to every individual willing to share information about law offenders to them. The incentives that they offer to whistleblowers has encouraged a vast number of people to carry out their operations according to law requirements, and as a result, it has promoted good ethics among people and in the country.

Additionally, the SEC Whistleblower office also consists of a strong team of experts that all flaunt a couple of decades in federal law. The experts have also proved to be highly qualified through the seriousness and professionalism that they show towards handling such issues. The team of experts has also exercised justice in every case they handle, and as a result, they have contributed to the building of the country and shaping it into the best. Besides, the SEC Whistleblower award that the firm offers are usually offered based on the strength of the issues aid on the table as well as the truth that they hold. The prosecutors and attorneys involved in such issues are always keen to ensure that all investigations are consulted in the right way.

Additionally, the SEC Whistleblower office also seeks to educate people on the regulations and laws set by the government. Through its social, media platforms, the firm employees keep their followers updated on the emerging issues in the latter. The information and ideas that they share through the platforms also serve as a great way to educate people and offer them insight on the best ways to conduct themselves. The firm has continued to bring inspiration in the lives of people. The passion showcased by its great team also inspires many and brings life teachings to them. The firm seeks to revolutionize the lives of others through ensuring that businesses are carried out ethically according to the standards of others.

The SEC Whistleblower office has incorporated the use of rich resources to facilitate their operations. The effort showcased by the team has also encouraged others to work together with them to ensure that everyone follows the law. The firm seeks to continue bringing change in the lives of others through sharing their knowledge with them as well as encouraging them to work ethically.

Flavio Maluf Strategy to Uplift the Eucatex Industry

Eucatex is one of Brazil’s primary producers of doors, wood fibers sheets, paints among other goods. The institution’s 67th birthday was held on 23rd Nov 2018. A majority of its career was endowed to support and other social activities.

The Sao Paulo industry was founded in 1951; its main raw material is eucalyptus. In 1962, they initiated the venturing in land and tree farming to secure enough resources in the coming years. Flavio Maluf is the CEO to Eucatex. Visit on his twitter for updates.

Eucatex’s headquarters is situated in Sao Paulo (SP). The company comes up with an ‘environmental education program’ termed as ‘casa da Natureza.’ The program is designated to circulate the notion of taking care of the environment, the advantage of right administration of the forest and how eucalyptus tree is essential in wood-based yields.

As they visited the park, Flavio Maluf team also learned about the benefits of planting trees to the society, the maintenance to be given to the trees and also planting of more trees in places that deforestation had occurred. The Eucatex education program has attracted visitors more than 27,000. Presided by Flavio Maluf, the institution’s aim is to come up with deals that will give a value of life.

Apiculture program was also initiated by the Eucatex institution designated to create a source of earning to the families staying near the forests. For example, the ones who want to produce honey can use the wood to rear their bees.

The people living around also have access to jobs. Eucatex Company offers protection against fire. Fire is a significant risk to the forest department during the dry season. The institution has been involved in the construction of firebreaks. Firebreaks avert the possibility of fire reaching the vegetation. An emergency line has also been kept for the residents to call in case of fire to access help.

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The Work of Jason Hope

Jason Hope has built a successful career as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Hope is a native of Arizona. He attended Arizona State University where he earned his degree in finance. Just a couple years later he continued his education and earned an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Hope has earned a reputation as a skilled futurist. He has a passion for technology and is often called upon to give his predictions about technology’s future.

Jason Hope is a believer in the ‘Internet of Things.’ This is a concept that focuses on all everyday objects in one area being connected via the internet. Hope is convinced this idea will be the future of our society. More and more devices are becoming connected and Hope believes both businesses and individuals will have to adjust accordingly.

Jason Hope has created an impressive career as tech savvy. His success has not stopped him from giving back to his community. Philanthropy is a priority for Jason Hope. He chooses to support organizations that have a similar vision. Hope has become a strong supporter of the research done by the SENS foundation. This group has been among the leaders in the fight against anti-aging. Their approach however is one focused on helping people build a healthier lifestyle.

SENS has taken a different path to addressing anti-aging. This team focuses on diseases that are know to break down the body thus leading to disease. This list of diseases includes Alzheimer’s and heart disease. SNES is committed to preventing these diseases from ever happening. They take a proactive approach to this disease. Instead of waiting to give out medication they try to prevent the disease. This is an approach Jason Hope believes in. He has given close to a million dollars to the organization over the years.

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The Achievements of OSI Group McDonalds

The organization is currently among the best food providers around the globe. More than 20,000 workers have been employed since its inception in its various plants which are spread out in 17 countries. It started as a small butcher shop about a century ago. The pioneer of the company was Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant at the time. He was part of a large group which comprised about 25% of the total population in Chicago and most of them settled on the plains. Some people referred to the U.S city as the City of Big Shoulders. Otto Kolschowsky started the meat shop to feed the local community.

The business attracted more customers with time and expanded to provide wholesale services for its clients. He opened another store in Marywood within a decade. Since it was a family business, it was named Otto and Sons in 1928. After the end of the World War, OSI Group partnered with another family-owned business that specialized in the sale of hamburgers, McDonald’s. Richard and Maurice McDonald started the hamburger business in 1940 and would be delighted with the OSI Group McDonalds partnership.

In Chicago, the first restaurant was opened through a franchise business model by Ray Kroc. Franchising was a new business concept in the United States during the 20th century. Otto Kolschowsky’s sons had met Ray Kroc before he started the restaurant in Illinois and their friendship led to a partnership where Otto and Sons would be the core supplier of meat to his business.

After years of operation, OSI Group McDonalds joined the company as its project manager and rose up the ranks to the current position where he serves as the President. Under his leadership, he has expanded the business portfolios through the acquisition of other firms in other countries. One of the acquired ventures is called Baho Foods and provides deli meat and snacks.

According to OSI Group McDonalds, the new merger would help the company to expand its market share in Europe. He disclosed that the move was one of the initiatives that the food provider was taking to meet the needs of its customers. During his tenure, OSI Group McDonalds has helped in ensuring that all the stakeholders are treated with respect and dignity to promote a spirit of teamwork.

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Ryan Seacrest: A Philanthropic Radio and Television Personality

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most recognizable TV and radio personalities today. He also gained the moniker as the busiest man in Hollywood, attributing to his busy daily schedule that involves hosting radio shows and television shows, interviewing famous celebrities, and writing articles for an entertainment magazine. Currently, Ryan Seacrest appears on “American Idol,” a reality talent show featuring amateur singers. He is also hosting the “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan” and “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” two radio shows that are extremely popular. His reputation in the entertainment industry allowed him to create a vast network of contacts, and he was able to use this into his advantage as he started entering the world of business.

Despite the busy daily schedule that he has, Ryan Seacrest is making sure that his businesses are properly managed, and he would always look at his emails and letters before he goes to bed. He hired a secretary to help him with his daily schedule, and he entrusts all of his activities to his private secretary who is reminding him about his daily activities. One of his most recent ventures would be opening a luxury clothing line for men, as well as introducing a new scent and accessory collection under his name. his clothing line was well received by the public, and it became a popular gift item for males. The sales from his entrepreneurial venture surprised him because he never expected that his products will be loved by the people. Every day looks the same for Ryan Seacrest, but he said that he never complained, and loved the jobs that he has been doing for decades.

The radio and television personality is also known for his philanthropic activities, most notably with the creation of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, or the RSF. Ten Seacrest Studios were helped built by Ryan Seacrest, building it near pediatric centers. He would invite famous celebrities into his studios, and give them a chance to meet children who are confined inside these hospitals. Through his donations, many children are being given a chance to live normally, with some receiving the gift of life after facing a life-threatening disease.


Richard Liu Qiangdong Unveils an Ambitious Plan to take JD.com Global

Richard Liu Qiangdong, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of JD.com, has trained his eyes on global expansion. The CEO made the revelation during the recently concluded World Economic Forum, which was his first to attend. Richard Liu Qiangdong established the company in 2004. Since its inception, JD.com has risen to become a market leader in the global e-commerce retail industry. Currently, the company is worth $57 billion according to a recent ranking by Forbes.

According to Richard Liu Qiangdong, JD.co has embarked on substantial infrastructural investments to increase its ability to supply an expected increase in its customer base. The growth is expected after the company launches its entry into the lucrative American and European markets. According to Liu, JD has comprehensively covered Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

In preparation for the global expansion, Liu Qiangdong said that JD.com has already partnered with Walmart, a leading US online retailer. In the deal, JD agreed to buy Walmart’s online infrastructure in China. On the other hand, the Bentonville, Arkansas online retailer acquired a 12% stake in JD. Additionally, Walmart participated in a $500 million round for Dada-JD Daojia, an affiliate of JD.com. Dada-JD Daojia links a fleet of motorbike delivery staff to merchants across several Chinese cities and towns.

The announcement comes after Google secured a $550 million stake in JD.com. Speaking during the forum, Liu disclosed that the company is currently engaged in the initial strategic planning in collaboration with Google to attract customers beyond Asia. The initial plans indicate that Walmart will jointly work with JD to increase its operations in South East Asia, China, and the United States.

Speaking to CBNC News at Davos, Switzerland Richard Liu Qiangdong also disclosed that JD.con is planning to list its logistics business public. He also added that the company is mulling over the possibility of dual listing. Currently, JD.com entirely owns the subsidiary business. According to Liu, the listing is likely to happen in mainland China or Hong Kong, since JD is already listed on the Nasdaq.

Additionally, JD has launched a fundraising series at its logistics business. The series is expected to generate a total of $2 million. Already, Sequoia Capital China and Hillhouse Capital Group have expressed their interest as lead investors in the series.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Warns Young Athletes of Overspending

They finally make it to the big leagues. They finally accomplish their dreams. When singing a multi million dollar dream to a professional sports team, an athlete now has all the money they would ever need…if only they would spend it correctly. This is where HCR Wealth Advisors can step in. Too many times, young athletes waste their fortunes on poorly thought out investments, buying excessive amounts of luxury items, taking care of numerous people in their family and not considering their pre tax income will be much different than their after tax income. More and more sports managers and teams are choosing to select a wealth manager to help these young people manage their millions.


HCR Wealth Advisors is a Los Angeles, California based firm. The registered investment advisory firm has been working for three decades to create strategies that allow people to live a life with few financial worries. The wealth managers working at the firm are experienced investors themselves. They have studied the markets. Wealth managers are not focused on upselling unneeded products and services. Instead, these wealth managers work to educate their clients about what it means to be financially fit and secure. By doing this, the wealth advisors develop strong relationships with their clients, who are empowered to take an active role in the management of their finances and investments.


The reason this firm takes wealth management so seriously for its clients, who include professional athletes, is due to the limited amount of years their careers span in the sports industry. The income of these individuals will drastically change after their sports careers have ended. To make sure their income and lifestyles are still the way they would imagine, HCR Wealth Advisors creates detailed strategies to help each client meet their future financial goals.  With the right preparation, athletes do not have to experience a grim financial future for the following decades after their retirement. The right investments guided by these wealth managers can help to lead athletes to living a comfortable lifestyle for the many decades ahead. The firm can help to make sure these clients do not overspend, but instead invest their money wisely, which in return will lead to sufficient money for their future.


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OSI Group: Rising above the Norm into Becoming a Notable Global Food Provider

OSI Group is one of the world’s largest food processing companies. It primarily deals with the production and processing of food products to satisfy the needs of the food service sector as well as those of high retail brands. The company has experienced a significant growth phase since its establishment in 1909 as a family-owned butcher shop serving the Chicago neighborhoods. Today, most brands all around the globe see OSI as the premier food provider.Over the years, OSI is committed to enhancing the success of their customers. The company is trusted with the consistent delivery of top food solutions to meet the product development and processing needs of their customers.

While soaring into the international food market, the expertise and vast experience of Sheldon Lavin in investment and capitalization earned him the Chairman and CEO position at OSI Group. Under his leadership, OSI experienced a substantial growth phase which is evident to date. His contributions placed OSI at number 58 in 2016 on the Forbes listing of the largest food companies in the United States. Moreover, OSI’s strategic growth and expansion heavily rely on a series of acquisitions and joint ventures.To mark its tremendous success in the expansion efforts, the UK based OSI branch received the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor prestigious award. The award was as a result of its exemplary performance in managing risks linked to the environment.

OSI emerges as one of the 18 organizations that excelled in conserving the environment to receive the award in 2016. It is not the first time the company is winning this award as it topped the 2013 and 2015 list as well. OSI Group continuously seeks to use integrated sustainable approaches in its operations in a bid to protect the environment.OSI Group thrives under a team of more than 200,000 dedicated employees working in the 65 facilities spread across 17 different countries. It is the perfect example of a business that has grown from nothing into a giant food provider in the global market. OSI’s growth is characterized by a series of technological innovations, excellent customer relations, and the quick adoption of new growth opportunities. As such, any business enterprise that wishes to succeed should follow OSI’s example.


The Makers of Closer – Alex Pall and Chainsmokers

Closer was one of the biggest hits of 2016 in the international music market. Topping charts in the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. The song skyrocketed the DJ-ing electro-pop duo into a household name franchise. Having listeners from a variety of age groups and appealing mostly to the younger masses, ages 15 and under and 30 and over.

The Chainsmokers comprises of the DJ-ing duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The duo met when Alex Pall was DJ-ing in New York City, and he was haunted by the fact that he had to be serious about working as opposed to his hobby of DJ-ing around the city with limited reach and with a very small electro dance music market. He was then introduced to Taggart, and they hit it off, becoming the Chainsmokers. Taggart moved from his previous residence, and Pall quit his job.

Alex Pall believes in being relatable to their listeners through their music. He felt some sort of kinship to Taggart when they met, from their ambition to the music they listened to while they were growing up and that sparked the need to share and combine their ideas. Together, they could produce music and make themselves seen as actual artists and not just creators of some catchy beat. They blurred the lines of what was considered dance music and have released music that ranges from being indie pop, dance, pop etc with creations such as Don’t Let me Down and Roses.

The talk of their expansion comes in when he discusses the aspect of festivals and tours they want to partake on. With their growing fanbase and label demanding an album, Alex Pall wishes to produce an album that has ‘flow’, not just songs stuck together. He wants to create an album that speaks volumes of them as artists. The issue of festivals and tours comes in how they want to evolve their production and acts. One way they are doing this is by having Taggart sing which changes the game completely

They perform their songs live, and that distinguishes them from other DJs in the business. He wishes to reject the topic of complacency in their career by having continuous creative ideas. By speaking to their visionary, they can put their thoughts and ideas into perspective. They believe in progression and crossing boundaries through their music through their very own listeners.