Hyland’s Releases New Product for Teething Pain Relief

Hyland’s new Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets are for soothing the sore gums and general discomfort that comes with teething. This safe and gentle product is formulated with all-natural active ingredients and no sugar, benzocaine, belladonna, artificial flavors, dyes or parabens. The active ingredients in the Hyland’s tablets are Arnica Montana, Calcarea Carbonica, Calcarea Phosphorica, Chamomilla, Coffea Cruda and Ferrum Phosphoricum. All of these ingredients help soothe the effects of teething including sore, sensitive and swelling gums and irritability and dissolve instantly in the mouth. Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets can be used for teething for children 6 months to 3 years old. The tablets can be used by dissolving them on the tongue for the recommended dosage until the pain is relieved. This product is rate 100% on Hyland’s website and 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com


Hyland’s was founded in 1903 and is a brand of homeopathic products based in Los Angeles, California. The company began as “Standard Homeopathic Pharmacy” and was purchased by George Hyland in 1910. Hyland’s offers a range of products for babies, children and adults that include pain relief, cough, cold and flu, oral pain relief, allergies, digestion, ear treatment, stress and sleep, first aid, skin care, women’s health and cell salts. In 2004, Hyland’s teething tablets were the second most popular teething product in the market. Hyland’s is also known for their mail order catalog called 1-800-Homeopathy which allows customers to buy product online and through direct mail.

Jacob Gottlieb Just Made A Big Healthcare Investment Company Named Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb is an investment services professional who is fully qualified to specialize in the field of healthcare investments. Even though he doesn’t practice medicine, Mr. Gottlieb possesses a medical doctorate, the professional degree that’s required to be a physician here in the United States. Gottlieb most recently worked as the chief investment officer of Visium Asset Management, a company he also served as a managing partner

Currently, Mr. Gottlieb is the founder and head operator of Altium Capital, an investment firm that specializes in the field of healthcare-related investments.

Why did Jacob Gottlieb not practice medicine, even though he earned a medical doctorate?

One might think that Gottlieb never practiced medicine in the United States because he was barred from doing so by a relevant governing oversight body in the field of medicine. However, this isn’t true.

Jacob Gottlieb went to New York University Medical School after attending the reputable Ivy League member school Brown University. He finished up his medical degree in four years, immediately thereafter working a residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital, a popular hospital in New York City that is renowned as one of the best in the United States’ largest city.

Gottlieb didn’t stick with the medical path for very long

Simply garnering such an internship is something to be proud of, given the clout of St. Vincent’s Hospital among all other NYC-based hospitals.

However, Jacob Gottlieb felt that medicine wasn’t the right field for him to spend the rest of his life in. As such, he dropped out of the residency and began practicing finance by working at the Big Apple’s very own Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. There, Mr. Gottlieb attained a designation as a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA).

Just earlier this year, he decided to found Altium Capital due to his familiarity with the medical field and his genuine interest in all things medicine – except for practicing it, that is.

Stream Energy Founds Stream Cares in an Effort to Give More Back to the Community

When Hurricane Harvey dropped and Houston neighborhoods flooded, companies and businesses watched as Americans died and others left homeless. Stream Energy came in and used their hard-earned funds to help the victims of the floods recover and get back on their feet.

Stream Energy has embraced philanthropy in their value system. In line with this, it started Stream Cares foundation in an effort to support as well as carry out Stream Energy’s philanthropic activities. During the Hurricane Harvey, Stream demonstrated a level of social responsibility that makes philanthropy part of their brand. They not only give back money to the community, they also give non-financial support to community members.

The onset of Stream Cares foundation saw the philanthropic activities of Stream Energy help to build the reputation of the company. In case of a fall, you have a better chance of bouncing back, if you invested in philanthropic activities.

The Corporate America has really tried to give back to the community. According to a research, the Corporate America contributed $19 billion to charities across the United States and beyond in 2016 only.

The Dallas-based company has endeavored to transform local areas by funding activities in the areas. Additionally, the company contributes to philanthropic activities through its employees. Stream has built and promoted associates who supports charities as individuals.

The associates of the company mainly addresses issues related to homelessness. The workers identifies homeless individuals in Dallas in order to help them with food and supplies or get out of the streets. According to a research, homeless people have increased by 2.5%, a rate that is alarming. Together with Hope Supply Co., Stream organizes an event where people come and give food and supplies to homeless children, an event that occurs each year. Apart from the annual event, Stream and Hope Supply Co. routinely gives the homeless children supplies ranging from diapers to clothing to school supplies.

It doesn’t stop there, Stream Energy has helped the tornadoes victims in North Texas in 2016 and collaborated with its associates to contribute funds for the victims. Still, Stream Energy is looking for better ways to give back to the community.


Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, Discusses His Career

As one of the richest people in Saudi Arabia and the DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani is no stranger to the business world but just how does he manage to maintain his composure amid all the stress related to running your own business? He recently sat down with Arabian Business to discusses where he plans to go with the company and how he manages to stay on top of all the things he has to do. As a child, he first recognized his knack for being an entrepreneur and pursued that passion. By the beginning of the 21st century, Hussain Sajwani had worked his way up the corporate ladder and become the DAMAC owner you see today. When discussing social media, he mentioned that he believes it to be one of the most powerful and effective tools of the modern day and age.

In fact, his company actually uses social media to help promote their products. One of the things that Hussain Sajwani enjoys the most as the DAMAC owner is when he is able to enjoy the finished product of one of the skyscrapers or homes that the company has built. He is very adamant about being able to enjoy his own handiwork. When discussing the secret to the success of the company, he said that there is no one person who keeps the company running smoothly. Rather, every single employee helps to ensure that the company remains successful. When asked whether he values education or experience more, he mentioned that you can’t have one of those without the other.

As such, he believes the two concepts to be equal. One of the biggest decisions he had to make for the company is when they decided to have DAMAC go public because that required them to make a lot of different changes within the company. Finally, he was asked where he sees the company in five years and he responded that he would like to expand into other parts of the world because they’ve already built over 20,000 residences throughout the middle east. We wish him the best of luck.

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Victoria Doramus: The Marketing Maven

Overcoming challenge is something Victoria Doramus knows all too well. What she has achieved in her life and what she does for a living cannot be pinpointed down to a single word. She is a wonder woman when it comes to her career. Marketing is her talent. She is experienced in watching and analyzing consumer markets. She is an analyst that has great knowledge of retail trends, consumer bases and the overall global market. Her experience with the media industry dates back many years. She has worked with major brands like Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency and Stila Cosmetics.

Most would automatically assume the life of Victoria Doramus is a fairy tale. They would think this marketing maven’s life is full of celebrity filled functions, cocktail parties and rubbing shoulders with big names. But her life has not always been so glamorous. She has overcame many deep and dark times in her life. She has recovered from her alcohol and drug addiction. When her life hit rock bottom, the businesswoman knew it was time to get things in order. Although her past has a few dark spells, she is stronger than ever because of her trials.

Victoria Doramus uses her platform of being a marketing and business expert to speak to others who have had similar experiences. She wants others to know there are people out there that can help them and understand exactly what they are going to. She wants people that are recovering from addiction to know that the biggest problem is not the addiction itself. Instead, the biggest problem is how a recovering addict manages the cause of why they turn to harmful habits like abusing alcohol and doing drugs.

The media savvy woman has always had a passion for marketing and media. She attended the University of Colorado Boulder where she studied mass communications and journalism. She loves art history, Western world art and contemporary art. After college, she launched a successful career of being a media assistant. She moved onto to working for major names and created their marketing and media campaigns creating a marketing savvy reputation.

Sheldon Lavin of OSI Group Inspires Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs entering the business world are hoping to have the next big idea that revolutionizes everything. Unfortunately, no matter how much hope some of the young entrepreneurs have, many still end up failing due to a complete lack of experience and knowledge. In these cases, they could learn a lot from looking at entrepreneurs like Sheldon Lavin and his decades-long career at OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin has a lot of knowledge in business, but in particular, he is great at large-scale food supply chain operations. He knows that there are a lot of factors that must be considered in order to make these operations a success. Sheldon Lavin knows that it is impossible for him to be able to make every minute decision on his own, which is why he implements a strong, trusted team to help him with the details.

One of the types of incidents that Lavin relies on his team for is keeping him informed about any possible shortages of necessary ingredients. If the research of his team predicts that there will be a shortage for a particular reason in the near future, he knows to go ahead and order a large quantity of the product before the shortage happens and the price increases. This process has helped Sheldon Lavin in career for the last 50 years.

The OSI Group has had a century of success in the food industry. It is sometimes difficult to imagine the multinational corporation as the small butcher shop that it began as. The butcher shop that started OSI Group was founded by an immigrant from Germany in a suburb of Chicago. Later, the business was taken over by the immigrant’s sons who helped the company grow by making several important business decisions.

One of the main factors of growth for the company that is now led by chief executive officer Sheldon Lavin is their involvement with McDonald’s. When the sons of the company’s founder first made the handshake deal with the owner of the chain that at the time only consisted of a few franchises, they never expected it to grow in the way that it did. As the chain expanded across the country, the company that would become OSI Group quickly figured out ways to expand their production while maintaining a fresh product that could be shipped for long distances. Innovation made this possible and has become part of the core values of OSI.

What Aloha Construction Can Offer You

Aloha Construction company is a Midwestern construction and home repair company that is based in Illinois. Their service area spans the state of Illinois and a portion of Southern Wisconsin along the Illinois-Wisconsin border. Over 7,000 home repair and construction projects have been completed by the firm so far. Aloha Construction employs a diverse team that includes handymen, office staff, claims agents and supervisors who work in tandem to ensure a high level of professionalism and safety on all construction and repair projects.


The current president and chief executive officer at Aloha Construction is a man named David Farbaky. He resides in Lake Zurich, Illinois and has brought a culture of compliance and professionalism to the Aloha Construction company. Mr. Farbaky leads Aloha Construction with conservative principles in mind and is a husband, father and brother who is known to be a family man. He recently created a charitable foundation and took children on a shopping free as a way of giving back to the community.


Aloha Construction offers a wide array of home repair, installation and construction services. One of these is roofing repair and new roofing installation. The company uses a nine-step inspection process to determine if any roofing repairs are needed to prevent leaks and protect the home’s structural integrity. Shingle replacement and the creation of attic ventilation are some of the roofing services that are often done by the company.


Another service done by Aloha Construction is siding repair, replacement and installation. Siding helps insulate your home and protect it against the elements. It can also lend an aesthetic element to your home or apartment. The employees at Aloha Construction can repair, replace and install a wide variety of siding materials. This includes fiber cement, stucco, wood hardbee boards and face bricks. You will get a professional siding installation and replacement job with Aloha Construction as all of them undergo a mandatory home improvement training program.


Gareth Henry: Activist for Social Justice

After being the victim of violence due to homophobia, Gareth Henry left Jamaica to seek asylum in Canada. The badminton player and activist for HIV/AIDS, social justice, and LGBTQ rights was born to a teenage mother with a father who was completely absent from his life. He realized he was gay during his teen years after starting high school at only 10 years old.

When he was 15, Gareth Henry left his home so he could finally feel free to come out as who he is. After graduating, Gareth Henry moved to Kingston and earned a bachelors degree in social work as well as a masters in communications. He began volunteering for an AIDS support program in order to help his community. He continues advocacy for community in his new country of Canada.

Not only was he able to help others through his work, Gareth Henry was able to associate with other gay men in the area. In 2004, he became the leader of J-FLAG, an organization in Jamaica that is fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ community. This organization was the first of its kind. This position was given to him after the murder of its co-founder, Brian Williamson.

It took a great deal of bravery to take this position as it made him a target for violence. Gareth Henry was one of the very few people that had any interest in taking up the important position out of fear of violence or death. During his time as the leader of J-FLAG, 13 of his friends were murdered due to their sexual orientation. He himself was the victim of homophobic violence 3 times by police.

One of these attacks occurred at a pharmacy in Kingston where he was beaten with guns by police officers in front of an angry mob consisting of hundreds of people. After issuing complaints about the treatment of the LGBTQ community, he realized that his concerns were largely ignored. This attack made international headlines and Gareth Henry knew that he had no other choice but to leave Jamaica, an opportunity that many in his community do not have.

Keeping Up with Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has enjoyed a great deal of fame. He was working hard from the time he was young, but he became a household name when he was selected to be the host of the American Idol singing competition.

Ryan Seacrest has won several awards for his creativity in production and for his positions as a host. He is also a producer, director, and philanthropist. He works

with a number of organizations to help the youth and even has a foundation in his name.

Ryan Seacrest is the host of a number one radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest. This is a nationally syndicated show based out of Los Angeles and can be aired nationwide.

While Ryan Seacrest has enjoyed fame on the radio, he still enjoys broadcast success. He is the co-host as well as the executive producer of the famed morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan. He is also the host and the producer of the New Year’s Eve program on ABC. He also worked for the E channel and hosts Live from the Red Carpet where he has the chance to interview celebrities at the top award shows.

Ryan Seacrest is also a TV producer. He is the head of the Ryan Seacrest Production company which is an Emmy award-winning company. He is also the producer of Keeping Up With the Kardashians which is a famous reality show. He even has a Youtube show that is the Best.Cover.Ever. Ryan and his company are the producing Shades of Blue which is a drama series that stars Jennifer Lopez. His company is also making the show Insatiable for Netflix.

As if the production and hosting were not enough Ryan Seacrest also has his own clothing line. He has designed menswear as well as a line of skincare products for men. Ryan Seacrest is a busy man and shows no signs of slowing down.

Ryan Seacrest | Instagram

The Real Life Rags To Riches Story Of Jim Toner In The World Of Real Estate

Working in the world of real estate can be a cutthroat business. Buying and selling real estate property has always been a lucrative income. Many realtors have made money and yet others have lost money. Even though there is the concept of networking within the real estate market that does not safeguard anyone from making decisions that could cost them everything.

In real estate there are no guarantees. It is basically trial and error even when a realtor has years of experience behind them. Because this market is so lucrative with the income it has also attracted individuals who have gone into selling real estate just to scam others. This is exactly what happened to Mr. Jim Toner. Mr. Toner has been dealing with real estate for over 25 years but unfortunately one decision cost him everything. His decision had nothing to do with inexperience or incapabilities.

Instead what Mr. Jim Toner was trying to do was to expand his business and decided to reach out to a well-known realtor company which turned out to be nothing more than a sham. After he and several other individuals gave permission for this realtor to help them with increasing revenue the realtor in return took all of their money and left. At this point Jim thought that he had lost it all. His passion and desire for selling real estate was gone so he decided to take a step back from working in the market. It was during this difficult time that he received encouragement from a friend which helped to restore his passion for the market once again. See Toner’s guide to financial independence here.

According to Medium.com, having had his zeal restored once again Mr. Jim Toner decided to come back into the real estate market but he decided to do things a little differently this time. He selected specific areas of the real estate market that he wanted to work in and also sought out the best local realtors in specific locations to help run the business. He wanted to show other people that there are good and honest realtors in this market. He was also determined to show that the real estate market is a profitable market and that not everyone is out to steal from others.

Another big difference was that this time around instead of him reaching out for assistance he became the assisting person for the local realtors in specific locations. This way he was able to ensure the success of the other realtors that he partnered with and for himself. He made it a point to be involved with the entire process of researching, acquiring and selling the real estate. He also added additional safeguards to ensure that the overall success for his team was inevitable. Mr. Jim Toner, a real estate entrepreneur is now working his way back to the top with a newfound sense of reverence for the real estate market, for other individuals but most importantly for himself.

Get more information: https://www.score.org/mentors/jim-toner