Charles Koch Is Fighting The War On Poverty

Charles Koch’s most recent venture is a charity focused on fighting poverty. His time in the public eye has given Charles an opportunity to see how poverty has torn apart families, changed communities and left people with no prospects. Charles Koch’s new charity aims to help people who are in need of assistance that will get them back on their feet. A little help can go a long way in fighting poverty.

#1: Charles’ Mission

Charles has spent his lifetime creating a business empire that has supported him and his family quite well. He wants to give back to people who did not have the opportunities he had, and he wants to ensure that people who are living below the poverty line can pull themselves back up. His charity is going to meet people where they are, and these people will receive the assistance they need at the moment they need it.

#2: Financial Aid, Food, Job Training

The charity wants to meet people’s needs when they have them. Serving meals to people who cannot afford food helps families get through tough times, and giving people job training for new careers will help those who have lost their jobs in other fields. Financial aid will help people get the schooling they need, or the financial aid may be used to help a family move into a home they can afford. Charles wants people to find their way back to a stable place with the small bit of assistance that is most needed.

#3: The Charity Is More Than Funded

The charity is funded in large part by Charles himself, but Charles is working hard to fund the charity with donations he has solicited. Charles is devoting much of his time to building this charity up from small beginnings, and he wants to reach people around the country who are in dire need of the assistance that he can provide. Charles knows that he can change lives if his charity gets involved, and must of his public speaking today is focused on helping people who are living in poverty.

There are many people in America who are living below the poverty line, and Charles Koch wants to help these people in any small ways he can. He believes that there is a way to help people change their lives, and his charity is built to give people the resources they need to recover from poverty.

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