Why Eucatex Is The Most Preferred Manufacturing Company In Brazil

Eucatex is Brazilian company best known for its environmental conservation practices. Eucatex uses Eucalyptus as the main raw material in the manufacture of its products. Over the years, the firm has continued to grow because of the policies set in place by the prudent leadership of the organization. Their concern about the environment has made them a favorite company with the consumers as their products are sold in several countries. Eucatex produces tiles, paints, ceiling panels, hard boards and soft boards.

Eucatex is a worldwide manufacturer of ceilings and panels and this makes them the most sought after firm when it comes to construction of homes and businesses. Another factor that makes Eucatex grow is the fact that they constantly replenish their source of raw materials. The firm has a huge tract of land where they grow eucalyptus. They depend on their forest for all their needs.

Eucatex has been able to carve a niche for itself in the market by offering various products in the mineral, metal and wood sector. It is a relief to most customers to know that no forest or tract of land has been destroyed to create its product. Additionally, people who require products made of superior material have a lot to gain by purchasing from Eucatex. The day-to-day operations of Eucatex are entirely different compared to companies in similar business. Eucatex has the potential to grow and spread out to more countries. This will be an excellent option for them to create more products for their clients.

The success of Eucatex can be accredited to Flavio Maluf, the president of the firm. Maluf is in charge of the day-to-day operations and is very hands on in the company, which is one of Brazil’s biggest family businesses. Another reason why he is an asset to the company is his passion for environment conservation. He encourages people to plant trees in a bid to conserve the environment for future generations. Maluf is an expert in the marketing and the manufacturing sector. Flavio is very particular about the source of the raw materials used in the firm.

Flavio is passionate about education. He believes that the education system can be improved by the use of technology. By incorporating computers, mobile phones and tablets in learning, students are able to use these everyday gadgets for much more than leisure. Over time, learning using the internet has been introduced in schools. Public school teachers are among those embracing technology. Flavio states that the use of internet has improved learning in schools besides leading to the development of educational software and programs.  He’s also commented about some major mergers.  Including Flavio’s insight into Dupont and the chemical industry, and it’s future for Brazil.

New Leadership at Coriant Under Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant was formed through the merge by the Nokia Siemens optical networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks. The company later on became an independent company back in the year 2013. Coriant offers networking solutions to many leading network operators in more than a 100 countries, which is inclusive of the nine of the top ten global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers.

Recently, the company appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as the new CEO. Shaygan came in to succeed Mr. DiPietro who served as the former CEO of Coriant company.

Shaygan graduated from Cornell University where he earned his PhD, Masters and bachelors in engineering. Having gained the qualifications, Shaygan made a step into the telecom, technology and financial service industries to date.

GTE Corporation is where he began his career after which he was appointed the Chief Information Officer of Verizon. Shaygan also served as an active member of the leadership team that saw to it that products were efficient, innovative and up to date.

After leaving GTE, Shaygan joined Barclays where he served as a chief operations and technology officer. Shaygan and his team at Barclays worked for great transformation of the bank in over 50 countries engaging 150 thousand employees. This drove to him being appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks where he worked for great change and advancement in the company in terms of cloud builder and high IQ networking.

Before joining Coriant, Shaygan was also an active operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. Following his executive experience, he made vast investments in the telecom and technology field.

Why Hiring Wikipedia Writers Can Be One Of Your Best Decisions

Wikipedia is one of the most widely known websites used for gathering information on a variety of topics and individuals. If you make a Wikipedia page it stops people from getting false information and with the rapid spread of media, blog posts, and viral videos its important that you monitor and control your online presence. Many people use online reviews and look up a webpage before contacting or using a specific business in nearly every field that offers services, and if you’re not in control of that information it can become detrimental. 

When people see ‘Wikipedia’ they know they’re getting well written and properly sourced information whether its a single paragraph or a lengthy entry with sub categories and extensive details. Those employed by Wikipedia writing services are professional, dedicated, and well educated in writing, editing, and sourcing which makes them the number one choice for creating an informative page about you or your company. Wikipedia can be considered the Internet’s version of the phone book with the added bonus of background information, external sources, pictures, and a detailed history. Wikipedia can provide direct links to your company’s blog or website as well. 

Negative information spreads like wildfire on the internet and it often has little to no validity, but that doesn’t defer people from believing what they read. Google is the number one search engine used all over the world and statistics show that a whopping 87% of people don’t go past the first page of results, and a verified Wikipedia page is always at the top of the page. This way the information you want displayed about yourself or your company is the first thing people see, and it can help keep your online presence a positive one. However, Wikipedia is an open-source community so anyone can edit a Wiki page but Wikipedia closely monitors any edits done to the page to ensure the information is positive and accurate.

While running a business, large or small, it’s hard to run a social media or blog yourself not to mention having the proper writing skills to create a helpful website. By hiring professional Wiki writers  like those at Get Your Wiki, the added stress of structuring, writing, and editing is passed on to veteran’s in the field and if you’re not 100% happy with the outcome Get Your Wiki offers you a full refund. No matter what field you’re in having a Wikipedia page can only benefit you and your future. 

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Premium Dog Food Is Here to Stay

I don’t know what anyone else thinks, but I personally believe that the premium dog food is here to stay. There are many people that have become fans of this type of dog food for their pets because it is healthier. I believe that dogs can live longer and healthier lives so all pet owners should take heed to this new wave of quality dog food choices. There are many new vendors that are providing these healthy food choices. I have chosen Beneful because this is a company that I have known for quite some time. I know that my dog likes many of the different varieties that are out there. It is one of the companies that was already working on the high quality dog food before the concept became popular. Beneful falls under the Purina umbrella, and Purina also has cat food. This company has been a front runner for both high quality cat and dog food. I think that Purina made a good decision to market the Beneful brand as a high quality brand because it has some great ingredients. Fruits and vegetables weren’t being though of as ingredients for some dog food flavors until Beneful started experimenting. Many other copy cat companies have surfaced with similar brands, but Beneful has always been at the core of healthy dog food. Premium dog food can even be mixed now by owners that make the decision to mix their own ingredients. This is not available through all companies, but there are some pet food companies that are experimenting with this. What this type of dog food production does is give the customers more control. I think that many companies are suddenly realizing that pet owners are no longer sitting by idle as they watch the health of their dogs deteriorate. Dog owners are doing something about this by presenting healthy options for our dogs. There are some dog owners that may just be getting by with the cheap brands, but owners that truly love their dogs will see the benefits of premium food. These brands are much healthier for dogs.

Why Hiring a New York Attorney Is Important When Going through a Divorce

While an individual is not required to hire an attorney in New York when they are considering divorce, there are many reasons why doing so would be in their best interest. This is especially true if the couple has many assets to divide, if they have debt, and if they have children. Hiring a lawyer is going to help them make the best decisions when it comes to their money and the future of their children.

A lawyer like Ross Abelow has many years of experience in dealing with divorce and other family law cases. He has been able to help many individuals in the New York area to not only protect their rights, but also to protect themselves in the future from family lawsuits. He has experience in family law, matrimonial law, commercial litigation and entertainment law.

If a couple cannot decide on their own how they will divide their assets, usually the court will do this. There are a variety of factors that will be taken into consideration by the judge. For example, the judge will look at who made the most amount of money and each individuals earning potential. He will look at how long the marriage lasted. If it is an at fault divorce, perhaps one of the parties committed adultery or was physically abusive, this may be taken into consideration as well.

The court will also step in when the couple cannot decide who will take care of the children. They are going to look at the best interests of the children. Some of the things that they will think about is where each parent physically lives, how much they were previously involved in the life of each child, and each parent’s ability to take care of the children. Custody will involve things like how much time is spent with the children and who will make important decisions in the lives of the children. Divorce is very serious and can affect children for the rest of their life. For this reason, it is important to hire a qualified lawyer like Ross Abelow. He has worked with a variety of divorce cases and has much experience in helping individuals to protect themselves and their children. He graduated from the Brooklyn Law school and has been using his experience for many years to help families who are going through difficult times.

Legal Services of Ross Abelow


How Dick DeVos is Using His Success to Become One of the Greatest Philanthropists of Our Time

Dick DeVos is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Mr. DeVos has been involved with business ever since he was a child. As a child he often spent time at the family business which was Amway. When Mr. DeVos earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University, he used the degree to continue with the family business. 

DeVos began his career working at Amway Corporation in 1974. He held many positions that included research and development, manufacturing, making, sales, and even in the finance department. Eventually in 1984, he earned a position as one of the vice presidents with the overall responsibility of overseeing the company’s operation in 18 different countries. With Dick as a leader of the company, Amway was able to open up to new markets and was able to triple the international sales. It was reported that with DeVos in charge of intentional sales, the profit increase grew by 45 percent before he left to pursue his business at the Windquest Group. 

This success does not come without an end story. The DeVos family in its entirety is renowned for their charity, but has remained silent about any concrete amounts until recently. In an MLive article, the family discloses that $1.2 billion has been given to various causes and philanthropic organizations throughout their lifetimes. It is important to note that this amount only covers their non-political donations as those are not considered in the realm of charity. Over $99 million of that has gone to educational causes, which are a particular passion of Dick and Betsy.

DeVos and his wife, Betsy, were able to use their success to help improve their community. One of the biggest initiatives that he and his wife took was to improve the overall education of the community. In addition to this, they had the goal of opening education to be available to anyone who was qualified despite financial issues. 

In 2008, The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation was opened and gave millions to students who came to his community from developing countries. In addition to this scholarship, Mr. DeVos and his wife created a scholarship for students that would be given out on a daily basis. This scholarship that is funded by the DeVoses is awarded to the students that have the desire to pursue higher education from Northwood University. 

In addition to this, Mr. DeVos opened the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This public charter school was created in 2010 to offer free education to everyone. DeVos is a helicopter and airplane pilot, himself so his strong beliefs in education and passion for flight makes his founding of the aviation school even more understandable.

Mr. DeVos made the donations to make the public school in order to allow anyone to receive a top education despite financial issues that can prevent high learning education. Mr. DeVos has always been involved with education as he believes it is the single most important aspect of life that can push anyone out of poverty because it demonstrates hard work and initiative.

A Quick Analysis Of The 2015 New York Real Estate Market

2015 was the year of making huge returns and profits to companies that invest in real estate development. Virtual strategy marketing recently made a liberation concerning the prices of residence in the Manhattan real estate markets. The report entailed a cost of town residential analysis.

Town Residential is the New York City top ranked firm that specifically deals with the sales of the most luxurious and comfortable apartments in New York. According to the virtual strategy release, the company made an outlined report that was based on the last four months of 2015. Manhattan real estate venture experienced a five percent gain with a rise of 1,976,660 dollars. The median sales also encountered a price growth that estimated to 1,150,000 dollars and accounted for sixteen percent percentage increment.

The 2015 real estate financial year closed with a percentage increase of price per square foot. A new record was set as median trends made a six percent increase of price per square foot as compared to the registered results in 2014. The amount per square foot increased from 1,365 dollars to 1,505 dollars, an amount that accounted for eight percent increment.

Manhattan Condos posted the best gains in the 2015 real estate market profits. The number of sales increased to 1,736,250 United States dollars for the 2015 last four months. The median price per square had impressive results as it encountered a total rise of 1,606 dollars. The growth accounted for eleven percent increase as compared to 2014 and an estimate of eight percent as compared to the second quartile.

Manhattan co-operation also experienced a sales increase of 1,272,902 dollars. The amount was higher as compared to that of the last quartile that amounted to 1,217,017 dollars. This increase accounted for five percent increase of sales in the real estate market. The average price per square foot encountered a percentage increase of six percent. More returns in the real estate development are expected in 2016.

Doe Deere’s Favorite Rules To Break

Doe Deere founded the Lime Crime makeup for the expressed purpose of breaking the rules. Doe believes that women should be allowed to break any fashion rule they like. Doe Deere has several fashion rules she loves to break, and this article has a look at some of those rules. Women will feel liberated when they can break the rules for the first time, and Doe Deere has provided advice for every woman that is truly inspiring.

#1: Wear Bold Lip And Eye Colors

Women should feel free to wear a bold and eye lip color at the same time. Wearing a bold color on the lips and eyes is often seen as forbidden because women should balance a strong color with a light color. Wearing two bold colors together allows women to express their personality, and Doe believes that women will see much better results when they step outside their comfort zone.

#2: Wear More Than One Pattern

Mixing patterns has been seen as a no-no in the fashion world for decades, but wearing multiple patterns today is a bold fashion statement any woman may make. Women who are mixing patterns will find that they may wear new outfits every day they have never seen before, and mixing patterns will work well with bold makeup colors.

#3: Wear Socks Or Stockings With Open-Toed Shoes

Women have been discouraged from wearing socks or stockings with open-toed shoes for decades. Women have been told to wear their open-toe shoes in the summer, but their toes must be concealed in the winter. A woman who chooses to wear socks or stockings with her open-toed shoes may present yet another color to the world when she gets dressed in the morning. Women may add a pattern to their wardrobe with their socks, or women may show off their stocking patterns in their shoes.

#4: Wear Any Color You Want With Unnatural Hair Colors

Ladies often dye their hair colors that are not on the natural spectrum, and these women are expected to wear black and neutral colors only with their wild hair colors. A wild hair color works with any outfit a woman wants to wear. Hair colors are merely a basic guide for women who are getting ready in the morning, but hair colors should not stop women from getting dressed in anything they want. A lady with blue or purple hair should wear her favorite outfits every day.

#5: Mix All The Colors That Can Be Found

A woman must feel free to mix as many colors as she wants. Women have been told to mix as few colors as possible, but mixing colors is a fun way of getting dressed or doing one’s makeup. Women who choose to mix colors freely will enjoy their wardrobes much more.

Doe Deere’s favorite fashion rules to break will help women look their best every day. Avoiding traditional fashion rules is a freeing experience, and women must discard the old rules they once thought were so important.