Thor Halvorssen Explains Socialism To Fox Business

The human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has used an appearance on the Fox Business show “The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan” to explain the basics of socialism, which many Americans are confronting for the first time following the rise of independent Senator Bernie Sanders as a Presidential candidate. Halvorssen used his appearance to provide information on socialism in all its forms, from the good to the bad.

Thor Halvorssen is one of the most important human rights activists of the present day and has revealed his own backing for Bernie Sanders during his appearance on Fox Business. After providing a detailed account of what socialism is and how it can be used or misused the Hollywood film producer revealed he has made the maximum possible donation to the Sanders campaign; despite not supporting socialism in its entirety Halvorssen set out his own reasons for backing Sanders and his form of democratic socialism. The reasons given for his backing of Sanders included Halvorssen’s belief that Democrat Hilary Clinton had accepted donations from oppressive regimes including Saudi Arabia; on the Republican side Halvorssen explained he could not support front runner Donald Trump after he backed the leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The rise of socialism in his home country of Venezuela has had a major effect on Thor Halvorssen, which includes seeing his own family affected deeply by the arrival of socialism in the country. Halvorssen has seen his own father arrested as a political prisoner and his mother shot because of her political views, which are just two examples of the problems socialism has caused the Halvorssen family. During the Fox Business interview Thor Halvorssen related his belief that the leadership of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela had added to the rise of a restrictive form of socialism different to that used in the open societies of many western European countries.

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