George Soros is an American businessman, philanthropist, and investor born on August 12, 1930. He has a Hungary-American nationality. Soros, who was born in Budapest in Hungary where he had his early life had to flee the country to England in 1947 due to the occupation and invasion of the Nazis.

At England, he enrolled in the London School of Economics where he studied Karl Popper’s The Open Society and Its Enemies. In 1952, Soros graduated with a BSc and MSc degree. After his education and four years stay in England, he left by ship to the United States of America. Luckily for him, he had his first job with FM Mayer, a brokerage firm at Wall Street. After a successful career with other firms, Soros being visionary on nybooks and his quest to be independent established the Soros Fund which he later changed to Quantum Fund and then Quantum Fund Endowment. He had $12 million from interested investors to set the hedge fund rolling.

Seeing the need to extend a helping hand to the needy as he was once also helped through his education, Soros in 1973 started some philanthropic activities and subsequently founded Open Society Foundation in 1984. The fund is basically to develop education, health, ensure media independence, promote justice and business development. Other activities of the foundation include combating diseases and helping victims of disaster among other things.
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Soros made headlines when he decided to raise fund to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the President of America. He launched a campaign with funds from himself and other donors, to the tune of $15 million to be able to reach immigrants and Latino’s who will take part in the polls. Known as the Immigrant Voters Win, the funds was directed to States with a large number of Latinos and Asian such as Florida, Nevada, and Colorado to influence the November polls.

His ultimate goal is to get 400,000 Latinos and Immigrant new voters who can be an instrument of change in the polls.

Soros got pissed by Trump when he referred to Latino’s as thieves and rapist which caused an uproar among the Latino community and dislike for Trump’s candidacy.

Other groups like the Libra Initiative is also ready to spend almost $10 million to organize Latino’s for a massive turnout.

In an email to the Times noted the Trump’s utterances and position to anti-Muslim and anti-immigrants is a recipe for chaos and undemocratic and dangerous to the peace and stability of America as a whole, adding that the art is Xenophobic. This is enough motivation for his anti-Trump campaign as he sees America as a more liberal country and everyone has rights no matter the race or religion.

Soros is also an author of 12 books on topics such based on terrorism and global capitalism among others.

Soros is currently ranked the 22nd richest person in the world according to Forbes. He has a net worth of about $20 billion. His worth is accumulated from his business career.

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