Hunt Rounds Out Cast of Wacky Characters in Magic Mike XXL

The comedy/drama Magic Mike XXL opened on July 1, 2015, as the sequel to the popular Magic Mike released in 2012. The movie takes place three years later after Mike has left his stripping career behind to run a furniture business. When Mike gets a call from Tarzan informing him that Dallas has gone missing, Mike drives to a hotel to find the remaining Kings of Tampa. Dallas has left them behind to start a new show, so the group has decided to travel to Myrtle Beach to a stripping convention for one last showstopper to end their careers.

The movie, which grossed $122.5 million at the box office, stars Channing Tatum along with an all-star cast including Crystal Hunt of Guiding Light and One Life to Live fame. Crystal plays Lauren in the movie, one of the many beautiful women Channing Tatum’s character meets along the way. Her character is a member of a group of wealthy women that become involved with the young men.

Crystal is a lifelong actress having started her career acting in pageants at the tender age of two. While her early career focused mainly on roles in commercials, Hunt is most well known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light, which granted her a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

Crystal went on to appear in the films The Derby Stallion and Sydney White before joining the cast of One Life to Live in 2009. She left the show in February of 2010 but returned in March of that same year to play the ghost of her character and then again in January of 2012.

Along with an acting career, Crystal explored photography, and then Hunt followed her pet passion by opening a high-end pet boutique in her home town of Clearwater Florida. And in 2014, she stepped into the shoes of a producer, making the feature film Talbot County with long time friend and actress Dania Ramirez. Be sure to check out her page on IMDb for her full list of credits.

Hedge Fund Investor Kyle Bass Expects Turmoil In China’s Banking System

The fact that China is having a difficult time turning their manufacturing based economy into a consumer based economy isn’t new, news. China’s gross domestic product output has been dropping for the last five years, but the Chinese banks are lending money like it’s free, according to the famous hedge fund investor, Kyle Bass. Kyle Bass made a name for himself in the investment industry when he bet the subprime mortgage scheme was going to fall apart. Bass and his hedge fund, Hayman Capital, made a fortune, and Bass and Hayman Capital have been riding the wave of that success for the past eight years.

Bass is one of several investors that are betting that China’s banks are in serious trouble. The banks will need a massive amount of capital reserve funds to cover the more than $2.4 trillion in bad debts that the banks are carrying on their books, according to an article published by Bass believes the yuan will have to be devalued against the American dollar and the German mark, and when that happens, Bass stands to make another fortune.

But Kyle Bass is not the investment guru that some people think he is. Several fellow investors criticized Bass when he sided with President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner after she defaulted on more than $100 billion in Argentinian bonds. Bass is also involved in a messy lawsuit with the wife of Chris Kyle; the man made famous by the movie American Sniper. Taya, Kyle’s widow, is claiming that Hayman Capital is not as ethical as Bass claims.

The latest Kyle Bass misstep and possibly the one that could damage Bass more than any of his other “only for the money” schemes is his relationship with patent troll Erich Spangenberg. Spangenberg is accusing pharmaceutical companies of price gouging, and before the news breaks that a particular drug company is under investigation, Bass shorts the company’s stock. Bass claims that his motives are pure, but many investors call his actions unethical.

The Chinese situation and Kyle’s involvement in shorting the yuan is not considered unethical. Bass is doing what he knows how to do best and that is make money at the expense of someone else.

Wen By Chaz A Pure Magic Potion For Your Hair

Many of those who know Chaz Dean well will say that he is one of the most humble of characters and carries a zen like aura. In his years prior to doing hair professionally he had a zealousness for photography. Moving to Los Angeles he decided to take part in some professional photography classes and explore the world of photography in more detail. Soon after he discovered he had a passion for beautifying hair, skin and faces. Chaz Dean dove straight into cosmetology and the rest is history.

Hair was the one thing Chaz Dean was most interested in and so he soon started his professional hair career. He worked for a number of professional salons within the Bel Air region. His reputation steadily grew as the guru when it came to both cutting and coloring of all types of hair. Climbing the ranks from managing to owning his own professional salon, Chaz Dean rose from small to big. The salon soon moved to Hollywood and catered to the rich and famous. The salon is secluded from the hustle and bustle of Bel Air and is the main reason for the move.

During this time Chaz Dean developed the WEN brand which now offers an all in one hair conditioning solution. This product has gone through several iterations before it was finally made public on the sephora beauty market. Years of experience combined only with the best ingredients make the WEN Cleansing Conditioner.

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Emily Mcclure on tries the product and shares her view on it. Her hair glistened after a single use and this was noticed by her friends immediately which proves the effectiveness of the product. Using a sweet almond mint flavor the cleansing conditioner smells and feels great every time.

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Madison Street Capital – 2016 Hedge Fund Mergers and Acquisition Outlook

Madison Street Capital, a Chicago-based M&A advisor has announced its annual market outlook, after which it has predicted that 2016 will be a stronger year for hedge fund mergers and acquisition. According to data provided by the company, there was a 27% increase in the number of hedge fund M&A in 2015, where the company reported 42 transactions completed or announced, compared to 32 transactions announced in 2013 as reported by

A big number of these deals were large assets managers acquiring firms or doing team lift-outs for specific strategies. Considering the prolific growth of allocations directed to alternative asset space, there is a strong indication that this acquisition trend will carry on by the end of this year and possibly 2017. According to a Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, despite 2015 being a difficult year for the industry in term of performance, upcoming and small-sized hedge funds were performing above average, making them targets for acquisition.

And as the hedge fund industry continued to grow, managers with the richest expertise in niche strategies as well as those capable of achieving highest returns, are more valuable to largest asset management firms as acquisition than they would try to raise fund on their won. This is because investors always show a strong preference to allot only to asset management firms and larger hedge funds. Smaller firm on the other hand will be able to build a resilient operational infrastructure in addition to being the targets for asset managers.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street is an international investment hedge fund committed to excellence, integrity, leadership and service in offering financial opinions, financial advisory services, valuation services and acquisition expertise to privately and publicly held business enterprises. Particularly, Madison Street Capital is the global leader in delivering corporate finance mergers and acquisition advisory.

The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois though the middle investment banking has offices in Africa, North America and Asia. The company numerous professionals has the ability to develop a suitable financing and capitalization structure to suit each and every one of its clients. The company provide a variety of financial services including hedge fund administration services, financial asset management services, private equity fund administration services, business valuation services and corporate advisory services.

Over the years, the company have helped clients in hundreds of industries allowing them to achieve their goals in a timely manner. The company’s experience in the fields of corporate governance and independence is the reason behind it being the leader in financial advisory services.

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How I Met Wen By Chaz

Women across the globe are swearing by WEN By Chaz these days. If you find yourself staying up late at night and watching infomercials you have probably seen a Wen By Chaz commercial. You know the commercial which shows women with beautiful hair flaunting it in front of the television screen. It was created by Chaz Dean a celeb stylist icon and has been receiving rave reviews for it’s ability to work on all types of hair. It has practically been a dream come true for mom’s across the world who often struggle with finding the right products for their daughters hair.
As a mom myself I often struggle when it comes to finding the right products so Wen By Chaz has been a dream come true. It has not only been a dream come true for moms but for total beauty bloggers too as we see over. One of their bloggers decided to put all the rumors that Wen By Chaz doesn’t work to rest and took readers through a 2 week journey of the product. Not only did she use the product she took pictures of her using it each day and her results were remarkable. I guess I will give it a try too.

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