The Healing Powers of Shea Butter


It is very common during the winter months to experience dry and itchy skin. Our skin loses 25% more moisture in the winter than it does any other time of the year. The cold temperatures mixed with the warm air heating our homes causes the water in our skin to evaporate at a faster rate. There are many remedies that can be used to help our skin. Shea butter is an all-natural product that has an amazing effect on the skin.


Shea butter comes from a nut of a tree that is found in West Africa. Shea butter is excellent for hydrating the skin and helping to heal it. Being a product that is found in nature, it is best to use in a raw or unrefined state. It will be free of chemicals and will work to improve the skin with every use.


Shea butter has been given the nickname “women’s gold.” This is because there are many young African women who are employed to produce the shea butter. The shea tree is crucial to this area in many ways, and it is illegal to destroy these trees.


The process to get the shea butter from the nut is not a complicated one. The nuts are cracked and ground until the butter is released. The butter is then placed into boiling water until the butter floats up to the top of the container. This product is then taken out and is then left to set.


There are many companies who believe in the power of shea butter and are using the butter in their own products. One of those companies is This is a mother-daughter duo who offer three products to their customers. One is for everyday use, one is for use during pregnancy, and the third is for dermatological use. The products are all natural.


Shea butter is a wonderful, natural product that does wonders for the skin. With regular use, the skin and its appearance will improve and be better off.

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