Josh Verne Gives Tips to Business Leaders in Podcast

Entrepreneur Josh Verne recently shared helpful advice for business owners and professional leaders on his podcast. He shares that it’s important for leaders to be focused on the good of the team instead of being selfish and demanding respect without regard for others.


Verne also shares that it’s best to listen more than talk when it comes to leadership. H reminds entrepreneurs that humans have two ears and one mouth because it’s essential to listen intently rather than talk incessantly. Listening to the concerns of team members before acting can result in a company that runs smoothly and team members who feel valued.


Another point discussed in the podcast is that business owners and professional leaders have to have balance in their lives. Verne asserts that even when a person as professional success, their work could eventually suffer if other parts of their personal and social life are not intact.


In addition to being the former co-president of Home Line Furniture, Josh Verne was also the CEO and founder of, a marketplace base online that deducts payroll purchases. He started the company with Jon Dorfman, his best friend from childhood. Verne is also the founder and CEO of a content exchange for college-age students based in Pennsylvania.




Richard Blair Helps Over Investors Create Wealth

Richard Blair is doing some wonderful things in the world of investing. He is really helping people that are trying to find a better way to maximize their returns. He is trying to help those people that are interested in retiring early. Blair knows that there are a lot of opportunities available for investors, and he is trying his best to help these consumers build a successful portfolio.

According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is able to do this easily because he has a background in finances that spans over the course of more than two decades. This is no coincidence. There is a lot of praise for the work that he has done so far because it allows investors to think outside the box and really take a serious look at what they are doing.

The investor that does not have a clue can gain a ton of information from Richard Blair. There are also investors that are experienced, but they still may not have a true calling as to what they can do to maximize their returns. This is where Richard Blair also takes control. He is able to help those that are struggling with trying to build a portfolio that will actually give them better returns on investment.

Blair has been able to do these things because he has gained certifications in a plethora of different areas. This is what his company has challenged consultants to do. It is through his work in the world of financial planning that he has gained experience in working with annuities and stocks.

He has become an investor that is passing the baton on to anyone that is interested in to diversifying their portfolio. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a confident consultant that can help other investors gain confidence as well.

Many people believe that Richard Blair can help them build their financial portfolio because he has done this so many times before. He has been able to provide a solid amount of advice to a plethora of customers that may have otherwise limited themselves. The thing that Richard Blair is doing is important because he gives investors options.

This is what most investors may not realize in the beginning. They may not realize that they actually have the ability to make more money and become much more confident in their road to retirement planning. Richard has given many investors the essential planning tools.

Rona Borre is The Story of Success By Action

Rona Borre likes to say, "We get to work, and we get results."
Rona Borre likes to say, “We get to work, and we get results.”

Rona Borre started her company from scratch in the spare bedroom of her Chicago condo in 2001. The graduate of the University of Arizona and accomplished account executive of a global recruiting firm, where she broke all kinds of records in sales, would go on to mold Instant Access into one of the nation’s premier staffing and recruiting companies.

Rona Borre brings a unique combination of business and managerial savvy to the table along with a big dose of the ability to quickly establish relationships and then leverage them into unique advantages for her clients. Located in downtown Chicago, Instant Alliance works with Fortune 500 clients but also enjoys the opportunity of working with mid-sized and smaller companies as well.  Check on

Ms. Borre knows that when companies of any size reach that plateau of growth, the personnel needed most are the finance and the informational technology people who need to be hired. Not that other types of employees are not in the mix, but those are the preferred category.

The work then begins in earnest, where a relationship is formed between the client and the exceptional account representatives at Instant Alliance. A meeting of the minds occurs when Borre’s people delve deep into a client’s company culture to discover exactly what and who the client wants to fill a position. Then Instant Alliance goes to work and doesn’t stop until the perfect candidate is chosen. The paltry 1% attrition rate is evidence of the success of Instant Alliance.  It’s like Rona Borre likes to say, “We get to work, and we get results.” Hop over to



The 3 Best Lime Crime Products


Lime Crime is a very popular cosmetic company that offers a large range of great products. These are just three of the more popular products they have to offer.


  1. The matte velvetine lipsticks


The matte velvetine lipsticks are one of the most popular products that the company has to offer. It is a unique liquid lipstick that goes on glossy and smooth yet dries to a velvet soft finish. It offers a ton of great lasting power and will never smudge or fade. It is available in a wide range of colors including the newest color Scandal. Scandal is a gorgeous dark plum shade that looks great on a variety of different skin tones. It has a great French vanilla scent and is very moisturizing when first applied.


  1. The Unicorn lipsticks


The Unicorn lipstick is by far the most popular product that Lime Crime has ever offered. For many years women and even men all over the world have enjoyed the bright expressive colors as well as the fun cupcake scent. Some of the top colors include yellow, purple, and even mint green. The Unicorn lipstick comes in a very unique package that is pink with a white unicorn on it.


  1. Diamond crushers


The diamond Crushers are a unique product that can be used on the lips or the cheeks. They offer a gorgeous iridescent hue. It is a very lightweight formula that offers gorgeous light reflective properties. It is available in a few different colors and will offer a ton of glitter. It offers the effect of crushed diamonds and can be used alone or with other products. Some of the colors available include purple, pink, and even mauve.


Although Lime Crime offers a wide variety of different products these are just three of the most popular products they have to offer. Each product is vegan friendly meaning they never include any animal products. Each product is also cruelty free meaning they are never tested on animals. Each product is backed by Peta as well as Leaping Bunny to ensure it is a great product for everyone to use.

What Clay Siegall’s Blog Says About Him

You can really get to know a guy by what he posts on the Internet. A social media or twitter feed can really show you what a person is interested in and what they believe in. In Clay Siegall’s case, you can even see his sense of humor.

Clay Siegall is incredibly serious in his everyday life. The man is in charge of over $1 billion worth of funds being put towards research for cancer and other autoimmune diseases. He is the CEO of Seattle Genetics which he cofounded and took public in 2001. He transitioned from being a scientific researcher himself to an administrative role with incredible success. He is the one responsible for raising $1.2 billion from both public and private institutions.

His company is the biggest employer in the biotech industry in the Pacific Northwest. Over 1000 employees work for Seattle Genetics with a singular goal in mind — discover the scientific truths behind certain diseases. The company designs precise cancer treatments for different types of cancer on a genetic level. Someday, Clay Siegall says in an interview, oncologists will have access to 70 or more drugs when planning treatment for a cancer patient. This kind of diversity in cancer treatment will help ease the suffering of cancer patients and may lead to a cure.

You can see Clay Siegall’s unwavering commitment to scientific truth in his blog. It is littered with stories from reputable sources concerning science. The science stories range anywhere from deep space exploration of galaxies collapsing into black holes to whether or not humans had interspecies relationships with Neanderthals. It is the kind of social media news feed that can keep you well informed for weeks on end.

You can also the his sense of humor come out. He has reposted a story about Boaty McBoatface. Boaty McBoatface is a research vessel that was named by an Internet contest. The ridiculously silly name one and now scientists must board this ridiculously named vessel in order to perform research. Out of all his posts, this one was slipped in there for a good laugh.


Bruce Levenson: Founder Of UCG And The Center For Philanthropy

Bruce Levenson is probably most known for owning the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and according to a Forbes report, he recently sold the team to Tony Ressler’s group for more than what most experts thought the team was worth. Also not long after the sale the team’s former General Manager Danny Ferry filed a claim with AIG insurance about a workplace tort he claimed to have experienced. The situation has turned into a fairly large legal battle between Levenson and the other former Atlanta Hawks’ owners against AIG as they are filing a lawsuit for bad faith and failure to honor the insurance policy. Levenson has a lot on his resume to point to both as an NBA owner and a very successful businessman in the journalism industry.

Levenson holds a bachelor’s in journalism from Washington University and a J.D. from American University, though he never actually went into practicing law. He started out as a contributor to the Washington Star newspaper, but in 1977 he and his friend Ed Peskowitz decided to start their own publishing business right in their own home. That business became Unified Communications Group (UCG), a world-renowned conglomerate of industry journals. Levenson also helped start a marketing research company called TechTarget that spun out of UCG and became publicly traded. UCG is also the parent company to the GasBuddy app.

Levenson has been heavily involved in philanthropy ( in the Washington D.C. community being president of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation and also a chair member of Hoop Dreams and the Concert Against Hate. He also is heavily invested in the Holocaust Memorial Museum because the horrific event hits close to home in his mother-in-laws story of surviving it. He helped start the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program to help young people learn about the event and become museum tour guides. Levenson also supports BBYO and Seeds of Peace.


The Best Anime Characters Period


Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto is an iconic anime character with an intriguing background. He is an orphan who is viewed with suspicion in his village. He is also a cheeky teenager who likes to make jokes and play pranks to get the attention and company that he craves. Additionally, he is a ninja with incredible capabilities.

Naruto has appeared in several films, but he is most prominent in his own film Naruto that documents his life and battles, and is one of the coolest sword anime around.



Vegeta is popular particularly for his evil personality and imposing appearance. He is first introduced as an evil character with a thirst for revenge and lack of regard for anyone. However, he gradually shakes off his evil ways as he interacts with other characters and even finds love. Notably, though, Vegeta still retains his evil laugh and sarcastic tone.


Vegeta has a tragic background. His race was destroyed and, as the sole remnant, he has faced a lot of abuse and humiliation. He also grew up in compromising situations without company or the basics of life.


Son Goku

Goku is a unique anime character, and one of the most popular. He is one of the few characters whose growth from childhood to adulthood has been documented. Additionally, his appearance is everything that anime fans like the most: masculine and cool.

Goku is seen as the core character in the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z. The irony of his position is that he is not the best character in the show, but the most popular one for his influence.