Jason Hope Talks About The IoT

One of the most modern subjects in the world of technologies is the Internet of Things, which is the ability for devices and gadgets to sync with each other, something that years ago was just present in futuristic movies. Called IoT for short, it is a real phenomenon that is hitting the stores in more and more fields that you can think. Refrigerators with an internet connection, watches and vehicles are all becoming smart devices that can connect with each other to allow a means of communication never seen before.

Jason Hope talked about this phenomenon and stated that it is one of the biggest jumps in technology to hit the industry. The IoT is not only the next trend as it is one of the primary fields that the most influential tech corporations will be investing in the future, including Google and Microsoft.

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For now, the Internet of Things allows apparels to sync with each other to increase efficiency and decrease wasted time, but Jason Hope believes that it leads to so much more. A smart refrigerator, for example, can preemptively warn the owner that they are running out of food without even having to open it. Gadgets come equipped with sensors that just allow for a huge variety of things that they are capable of doing.

Jason Hope is one of the most influential names when talking about technology and most recent advancements. He is also passionate about philanthropy and has backed foundations like SENS with no vision of profit. SENS Foundation is focused on improving the quality of life for aging people and Hope is involved in supporting their cause. He believes that the research to find more cures and enhance the aging experience to be one of the most important causes leading into the future.

Nationwide Title Clearing Was a Winner From The Beginning

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was a success from its inception in 1991. It started out as a small, local title and abstract company and in 25 years it has grown to be one of the largest and most proficient distributors of wholesale mortgage documents in the world.


Success such as this just does not occur by accident, but by good leadership and close management. The mortgage business is very competitive, yet eight out of the top ten retail mortgage and lending companies have chosen Nationwide as their primary source for documents. These companies are among the largest retail lenders and mortgage companies in the world.


The primary criteria that retail institutions look for are the speed of delivery and the accuracy of that delivery. Consider a closing meeting regarding the transfer of property from the seller to the buyer. Most people who have been involved in a closing of one property or another, realize that the proper documents, such as a lien release and a statement of clear title must be available or the closing will have to be rescheduled, or worse a buyer might back out of the deal.


Employees are trained continually on the procedures and are allowed to input their ideas regarding procedures. An employee sometimes can see better because they are continually right there, so management listens to those suggestions.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has a compliance rate of 99.89% and a rate of failure of only, 78%, which means that Nationwide is delivering documents at reliable speeds and great accuracy nearly 100% of the time. When you consider the volume of documents that Nationwide deals, this is most impressive.


Nationwide can reach out to each and every county in the United States and to every other jurisdiction where these records are stored. This amounts to over 3,600 entities that store records that the company can access. Clients can order these records directly, in many cases. They are supplied with their proprietary code to gain access, and the results are instantaneous.


These impressive results are due in part to a very heavy investment in technology that ensures that proper auditing and follow-up procedures are always in place. Just about every step in Nationwide’s process procedures has been audited by just about everyone including Nationwide. Each step in each procedure has detailed best practices outlined and followed.


If the past is an indication of events to come, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is bound for more success at even higher levels. There is little doubt about that.



Betsy Devos Stands Firm For School Choice In Higher Education

Betsy Devos, the newly nominated Secretary of Education for the United States, has recently come out in support of school choice in the higher education arena. The Secretary of Education has a long history of supporting school choice in the public school system. Infant, her history of support for school choice and her advocation for low-income families were strong factors in her nomination to the position of Secretary of Equation. Devos began her political career almost three decades ago while assisting her husband, Dick Devos, in his campaign to become governor of the state of Michigan. Although Dick Devos eventually lost his bid for governor, the loss did not stop Dick and Betsy from engaging in the political efforts to reform public schools in Grand Rapids, Michigan and throughout the United States. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Following her husband’s failed attempt to become governor, Betsy Devos became the head of the Grand Rapids Republican party’s effort to provide school choice vouchers to low-income students in the city. Liberals largely opposed the efforts to provide quality education to students of all background, stating that these measures would demean the public school system. The parents of the students who eventually received the vouchers, however, have expressed extreme gratitude for the effort Betsy Devos and her team made to present a quality education to their children. After achieving success through the introduction of school vouchers, the development of new charter schools, and the creation of homeschool initiatives, Betsy Devos was nominated by Donald Trump to the position of United States Secretary of Education and has began her attempt to better America’s education system on a large scale.

Because of her background with school choice initiatives, it should have comes as no surprise that the Secretary of Education would support school choice in the higher education arena. Betsy Devos has recently discussed her attempt to provide school choice options to college students by describing ways in which these efforts would benefit the students and the American economy at large. Devos stated that the current model of college awareness in the public school system has not been successful and must be replaced if Americans wish to compete on a global scale in the educational arena. Although students attending public high schools once received counsel about their options following graduation in a way that catered to the individual student’s gifts, talents, and personality, public schools now advocate a “once size fits all” approach toward student progress. Betsy Devos does not believe every student should be pressured to attend a four-year college or university and that community colleges and technical programs are viable, productive options and not fallbacks. Devos is scheduled to meet with the American Board of Higher Education later this year. Read more news on Los Angeles Times.