Catching Escaped Inmates Using the Securus Technologies Phone System

My job as head of the fugitive task force is making certain that we get a perimeter set up within the hour of being notified an inmate has escaped. Every person this inmate comes in contact with is in danger because the inmate will do just about anything to enjoy their freedom. The perimeter is designed to slow down their progress, unless of course they have a huge head start.


We were hunting an escaped gang leader who had an eight hour head start, so the perimeter was useless at this point. With the help of his gang members, he could be states away by no if not out of the country. With so many people in the network that could help him, we really were in a tough spot here and the clock was ticking that we get him caught before he commits more crimes.


When I heard that Securus Technologies installed a new inmate call system in the jail he escaped, I had a thought that I could use the system to catch this fugitive. Everything about this Dallas TX based company appeals to me, from the CEO Rick Smith, to his 1,000 employees that all believe that their mission is making the world a safer place.


So I was quickly trained on the LBS software, and days later the covert alert feature tipped me off to chatter between high-ranking gang members in jail thinking they were discussing our suspect in secret. What the inmates were talking about on the phone was keeping the fugitive secure until another inmate escaped, then both were going to meet up over the border. This helped us to keep the one inmate from ever getting his chance at escape while setting a unit to the location of the safe house and catching the suspect while he was in bed sleeping at four in the morning.


How Sujit Choudhry Achieves Harmony and Peace Using Amended Constitutions

Every nation, society, and culture operate with its unique legal systems. Yes, there will be overlaps between the systems applied in different nations but the underlying narrative remains the same, across the spectrum. The similarities witnessed in 99% of all the legal apparatuses in the world mostly stem from the universally held-laws governing humanity like killing is bad and so forth. There’s no society you’ll ever find which advocates for such a vice. Understanding the subtle, but profound differences between the interpretations of the law in different places is a matter of paramount importance to constitutional lawyers and comparative experts.

Harmonizing and Unifying Laws

The demand for brilliant minds capable of resolving the hiccups and teething problems which often arise when cultures collide, is at an all-time high. The global population continues to spiral out of control and, according to the social scientists, this is just but a sign of worse things still ahead. Conflicts and civil strife caused by the collision of two or more entities with varying laws are set to dominate the headlines. Fortunately, for us, however, there exists a cadre of experts whose only job is to study and analyses the dynamics defining different legal systems.

Arab Spring Woes

The legal expert’s main aim is to find amicable legal solutions capable of harmonizing the rules and laws of unique private and public institutions. One such remarkable contributor to the comparative law is Dr. Sujit Choudhry, be sure to visit his official website at

If successful, these lawyers will find a way to unify the separate legal interpretations. By doing this, humans avoid unnecessary ideological wars such as the ones witnessed in the North African nations in the Arab Spring. These uprisings and all the chaos which ensued would have been prevented had the rulers and leaders of these countries taken the time to amend their constitutions to better reflect the modern times. Globalization and all its manifestations made it possible for the citizens of those Muslim nations to wake up and realize they were indeed getting a raw deal from the kings who reigned over their lands. Head over to for a related article.

About Sujit Choudhry

Dr. Sujit Choudhry has actually worked with a ton of nations, Muslim-nations included, in a bid to reevaluate their existing constitutions and the legal frameworks within. Dr. Sujit Choudhry is an eminent authority figure in this sub-genre of law and he now runs his research and consultancy, Center for Constitutional Transitions. Based on,  Dr. Choudhry is an I. Michael Heyman Law Professor at the prestigious UCLA-Berkeley’s School of Law. He’s taught and served on the management boards of the New York University Law School and at the University of Toronto. Sujit is considered a genius by his peers. After all, he sailed through Havard on a Rhodes Scholarship.  Be updated with his blogs, visit Sujit’s page.


Rona Borre Sets the Pace for Business Growth

Rona Borre is the founder and the CEO of Instant Alliance, a Chicago-based staffing company that has become the talk of the town as far as a successful company. Started in 2001 after Borre quit her job where she had broken all kinds of sales records, Instant Alliance was a steady success thanks to Borre’s methods of operation and persistence.

Instant Alliance focuses on a narrow niche of placing mainly financial and technological professionals because those are the types of people who are in demand from companies who are growing. A growing company needs financing expertise and the technology to run expansion and all that it encompasses. Check on for related article.

Borre also uses a tactic that many of her competitors fail to utilize. Most recruiters spend a great deal of time using a shotgun method of going through all of the resumes possible until they happen upon a good candidate. Borre and her group of account executives spend a great amount of time getting to know the executive team of the hiring company and how they operate. Then they pinpoint just the right candidate to fit that culture.  To read an important article, click here

The results are in and they are spectacular. Instant Alliance has only a one percent attrition rate from the start of the company. There is also the achievement of 3 interviews to one hire which saves time for everybody. The final tally puts Instant Alliance out in front of all of their competitors by a long shot. More on

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