Jason Hope Riding The Wave Of Technological Success

Jason Hope has high hopes for the future of technology. Considering the high rate at which it is advancing, there is not a better time to get involved. Mr. Hope enjoys expanding professional network outside of the technology industry so that he is able to share his new technologies with everyone. He is experienced with both the technical and business sides of the equation so he able to use that to his advantage. Mr. Hope is the founder of Jawa, which is based on his interested in mobile systems of communication.

Mr. Hope now invests in young entrepreneurs in order to help them earn the funds to develop their idea to completion. He has a good eye for the companies that show the most promise and have something revolutionary to offer. One of the things Mr. Hope is most looking forward to is the Internet of Things. He thinks this will make electronic interactions vastly more efficient, but it will also be game changing in the medical world. Mr. Hope advises people new to the business to never forget what got them started and to stay true to their original idea.

Mr. Hope is also a dedicated philanthropist. He is very interested in the work that the SENS Foundation is conducting and he supports them. He believes that extending the lifespan of humans is possible and it can be done while also improving the quality of life as they age. He believes this is possible by focusing on prevention disease in addition to the treatment of it. Mr. Hope wants to improve the health and treatment of disease and he is able to do so by contributing to the SENS Foundation.

Mr. Hope lives Scottdale, Arizona and he spends his time working on this philanthropy and staying up to date on the latest technology. He has always been ambitious and attended the Arizona State University to get his bachelor’s degree in Finance. To address the business side of things, he went to the Carey School of Business at ASU. He earned his MBA during his time at that school.

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