Jason Hope the Mobile Technology Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is a futurist from the state of Arizona. He is an investor in healthcare technology, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. He got an undergraduate degree from Arizona State University in Finance then later he got an MBA. These courses helped him start something that was business related. Mobile technology had the upper hand in his mind as a catalyst for change because of its ability to reach a wider section of people and its various benefits. Mobile technology also had a wider room for expansion giving him motivation for starting selling premium text message services. This helped Jason lay the groundwork for his medical research and technology while still protecting his ardor as a futurist.

His main source of capital is from the portfolio he owns of technology companies. At the beginning of his career, he created a mobile company known as JAWA. During the addition of various companies in technological industry, this company was acting as a parent company. Jason earns a living from his portfolio of investments that include companies that provide Digital Media Solutions, Marketing Services, Computer and Business Information Systems and Interactive Software. This was from the knowledge that the future society would really on technology because of the ability of technology to connect and interconnect places, individuals, and things. Jason was able to keep his mind focused on the direction the technology was taking, and this was the idea behind JAWA formation. The profits were got right away from its formation, and it spearheaded foundation of portfolios.

What keeps an entrepreneur like Jason up on his game is the fit sense of uncertainty. This helps him think of the future and a head of his competitors. Many queries and obstacles mainly arise on the discovery of new products, services or ideas. Managing of these challenges is the determinant of how successful an entrepreneur will be. To some entrepreneurs, doubt will make them fail but to Jason uses this tool to drive his success further. He knew he would end up in the technology sector because of his passion for technology. He strongly believes in technology, and he plans to continue to do more in the field.

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