Toronto Realizes Medical Breakthroughs due to Cameron Clokie’s Research

Cameron Clokie is a surgeon with a specialty in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Induce Biologics have him as their Chief Executive Officer. He also served at the University of Toronto, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery as the principal.

The renowned surgeon has made advances in the medical field through research. Some of his findings include restructuring fractured and aching bones for patients. These can be bones in the mouth area and other few parts of the body.

Currently, he operates as a private surgeon and has employed many surgeons and doctors who assist him at his clinic. Orthopedic surgery has taken course bringing various scientists on board. Research has now enabled them to alter the growth of stem cells in adults.

This enables new bones to grow hence can be transplanted into patients. The transplants can also be done on muscles and adipose tissues. The use of biodegradable threads after surgery leaves the patients with no marks or scars. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

The processes involved are expensive but are worth it due to the excellent procedures and quality personnel who handle these patients. The research is performed at the University of Toronto within their efficient laboratories. Patients at Toronto General Hospital have greatly benefited from these services. Dr. Cameron Clokie has indeed helped in advancing quality medical care to patients who needed it.

Dr. Clokie who heads research at the University of Toronto says that this new invention towards tissues regeneration has been a breakthrough to many. This approach of making new bones has also provided solutions to oncologists. They can now provide their patients with better solutions that the chemo and radiotherapy that they offered back then.

Researchers have also found interest in this new medical advancement. They are doing more studies on embryonic regeneration of tissues to perfect what they deliver to their patients. Interestingly, the healthcare delivered to the people of Canada is incomparable for Dr. Cameron has raised his standards to a higher level.

Patients whom he has performed surgery on have given positive feedback on the efficiency and credibility of the service offered to them. Dr. Clokie has indeed salvaged the medical crisis among the people of Toronto.

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