Securus Technologies’ Facility in Using Technology to Solve and Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies got established in 1986 with its local headquarters situated in Dallas, Texas. It is a prison technology firm offering above 2,200 correctional services throughout the U.S and Canada. It had invested over $600 million in patent rights, know-how, and attainments in July 2016. The company acquainted itself with the knowledge of controlling illegal imports of cell phones, receiving the consent of its Managed Access Solutions in 2016 in departments of correctional facilities. It partnered with Harris Corporation on “cell Defender” technology in 2016. The wireless containment solution introduced in 2017 advanced to the current illegally imported cell phones connecting to mobile networks.

Securus Technologies is essential in providing criminal and civil technology resolutions for investigation, community safety, monitoring and corrections inclusive of crimes against inmates. The prisons officers prevent and solve crimes making the atmosphere safer. The executive officer and chairman of Securus stated that on average, once on a weekly basis, a new service or product is advanced aiding the prison officers who enforce the law and administer corrections to resolve and avert crimes. The principal task was to keep the society safer including the parolees, inmates and their families.

Customer’s comments indicated that the technology enabled them to use their phone calls information in obtaining search licenses to fraudulent members, monitoring calls for the inmates on the use of alcohol, issuing threats, the suspicious conversation involving the transfer of money or drug businesses. Aiming at improving investigations, jail security, and public safety hence promoting an aggressive investigative mindset. It has also enabled the facility customers to identify the suspects and put them in custody and even recover valuable items like assets and money.

Securus Technologies’ commitment is in providing emergency responses, public information, incidents control, convicts self-service and products and services monitoring with the aim of making the world a safer place. The company serves more than 3450 public safety, corrections agency, law enforcement agencies and more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America.


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