Jason Hope: The Expert That Consumers Can Trust

When people hear the phrase “Internet of Things” they might not quite know what the speaker is talking about. Current society is centered around technology and staying connected to one another, but often the processes that enable those interactions are not considered. While it can be difficult to master the latest smartphone, the technology that goes into creating it is seemingly endless. With so many new technologies and devices hitting the shelves, it is more important than ever that consumers understand them. Jason Hope sees that need and his new e-book will help consumers navigate one of the fastest growing technologies.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is exactly how it sounds, it is an internet of things around the world. This network consists of various devices that have software or chips that enable them to communicate with other devices. When people are trying to understand IoTs the typical reference would be a smartphone. A smartphone can connect to the internet and communicate with a variety of other devices. Appliances are also capable of this as well as cars, navigations systems, and smart homes. It appears that many new devices are designed now with IoT in mind. This makes it more important than ever that consumers master their use.

“Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” is a guide that anyone with questions about IoT devices should pick up. The e-book is available on Amazon.com as an immediate resource for consumers and eloquently answers all their questions regarding their devices. Hope is even sure to go into security, as it can be a major concern for individuals nowadays. One of the biggest things in the e-book that Hope discusses in the benevolent impact that the IoT has on society. As its usage skyrockets, these devices will only become more important.

Eventually, IoT will dominate the business world. While this is something that is typically associated with the consumer market, the odds are very good that businesses will start to rely very heavily on the technology as well. This means that learning the technology becomes important for individuals beyond what they do in their free-time. Resources like Hope’s e-book might help people get a jump on their peers. Hope has years of experience in the technology field. Through growing his own successful companies to becoming a renowned futurist, Hope is an expert that consumers can trust.

Jason Hope Info: entrepreneur.wiki/Jason_Hope

Humanitarian Work inspired by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Oppression of the minority has become a global issue. This is because many governments are reluctant in punishing the violators of human, civil and immigrant’s rights.

As a result, discrimination of the poor is on the rise. Many philanthropic groups have been formed to fight this injustices and inequalities in the society. Philanthropists are the few committed individuals who are ready to fight until they restore the sanity in the society. Some of these humanitarian groups include;

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund was founded by the two journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two are the co-founders of the Phoenix New Times.

Lacey and Larkin spend a substantial part of their career life, fighting for their rights. Their first success was on implementing the first amendment rights.

Lacey and Larkin acquired the money that they used to set the Frontera Fund from the case of Sheriff Joe, as apprehension compensation. This is after they published the evil deed of the sheriff on their first page of their newspaper.

When they learned what they had done, he arrested them and took them to a secret location. The public demonstrated and demanded their release. As a result, they were set free within 24 hours. Read more: Jim Larkin | Angel.co and Michael Lacey | Facebook

After they go their freedom, they took Sherriff Joe to court, where they were declared innocent and received a $3.75 million compensation. It is this money that they used to begin the Frontera Fund.

The Frontera Fund supports other groups in Arizona that share a common goal with them. Their goal is ensuring that the human, immigrants and civil rights are observed. They also work to see that everyone enjoys the freedom of expression.

The DACA Foundation.

Their Immigrants who have been living in the USA for a very long time. Although these individuals are undocumented, they are the citizens of the USA. They have invested their time and talents in ensuring that the welfare of the country is at its best.

These are the persons that the DACA Organization sort to assist. This is by ensuring there are not deported. The group ensures that the members have an addition of two years. The member has the liberty to choose what they want to do with their time. In the case where the period ends before the member achieve what they wanted, a renewal is allowed.

The DACA Foundation has saved very many people from deportation. Currently, it has a membership of more than 800000 members.

Hanging On The Financial Background Of Sheldon Lavin

Managing More Than One Angle

Diversity is the key to balancing a business if it works off creative ideas and innovation. The more options you have as sources of revenue, the more you can sustain in the long run. Diversity also gives businesses more access to resources. It takes a larger network and a broader access to tools or people to smoothly operate business.

The OSI Group includes OSI International Foods and OSI Industries for the reason of diversity. The OSI Group operates as a parent organization and umbrellas a variety of other companies through affiliates. The OSI group is the world’s leading food processing group. The agency services giant food chains and country needs.

The Advantage Of Affiliated Groups

The OSI Group can offer a wide array of food products like meat and because it branches its work into affiliates and specialists. The diversity the agency has is also an advantage to its market position as the world’s leader in meat processing. The affiliate sections of the OSI Group let the agency manage all business cycles.

The business cycle that exists in food processing consists of the basic systems required in fundamental manufacturing. These stages consist of production, packaging and then distribution. The coalition of the OSI Group allows it to manage each of these areas but as separate agencies and groups.

All In The Hands Of Sheldon Lavin

This structure we find with the OSI Group is a result of the agency’s CEO Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon Lavin got his start as a business professional after he earned himself a substantial reputation in the financial markets. This financial understanding is exactly what the OSI Group needed roughly ten years ago.

The agency is now branching off into international markets and is making a name for itself that stands on the financial background of Sheldon Lavin. The end result is a very ambitious drive to accomplish the work needed that sustains his new international market.

The mathematical precision of Sheldon Lavin is clear in the work OSI is achieving. The international market is booming, and there’s only one agency that’s claiming the emerging business market.

About Sheldon Lavin: www.osigroup.com/news/

The Success of AIA as a Professional Body

     American Institute of America is a professional association which consists of highly skilled architects in USA. AIA provides certain services to its community such as offering education, advocating for the government and public outreach to assist the architecture profession.

The professional association also partners with different members of design so as to assist with their skills and knowledge to manage the building production. AIA is trying to meet the interests of the architects and the public by raising public awareness on the importance of architecture and design.

It also has its own magazine called the Magazine of American Institute of America which talks about the architecture industry, its importance and awareness programs. AIA is administered by the Board of Directors and consists of over 200 employees working on a full time basis.

AIA has several objectives that it withholds such as observing legislative and supervisory actions. It uses its power and mandate to contribute in decision making by the state and local policy makers. In order to aid the public, the AIA community works with federal institutions to improve the design of public space and safeguard the country’s infrastructure.

AIA also ensures that the buildings are economical hence affordable for each citizen to get access to stay. Robert Ivy was born in Columbus, Mississippi from a humble background. He was able to pursue a degree from Sewanee University and later obtained a masters in architecture from Tulane.

Robert is currently the CEO of AIA through which he executes his leadership skills to develop the professional association. Previously, Robert was the Vice President of McGraw Hill Construction and later the Editor-in- Chief of Architectural Record magazine.

Through his leadership in the editorial department, the professional association was able to get several honors such as the premier magazine journalism award. Ivy was recognized by the national fraternity for his diligence in communicating about the importance of designs.

Since Robert took over the role of the CEO at AIA in 2011, the organization has renovated to help the architecture career. He is on the progress of alternating AIA into a receptive and powerful organization so as it can assist the community.

Under his tenure in AIA, Robert has been able to create new advanced technology infrastructure and has launched several public awareness campaigns that has made the professional association successful. His main objective is to focus on changing AIA resources to make architects aware in addressing certain problems such as climate change which affect the constructions.


Armed with over 15 years of experience, Dr. Imran Haque is highly regarded in matters internal medicine. He is stationed at Horizon Internal Medicine in Asheboro-North Carolina, where he offers a wide range of services including laboratory services, physical examinations, diabetes among others. The dedication with which Dr. Imran executes his duties has left him famed as a reliable and qualified physician. To complement the services offered at Horizon Internal Medicine, there exist working relations with surrounding hospitals, among them, Randolph Hospitals, Lexington Memorial Hospital and Southeastern Regional Medical Centre.

Dr. Imran graduated with a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamerican before seeking specialized training from the University of Virginia through the Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem program. He is currently a licensed medical practitioner in North Carolina.

Being a firm believer in hard work, diligence, patience, and proper organizations, Dr. Imran points to a desire to offer locally unavailable medical services as his inspiration in establishing the medical facility. He is fascinated by the inclusion of technology in the provision of medical care and attributes the improved healthcare largely to the innovative medical solutions in technology. Further, he takes pride in multi-tasking and has considered that as a habit. This he says, has made him more productive.

To the younger generations, he advises caution. He urges young people to be generous to mankind and at the same time not be gullible. To exemplify his advice, he believes in being kind and respectful to people despite their race, religion and education level among others. For him, the golden rule is to do to other people what you would wish them to do to you. This has helped him create useful networks and working relations that have not only enhanced his medical practice but also his personality. To know more about him click here.

Looking at his life, he points to his sock and textile business as his worst failure. He says the overly ambitious expansion of his business proved detrimental and as a result, he chose to stick to what he knows best internal medicine.He recommends ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen R Covey. He draws his inspiration from Barack Obama’s calmness even in tough times.


Dr. Mark McKenna, Medical Doctor, and Entrepreneur Par Excellence

Dr. Mark McKenna is a renowned medical doctor, a motivator as well as a serial entrepreneur. The alumnus of Tulane University Medical School, Dr. Mark is an accredited medical doctor licensed by the Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. He practiced medicine in New Orleans simultaneously with real estate development until 2005. Over time, the real estate business expanded into a large diversified enterprise until the destruction by Katarina.

Later in 2017, Dr. McKenna established OVME, an aesthetic medical, high technology and customer friendly organization. In a recent interview, Dr. McKenna explains that the idea to set up OVME emanated from his long experience in medical aesthetics. During this time, he developed a flourishing medical aesthetics company which he sold to a public limited company.

Further, Dr. McKenna added that setting goals, visualizing objectives and meditation lead to his success. With these qualities, he was able to identify and exploit the investment opportunities in medical aesthetics. Also, Dr. McKenna discloses his passion for reading inspirational books and recommends reading the book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. Additionally, Dr. McKenna is an early riser and a Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast on which he trains daily after dinner.

In the interview, Dr. Mark McKenna further reveals that he is excited by the decline in smoking in the US. Also, he stated that Elon Musk, Michael Bloomberg, and Barack Obama have profoundly influenced his thoughts and outlook. To Dr. McKenna, speed without direction is useless and people need to slow down. He believes that the best strategy to grow one’s business is to surround oneself with people smarter than themselves. Moreover, it enriches one’s life to give to the less fortunate.

Dr. Mark McKenna and his wife Gianine McKenna have a daughter, Milana Elle and a young Pomeranian named Ryder. He is presently an associate of the Entrepreneurs Organization and formerly served on the board of New Orleans Jazz Festival and the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

His Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/drmarkmckenna

Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a charter school located in California. Rockets are complicated and take many years to develop. It requires patience and teamwork to get the proper results. Its much like what the school is. Getting students who are young, ambitious and want to take their dreams to untouched heights.

Rocket ship is actually a non-profit school, they truly want the best out of creative students. Not everyone is from the same household. They have been working with organizations in San Jose to help children who are not fluent. Science shows that children who don’t speak English have an immediate disadvantage.

Other school districts see the impact that rocket has and wants them to go to their school district. A writer for the Mercury news details her time trying to get her daughters into school as unfortunate. That she “didn’t have the luck of the draw”. Its the reason why she volunteers. She knows that teachers are hardworking and do the best for the students. However there are flaws in the systems of certain schools. They don’t have the proper materials and there are too many students in each classroom. Thankfully Rocketship tried to help everyone to do their best.

In Washington DC, there has been many problems when it comes to the school district. People often criticize the board and their decisions, along with the lack or progress. The city also has a really bad wealth gap, so those who can’t afford to live in the city at all won’t receive the benefits of being in the school district. The residents pointed to the progress of Rocketship education and want them to assist them in the district. Now, teachers are being interview for a DC charter school to put a step in the right direction. Only perseverance and team work will lead them to success.