The Success of AIA as a Professional Body

     American Institute of America is a professional association which consists of highly skilled architects in USA. AIA provides certain services to its community such as offering education, advocating for the government and public outreach to assist the architecture profession.

The professional association also partners with different members of design so as to assist with their skills and knowledge to manage the building production. AIA is trying to meet the interests of the architects and the public by raising public awareness on the importance of architecture and design.

It also has its own magazine called the Magazine of American Institute of America which talks about the architecture industry, its importance and awareness programs. AIA is administered by the Board of Directors and consists of over 200 employees working on a full time basis.

AIA has several objectives that it withholds such as observing legislative and supervisory actions. It uses its power and mandate to contribute in decision making by the state and local policy makers. In order to aid the public, the AIA community works with federal institutions to improve the design of public space and safeguard the country’s infrastructure.

AIA also ensures that the buildings are economical hence affordable for each citizen to get access to stay. Robert Ivy was born in Columbus, Mississippi from a humble background. He was able to pursue a degree from Sewanee University and later obtained a masters in architecture from Tulane.

Robert is currently the CEO of AIA through which he executes his leadership skills to develop the professional association. Previously, Robert was the Vice President of McGraw Hill Construction and later the Editor-in- Chief of Architectural Record magazine.

Through his leadership in the editorial department, the professional association was able to get several honors such as the premier magazine journalism award. Ivy was recognized by the national fraternity for his diligence in communicating about the importance of designs.

Since Robert took over the role of the CEO at AIA in 2011, the organization has renovated to help the architecture career. He is on the progress of alternating AIA into a receptive and powerful organization so as it can assist the community.

Under his tenure in AIA, Robert has been able to create new advanced technology infrastructure and has launched several public awareness campaigns that has made the professional association successful. His main objective is to focus on changing AIA resources to make architects aware in addressing certain problems such as climate change which affect the constructions.

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