US Money Reserve Lists Ways To Use An IRA In Tax Filings

If you have an IRA or are planning to open one, you should do so before the tax filing deadline of April 17 because it could come in handy for lowering your tax bill. US Money Reserve lists ways that it can do this on their website, and if your IRA is a traditional IRA, all contributions made to it before the tax deadline can count for the tax year for which you’re filing. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

You do want to make sure you designate it as such though to your fund’s trustee so that it is applied correctly.

If you or your spouse has earned income, you can contribute to a spousal IRA and also get a deduction for that. But to sum it up, US Money Reserve says you should consider buying gold and silver for your IRA because it can diversify it and protect your savings for the future.

US Money Reserve is a privately-owned precious metals company that’s been helping customers protect their wealth for nearly 20 years. They’re based in Austin, TX and they’ve amassed one of the world’s largest collections of rare gold and silver coins as well as other bullion and certified products. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

Most people don’t understand how precious metals can help them because they’re often thought of as simply material that’s collected like rare cars.

But precious metals have had tremendous value since ancient times and they will not lose their value when the Fed adjusts interest rates or currency suffers from trade wars.

Whenever economists predict a terrible economic calamity is on the way, banks will usually purchase gold or silver to hedge their assets.

Most gold and silver experts state that it’s wise to have physical gold and silver in your possession so that it’s readily available when you need to use it.

US Reserve makes it easy to purchase gold and silver through calling their toll-free number, or by going to their website and making a purchase.

Before you start buying, you should read US Reserve’s gold kit in which Philip Diehl, the company president gives tips and advice on doing so.

You can also enroll in their IRA program if you’d like to have your accounts transferred into the gold and silver products you’ve bought.

They have additional knowledge available on their website including charts, market prices and even live assistants available through their Client-Connect Advantage chat app, and you can start today by going to

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