Culture, Diversity and Glam Witnessed At The Acadermy of Art University Spring Showcase

Over the years, the Academy of Art University has produced graduates who go on to enrich the society with their unique creativity in their fields of expertise. Brandon Kee who graduated from the institution in 2016 went on to become one of the favorite contestants in Project Runway and finished among the top four. His diverse and creative collections showcased the top skills he had acquired at the Academy of Arts University in and awed the audience and judges. The university holds an annual student Fashion Showcase for its final students to give them a chance to showcase their designs and have a runway experience.

This unique experience benefits the fashion and design students in several ways including boosting their confidence and preparing them for similar showcases in their career. The Academy of Art University has a diverse student body with students from all over the world. This cultural diversity encourages the students to develop different perspectives which is a crucial skill in the world of fashion. The Institution’s president, Elisa Stephens points out that events like this showcase encourage collaboration among the students which prepares them to work with other professionals in the industry.

The Academy of Art University was started in 1929 as an advertising art institution. Today it is one of the top schools of design and art in the United States offering degree and certificate programs in the performing arts, visual arts, and design. It is based in San Francisco and has a student population of over 8,000. The school owns and runs a unique museum that houses 200 vintage cars that are estimated to be worth $70 million by Forbes Magazine.

The University offers students excellent dining, housing and lecture facilities. The Academy of Art University strives to provide safe housing solutions to students. The department of housing has several core values including offering students opportunities to grow, learn and live.

The institution has several clubs and societies which foster socialization. Its Athletics club participates in the NCAA. Fitness programs are available in the campus. The Academy of Art leadership believes in encouraging students to lead a balanced life.


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