NewsWatch TV Reviews Contour: A Breach In A More Comfortable Way To Work With Technology

NewsWatch is an award winning television series that focuses in areas of technology and entertainment. They have a wide range of news coverage from celebrity interviews to app reviews. NewsWatch has one the gold and platinum 2017 Marcom Award.

Starting out as a tv series about financial issues in 1990 it wasn’t long before NewsWatch decided to expand on their experience and develop a wider range of news coverage that would grab the interest of the general public. Their show contains different segments such as Tech Report, App Watch, and Celebrity Appearances. The long running show has currently been running for 28 years.

In more recent news NewsWatch recently did a review on a new wireless keyboard made by Contour. Contour came out with a new, more comfortable, and effective work station for their consumer by adding a scrolling bar to a wireless keyboard along with a comfortable resting pad, and power saving technology. NewsWatch’s segment about Contour’s product has reached over 697.924 online impressions. Due to the reviews from NewsWatch Contour saw a dramatic increase in their sales for their “Ultimate Workstation”

The “Ultimate Workstation” made by contour is not only suppose to be comfortable but it also made to reduce stress from using a standard mouse and keyboard, as well as keep you focused by taking out the extra movements by having to reach and navigate a regular mouse. The “Ultimate Workstation” also has seven senses tracking technology that will track and adjust to your pace. The cover story that NewsWatch provided is life changing when it comes to Contour’s sale rate of their new “Ultimate Workstation.” They are grateful for the review that NewsWatch provided and the results they received from the consumer by going through NewsWatch.


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