Class Dojo Shares Kindness Via Summer Fun

Schools all across the United States embrace the kindness initiative. Teachers and administration are teaching children that kindness matters and being kind to classmates can create a comfortable and positive learning environment. Class Dojo is embracing this initiative and sharing their own kindness during the summer months when students are home enjoying summer break. Class Dojo is a progressive app that is positively bringing open doors of communication between students, teachers and parents. This app is free to download on any smart device but can also be used directly from their website. Teachers utilize the program by sending login information to the parents of students in their classes. Parents can then use that sign in information to create their own free account. In this account there is a fun and quirky Dojo character that each student can customize to their own preferences.

The app consists of a home screen that parents can view every single time they log in. This home screen shows pictures and videos from the classroom. Often teachers will share group experiments, field trips or special events at school. This makes parents feel included while they are away at work and unable to volunteer. Each student has their own customized profile. Parents can access the students profile to view their daily Dojo progress. Teachers can give and take points throughout the day for a student’s behavior. Teachers often reward points for homework being turned in on time but may deduct a point for missing homework. Other reasons that points are given would be for helping another student, cleaning something up, showing exceptional behavior. Points could be deducted for inappropriate behavior or words, bad verbal choices or tardiness. This allows parents to see how their child is behaving and discuss points that are given and taken.

When the doors of communication are open then parents can have closer bonds with their children about their education. Parents and teachers can also private message in the Class Dojo app. The summer kindness initiative program that Class Dojo is embracing is encouraging togetherness and activities within the family. Everyday Class Dojo is sending out crafting projects to try or places to visit. These fun ideas are bringing families together and helping to create lasting summer memories.

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