The Real Life Rags To Riches Story Of Jim Toner In The World Of Real Estate

Working in the world of real estate can be a cutthroat business. Buying and selling real estate property has always been a lucrative income. Many realtors have made money and yet others have lost money. Even though there is the concept of networking within the real estate market that does not safeguard anyone from making decisions that could cost them everything.

In real estate there are no guarantees. It is basically trial and error even when a realtor has years of experience behind them. Because this market is so lucrative with the income it has also attracted individuals who have gone into selling real estate just to scam others. This is exactly what happened to Mr. Jim Toner. Mr. Toner has been dealing with real estate for over 25 years but unfortunately one decision cost him everything. His decision had nothing to do with inexperience or incapabilities.

Instead what Mr. Jim Toner was trying to do was to expand his business and decided to reach out to a well-known realtor company which turned out to be nothing more than a sham. After he and several other individuals gave permission for this realtor to help them with increasing revenue the realtor in return took all of their money and left. At this point Jim thought that he had lost it all. His passion and desire for selling real estate was gone so he decided to take a step back from working in the market. It was during this difficult time that he received encouragement from a friend which helped to restore his passion for the market once again. See Toner’s guide to financial independence here.

According to, having had his zeal restored once again Mr. Jim Toner decided to come back into the real estate market but he decided to do things a little differently this time. He selected specific areas of the real estate market that he wanted to work in and also sought out the best local realtors in specific locations to help run the business. He wanted to show other people that there are good and honest realtors in this market. He was also determined to show that the real estate market is a profitable market and that not everyone is out to steal from others.

Another big difference was that this time around instead of him reaching out for assistance he became the assisting person for the local realtors in specific locations. This way he was able to ensure the success of the other realtors that he partnered with and for himself. He made it a point to be involved with the entire process of researching, acquiring and selling the real estate. He also added additional safeguards to ensure that the overall success for his team was inevitable. Mr. Jim Toner, a real estate entrepreneur is now working his way back to the top with a newfound sense of reverence for the real estate market, for other individuals but most importantly for himself.

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Whitney Wolfe And Her Feminist Agenda That Helped To Shape The World

Believe it or not, the modern feminist wave that has impacted our culture has only been around since 2015. Yes, there were signs that feminism was catching on long before that year, but in 2015 that’s when the feminist agenda started to impact modern American society. Whitney Wolfe and her company Bumble was a key player in this modern movement.

Whitney Wolfe explains that when Bumble first emerged, the site was very polarizing. It was created to help relieve some of the pain that Whitney Wolfe experienced in the past. She was a woman scorned in the tech industry. She was unfairly given the name “lawsuit girl” because she won a settlement against a former online dating company that treated her inhumanely.

The name of this organization was Tinder. Whitney used to work for Tinder as co-founder until she started to run into problems regarding sexual harassment and gender discrimination. She managed to save evidence that proved these unwanted situations were happening. After she gathered evidence she then used it in a court of law to win her settlement. She then took this money to start Bumble.

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By the time that Wolfe started Bumble she was suffering from the backlash of what had happened at Tinder. Very few people in the tech industry wanted to be bothered with her. She almost missed out on her opportunity to start Bumble. Andrey Andreev a technology businessman and guru took a chance on her. He helped her to fund the starting of Bumble.

Wolfe used her Bumble site to bring healing to herself. More importantly, it was created to put women first in the world or to spread the feminist agenda. Whitney Wolfe no longer wants to play by the traditional rules of male dominance. She no longer wanted men to subject her to their misogynist agenda or their villainous ways. Wolfe is not woman that wants to be scorned anymore. Her feminist attitude has impacted over 30 million people who use her site to find love. Whitney Wolfe and her company Bumble has helped to shape the modern feminist movement that is taking place today.

Upwork and Tackling Responsibilities Each Day

Writing out responsibilities that you need to achieve can be a lot simpler than you think. It can be optimal to do so with an abundance of time to spare. Don’t wait until the last minute. Write out your tasks the evening prior to starting them. Then figure out which option is the most pressing.

It can help greatly to make time a focal point. If you’re documenting all of the responsibilities you need to tackle, you can take things to the next level by picking times for them. Determine the specific hour you need to commence something. Try to predict the duration of any situations that you need to manage as well.

Assess your responsibilities as often as possible. If you constantly delay dealing with a specific item you have written out, then you should probably think about it in vivid detail. There may be a reason you’re not getting around to it. That’s because it may not actually be something you should devote your brain to for a considerable stretch of time. It may even be helpful to forget it entirely.

Responsibilities in this world are all totally different. Some demand significant amounts of effort. Others demand a little less. It can often help to select responsibilities and projects by thinking about how much vitality you have at any given moment.

Writing out responsibilities and obligations is a lot more than it seems to be. It’s a network that can help people gain the motivation they need in order to tackle all of the hours that are in front of them. It can assist them with everything from achievements to figuring out which specific items are the most pressing at the time.

Upwork Global Inc. used to be called Elance-oDesk. It’s an international freelancing network that enables freelancers and companies to work together from distances. It’s been called Upwork since 2015. It’s located in the communities of San Francisco and Mountain View, California. Thomas Layton is the Chairman of Upwork. Stephane Kasriel is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. It’s been in operation since the end of the nineties.

Clients Stand By The Experts At Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research LLC is a publishing company founded by Frank Porter Stansbury. The company is privately held, and it has been in operation since 1999. The headquarters of the company are located in Baltimore, Maryland. They have additional locations in Oregon, Florida, and California.


Its staff of financial experts conduct ongoing and in-depth research on numerous investment topics, including oil, gas, gold, and other mining investment trends and opportunities. Additionally, they will cover other relevant topics such as health care, stocks, corporate bonds, biotech investments, and alternative asset investments. The editors research and analyze all of the data to pass on the findings to their clients. They stay ahead of the global pre-market news and all of the major stock markets. Stansberry Research has clients located around the world who subscribe to the company’s publications. The company publishes a number of newsletters and also the popular Stansberry Digest. Newsletters are written by the financial editors, published by the company, and they are then sent out to clients on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The information contained in the newsletters are a series of professional, unbiased analysis and advice to help inform and educate the clients.


There are many investors who opt to self manage their own investment portfolio, but they still want the insight and the guidance of a professional. Regardless of their experience level pertaining to investing and trading, investors appreciate the valuable words of their trusted editors at Stansberry Research. They offer sound financial guidance based on historical analysis along with today’s economic outlook. These editors possess years of financial expertise. Mr. Stansberry also serves his clients as an editor.


When buying, selling, and trading opportunities arise within any of the global stock markets or the commodity markets, for instance, subscribers will be promptly updated on the news. Clients also receive updates on world currency rates, and much more. Stansberry Research wants to help all of their clients build wealth and achieve their desired financial goals.


Steve Ritchie: Understanding The Expectations Of Customers

When a CEO takes over a company, there are many expectations placed upon them. Among these are having a keen understanding of the business and its employees, and also knowing the expectations of its customers. This has been the case with Papa John’s Pizza CEO Steve Ritchie, who recently published a letter to customers of the pizza chain explaining how the next few months would play out for the company.

Realizing customers can often get a skewed opinion of a company, Steve Ritchie immediately set out to give customers a clear vision of what will be done to keep the company at the top of the pizza business. In his letter, he begins by letting customers know Papa John’s will be using independent outside auditors and consultants to thoroughly evaluate company culture and diversity, which will help it identify various strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, the company will be able to set clear, well-defined goals that are attainable in the coming months.

Along with this, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s also made it clear the company will be transparent every step of the way, and expects to be held accountable by its employees, franchisees, and customers. And in perhaps the most surprising move of all, he announced in his letter that senior management of Papa John’s will be traveling across the country to visit various franchisees. In doing so, the executives will be able to see firsthand how daily operations proceed, and also talk face-to-face with franchisees, employees, and customers to learn specifically what can be done to not only make the Papa John’s experience better for everyone, but also keep and maintain the trust that has taken so many years to develop.

In reacting to the letter, most business experts believe it showed smart leadership on the part of Steve Ritchie. As a result, he has already started to build up the levels of credibility needed to keep current customers and attract new ones. While the months ahead are certain to bring additional changes in many areas, most have no doubt Steve Ritchie is the right man to lead the way.

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Jim Larkin And Michael Lacey Discuss Their Fight With Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio is the Arizona Sheriff who was accused of corruption in the days that he ran Maricopa County, and he was the subject of many investigations, news reports, and articles. He was investigated by reporters Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, and they were arrested under false pretenses. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Speak Out on Trump Pardon of Arpaio | Phoenix New Times and Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Make The List of Civil Rights Protectors | Philly Purge

Their story is one that sparked outrage across the country, and they were the subjects of intense pressure even after their arrest. They sued Sheriff Arpaio, and they won.

  1. What Happened?

The two men were arrested at home after they were close to uncovering all the corruption and deceit that had gone on during Arpaio’s reign as Sheriff. They were arrested at the direction of Arpaio, but they were released with all charges dropped not soon after. They turned to a lawsuit to settle their differences with Arpaio. They sued in federal court, and their story drew more national attention.

  1. The Lawsuit’s Outcome

The lawsuit’s outcome was a win for these two men. They were award several million dollars in the trial, and they were given a chance to use that money in any way that they wanted. They could have kept that money for themselves, but they chose to use that money to start a charity.

Their charity is called the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. This charity serves the people that Joe Arpaio’s department was accused of harassing and treating unfairly.

  1. The Frontera Fund Makes A Difference In Arizona

The Frontera Fund is a place where people can reach out for legal assistance and support. There are many natives, immigrants, and immigrant workers who are afraid of the police, and they could turn to the Frontera Fund for the help that they need.

They can get the legal counsel that is needed if they are charged with a crime, and any discrimination is investigated by the Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund has the money needed to do this work, and they will support anyone who has been mistreated.

  1. Conclusion

The work that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey do goes far beyond reporting.

They have made a major change in the way that people view the immigrant populations of the southwest, and they will continue to do this work because it helps make a difference for anyone who is scared, in the country working, or simply passing through as a legal citizen.

OSI Industries: A Better Approach For Professionalism in the Foodservice Industry

Professionalism goes a long way, and it can help you go very far in the work environment. OSI Industries has been demonstrating professionalism since it first opened its doors back in 1909. The company’s staff members have always been courteous and polite to everyone of its customers. Having a solid reputation will get your company more business in the long run, and OSI Industries perfectly personifies this notion to the fullest. David McDonald, the president of OSI, has done a phenomenal job with guiding the company into the future. This man has high-amounts of knowledge in agriculture and in business. As a child, he grew up on a farm in Iowa.

When McDonald first started out in the particular business, he had to work his way up the latter. In this initial process, he actually started at the supply chain level. Agriculture and farming is his forte to a certain degree, but he has been able to use educational background in a number of situations. McDonald earned a bachelor’sdegree in animal sciencefrom Iowa StateUniversity. Thanks to his high-character and outstanding academic achievements, he was presented with the Wallace E Barron Outstanding Senior Award before graduating college. As of today, this loving husband and father of six is helping OSI Industries to make exceptional business moves to grow its success. McDonald has been involved in a number of acquisitions for this Illinois-based food juggernaut. He has also played a role in acquiring Flagship Europe in 2016.

OSI Industries need no introduction. This particular company has basically revolutionized the food service industry by the way it conducts business. The company has been setting trends for years, and it looks like it will continue its dominance in the years to come.

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Hussain Sajwani – The Story of Application of Ideas

Never take experience for granted for one never knows what advantages that experience can bring. That is the story that Hussain Sajwani likes to tell about his youth when as a young student he worked for his father after school. The family variety store business was the setting and long hours were what was required by his father. He told his father that he would never be a businessman when he grew up because the hours were too long.

It didn’t work out that way, however, as right after college, Sajwani started a catering company that did business with the US Army by providing them meals. The venture was a great success and Sajwani owes that successful time to his father making him work as a youth. With the catering venture, he learned to organize large groups for effectiveness and to grow a large company.

In 2002, Sajwani founded DAMAC, Inc., a real estate development and management company. It was about this time that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) decided to allow foreign residents to purchase property and to live in the UAE. This was a new event and Sajwani foresaw a large real estate boom. He began to purchase land immediately and his hunch was correct as a huge number of people immigrated to the UAE.

Sajwani is a great promoter and marketer and his tactics worked well. One of his favorite slogans was, “A New Bently With Each New Luxury Apartment.” His first project was all sold out even before any construction had begun. The living accommodations that were built by DAMAC were top-end luxury apartments and resorts, as he knew that there would be a considerable amount of the population would have the money to purchase higher-end properties and he was right.

According to, by paying cash for land, financing very little of the rest, and having separate accounting for each property in the banking and accounting areas, Sajwani was able to weather later economic downturns and keep his projects alive. Today, Sajwani sits atop a real estate empire that extends throughout the Middle East, London, and Paris. His foresight and business acumen have afforded him the notoriety and prestige that his him in great demand for advice and planning for large communities and companies.

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US Money Reserve: Creating Ads that Make Impact

Since their establishment in 2001, the US Money Reserve continues to become the top distributor of coins, bouillons, and other metal products manufactured by the United States government.

They have been in the business more for than a decade, and the management of the US Money Reserve managed to get a lot of experience on how to thrive in the industry that they have chosen.

The company distributes any products that are made of gold, silver, and platinum, and they have a special contract with the United States government and other foreign governments. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Many coin collectors have been purchasing their coins from the US Money Reserve, and they have trusted them for years because of the high-quality products that they managed to get from different sources.

Most of the coins bought from the US Money Reserve are commemorative coins, which celebrates a lot of special events in the history of the United States.

The US Reserve is also known for their educational advertisements that are being broadcasted on a lot of media. Within their website, the US Money Reserve decided to put in a section that is similar to a virtual museum.

Inside, the visitors could get a lot of information about the history of the company and the history of every coin that they are selling.Visitors have given the online gallery a positive review, stating that it helps them understand the industry better.

Another feature on the US Money Reserve website would be the online ordering platform that simplifies the process of ordering items from the company. It was rated by the visitors positively because they were able to order coins from the company without any hassle and the delivery was fast. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards and US Money Reserve | Facebook

Another highlight for the company this year was the recently concluded Adsphere Awards. It is one of the most awaited awarding ceremonies that recognize advertisement creators in the United States. The US Money Reserve submitted their entries, competing with more than 7,000 companies across the country. Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

The US Money Reserve bagged two recognitions this year from the Adsphere Awards, and it includes the best infomercial and the best short-form product advertisement.

This is the second consecutive win for the company, as they were chosen as the winners for the same category last year. The US Reserve thanked the organizers of the event for giving them the award, and they stated that they would continue to produce a quality advertisement that would impact a lot of people.

Legal Issues facing the and its Founders

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are currently facing legal charges relating to the activities of the

The FBI arrested the two individuals, some of their possession confiscated and seized In 2012, the pair sold the Village Voice Media but retained the The events were prompted by the allegation that their website was a sex brothel that promoted both prostitution and children sex.

Although the indictment involves seven individuals, it is only Larkin and Lacey who have been charged. The defense attorney has viewed the arrest as being a breach of the First Amendments which warrants freedom of speech and expression.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Background

Although both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had joined the Arizona State University, they dropped out and joined the Phoenix News Time. Jim Larkin headed the advertising section while Lacey served as the executive director.

They purchased the Westward Denver, Village Voice, Miami New Times and LA Weekly. Before selling the WM, the chain had more than 9 million print readers and 56 million monthly viewers. The outlets were used to communicate business, politics and social news. Read more:  Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Despite their arrest, they are of the view that both Section 230’s grant of immunity for all interactive platforms and the provision of the First Amendment equally applies to the Backpage’s listings.

Any attempt to shut down or seize an avenue of expression is thus regarded as being a violation of the first amendment. In the past, the two Phoenix natives have faced numerous charges but won. Just like in the previous cases, Lacey and Larkin argue that their activities are upheld in the First Amendment.

Events that led to the Creation of Fonterra Fund

The arrest of Larkin and Lacey prompted the creation of the fund in 2007 by County Sheriff Arapio. The arrests were retaliatory attacks to the news that has been published by Phoenix News concerning the misdeeds of the Sheriff. Instead of caving to the demands, the Lacey and Larkin wrote about the events which led to a public outcry and their release.

After the release, the two embarked on the creation of Fonterra Fund which seeks to benefit the Hispanic community that faced numerous instances of civil abuses in Arizona. It can thus be regarded as being a philanthropic initiative towards the local community where both Larkin and Lacey were brought up.