Whitney Wolfe And Her Feminist Agenda That Helped To Shape The World

Believe it or not, the modern feminist wave that has impacted our culture has only been around since 2015. Yes, there were signs that feminism was catching on long before that year, but in 2015 that’s when the feminist agenda started to impact modern American society. Whitney Wolfe and her company Bumble was a key player in this modern movement.

Whitney Wolfe explains that when Bumble first emerged, the site was very polarizing. It was created to help relieve some of the pain that Whitney Wolfe experienced in the past. She was a woman scorned in the tech industry. She was unfairly given the name “lawsuit girl” because she won a settlement against a former online dating company that treated her inhumanely.

The name of this organization was Tinder. Whitney used to work for Tinder as co-founder until she started to run into problems regarding sexual harassment and gender discrimination. She managed to save evidence that proved these unwanted situations were happening. After she gathered evidence she then used it in a court of law to win her settlement. She then took this money to start Bumble.

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By the time that Wolfe started Bumble she was suffering from the backlash of what had happened at Tinder. Very few people in the tech industry wanted to be bothered with her. She almost missed out on her opportunity to start Bumble. Andrey Andreev a technology businessman and guru took a chance on her. He helped her to fund the starting of Bumble.

Wolfe used her Bumble site to bring healing to herself. More importantly, it was created to put women first in the world or to spread the feminist agenda. Whitney Wolfe no longer wants to play by the traditional rules of male dominance. She no longer wanted men to subject her to their misogynist agenda or their villainous ways. Wolfe is not woman that wants to be scorned anymore. Her feminist attitude has impacted over 30 million people who use her site to find love. Whitney Wolfe and her company Bumble has helped to shape the modern feminist movement that is taking place today.

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