Jacob Gottlieb Just Made A Big Healthcare Investment Company Named Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb is an investment services professional who is fully qualified to specialize in the field of healthcare investments. Even though he doesn’t practice medicine, Mr. Gottlieb possesses a medical doctorate, the professional degree that’s required to be a physician here in the United States. Gottlieb most recently worked as the chief investment officer of Visium Asset Management, a company he also served as a managing partner

Currently, Mr. Gottlieb is the founder and head operator of Altium Capital, an investment firm that specializes in the field of healthcare-related investments.

Why did Jacob Gottlieb not practice medicine, even though he earned a medical doctorate?

One might think that Gottlieb never practiced medicine in the United States because he was barred from doing so by a relevant governing oversight body in the field of medicine. However, this isn’t true.

Jacob Gottlieb went to New York University Medical School after attending the reputable Ivy League member school Brown University. He finished up his medical degree in four years, immediately thereafter working a residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital, a popular hospital in New York City that is renowned as one of the best in the United States’ largest city.

Gottlieb didn’t stick with the medical path for very long

Simply garnering such an internship is something to be proud of, given the clout of St. Vincent’s Hospital among all other NYC-based hospitals.

However, Jacob Gottlieb felt that medicine wasn’t the right field for him to spend the rest of his life in. As such, he dropped out of the residency and began practicing finance by working at the Big Apple’s very own Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. There, Mr. Gottlieb attained a designation as a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA).

Just earlier this year, he decided to found Altium Capital due to his familiarity with the medical field and his genuine interest in all things medicine – except for practicing it, that is.

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