Luiz Carlos Trabuco Hands Over The Presidency To Octavio De Lazari Junior

The economic function of a banking institution involves the provision of funds for businesses and personal needs of every individual. Alongside playing a significant role in a nation’s economy by acting as an intermediary between those who have surplus money and those who need money, banking institutions are responsible for stabilizing the economy of a country by facilitating business transactions. Banco Bradesco is one such institution that continues to support the healthy economy of Brazil. Known as a leading financial services institution as well, recently it underwent tremendous changes following the resignation of the longest-serving president; Mr. Brandao de Mello.

Background Data

Brandao de Mello resigned at the age of 91. He had served the company for more than two decades and was now ready to hand over the leadership realms to a youthful financial services expert. While resigning, he specified the importance of maintaining internal recruitment in the organization. To reiterate his point, he appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco to serve as the incumbent president. That was until March 2018 when the board of directors who held a meeting to select the new president. Now recently, the board of directors held a meeting to choose a new leader. After a series of conferences and continuous scrutinizing of resumes, they settled for one Octavio de Lazari Junior as their preferred candidate.

The New President

Octavio de Lazari is 54 years old and is the serving vice president of Bradesco. His appointment as new CEO was solely based on the fact that he is experienced and harbors diligence coupled with tremendous people skills. Moreover, he has intriguing leadership skills crafted with a better understanding of how Bradesco runs. Having joined the bank in 1978, it is definite that he is well-versed with the demands of clients and colleagues. Over and above, Octavio de Lazari Junior has a bachelor’s degree in economy and sciences after graduating from the prestigious Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences in Osasco.


Additional Information

On the other hand, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will maintain his initial position as the chairman of the company. Alongside that, he will fulfill his term as the outgoing chief executive officer until Octavio de Lazari Junior is ready to take over. Well, because of these new transitions, most employees and even outsiders have been raising questions about the direction of the company. It is clear that these changes will have a significant impact on Bradesco. However, the effect inclines its weight on the positive side of the scale.

The Overview

Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Bradesco when he was about seventeen years old. He first worked as a clerk then earned a promotion as a finance manager. Being that he was dedicated to giving the best in all ways, he often impressed the board of directors. Finally, he was promoted to work as the chairman of the board. But before that, he had walked Banco Bradesco through tremendous success stories that earned it substantial share markets. It is correct to conclude that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a competent business leader, team player and project manager.

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How The City of Dallas is Transcending Mortgage Coverage

Owning your own home is one of the best feelings a person can ever have. It shows you’ve made (it in-a-sense) and motivates you to do much more with your life. This is the American Dream no bout about it, but unfortunately many people will never get the chance or even come close to owning something so valuable in their life time. The City of Dallas is about to show the rest of the nation how it’s done and that affordable mortgage coverage can be achieved if egos are put aside and The Affordable Housing Loan Program has the perfect plan of action.

Of course in order to make this come true, financial support is definitely needed and one of Dallas’ premier financial institutions is putting up it’s hard earned money to back this project up. NexBank is the name and getting things done is the game. This is a no non-sense approach to business and this bank is providing up to $50 Million of it’s own funds for loan support. Since the program will last for approximately five years, NexBank is putting it’s stamp of approval on site. With over $3.5 Billion in assets, this successful mortgage and investment financial center can actually afford such a high risk. Now families with limited access to mortgage coverage will have the firm backing they so truly need.

In addition to NexBank, Habitat For Humanity and the non-profit mortgage provider Dallas Neighborhood Homes will handle intricate details of the program. These two prominent organizations are like the glue to the entire operation and has an extensive resume of accomplishments under their belts. This is the perfect unity of sources for achieving such an ambitious feat and NexBank is leading the charge for a better tomorrow.

Hedge Fund Investor Kyle Bass Expects Turmoil In China’s Banking System

The fact that China is having a difficult time turning their manufacturing based economy into a consumer based economy isn’t new, news. China’s gross domestic product output has been dropping for the last five years, but the Chinese banks are lending money like it’s free, according to the famous hedge fund investor, Kyle Bass. Kyle Bass made a name for himself in the investment industry when he bet the subprime mortgage scheme was going to fall apart. Bass and his hedge fund, Hayman Capital, made a fortune, and Bass and Hayman Capital have been riding the wave of that success for the past eight years.

Bass is one of several investors that are betting that China’s banks are in serious trouble. The banks will need a massive amount of capital reserve funds to cover the more than $2.4 trillion in bad debts that the banks are carrying on their books, according to an article published by Bass believes the yuan will have to be devalued against the American dollar and the German mark, and when that happens, Bass stands to make another fortune.

But Kyle Bass is not the investment guru that some people think he is. Several fellow investors criticized Bass when he sided with President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner after she defaulted on more than $100 billion in Argentinian bonds. Bass is also involved in a messy lawsuit with the wife of Chris Kyle; the man made famous by the movie American Sniper. Taya, Kyle’s widow, is claiming that Hayman Capital is not as ethical as Bass claims.

The latest Kyle Bass misstep and possibly the one that could damage Bass more than any of his other “only for the money” schemes is his relationship with patent troll Erich Spangenberg. Spangenberg is accusing pharmaceutical companies of price gouging, and before the news breaks that a particular drug company is under investigation, Bass shorts the company’s stock. Bass claims that his motives are pure, but many investors call his actions unethical.

The Chinese situation and Kyle’s involvement in shorting the yuan is not considered unethical. Bass is doing what he knows how to do best and that is make money at the expense of someone else.

Martin Lustgarten the Enigma

Investment banking is one of the fields which is not only challenging but if looked at well is very lucrative. Many organizations and individuals all over the world are in the race to be the best in this field. However very few can say they have reached the intended heights. Many successful investment bankers will tell you of the many hours spent grinding to get customers invest with them. The world out there is a jungle between competing for investment banks. However, in every field, there are those who have mastered the art of massaging customer’s ego to a point that they cannot invest with anybody else but them. One such person is Martin Lustgarten.


Martin Lustgarten currently lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. This is one region that is filled with many investment banks and bankers due to the many investment opportunities presented by this region. To start with there is the Port of Miami which is a dream for such investors.


Martin Lustgarten has worked his way up the investment banking world to reach the highest echelons of the business. As the CEO of Lustgarten, he is tasked with looking for money making opportunities for the organization. His experienced which he has amassed over the years is the primary weapon he uses to convince his potential clients to sign up with him.


It’s very uncommon to find investment bankers with a heart. However, Martin Lustgarten is a man who is a giver. He is usually involved in philanthropic work as a way of giving back to the community. He was the brain behind “My shelter dog rescued me”. The CSR event organized in Florida was aimed at raising funds for shelter dogs. He was I the forefront of sensitizing people to donate for the animals. This event proved a success, and it just shows you how charismatic Martin Lustgarten is as well as being popular. Getting the perfect mix of hard work, charisma and philanthropy is not an easy thing, but Martin Lustgarten has succeeded to do that effortlessly. Find him on Tumblr to see what he’s personally into.