You’ve Probably Tried Body Cleanses, Now Try Cleansing Conditioner for Your Hair

Keeping your body healthy and beautiful can be difficult. Your daily beauty routine probably consists of twelve to twenty skin, makeup, and hair products; all of which may include some harsh ingredients. While a full-bodied cleanse can help to remove toxins from your body and rejuvenate your skin, your hair needs a little extra love. Unlike skin products and makeup which can introduce toxins to your body, your hair products actually strip your hair of it’s natural oils and nutrients. So although your body benefits from a cleanse that removes toxins, your hair will benefit from a cleanse that will restore the oils and nutrients lost.

To improve the health of your hair you should add a cleansing conditioner to your beauty regimen. Cleansing conditioners are natural and gentle, containing none of the harsh ingredients of shampoos so that your hair isn’t stripped of anything. Cleansing conditioners work to restore the natural oils of your hair and strengthen it. In addition, various cleansing conditioner formulas are available on Amazon to meet the specific needs of your hair. For example, WEN by Chaz Dean ( offers conditioning cleansers such as the Bamboo Green Tea Cleansing Conditioner which improves elasticity and shine in hair. Another WEN cleansing conditioner, the Lavender Cleansing Conditioner, adds volume to your hair. Once you experience the benefits of using cleansing conditioners on your hair you can introduce cleansing conditioners to everyone in the family. If you fall in love with cleansing conditioners by WEN, they also offer cleansing conditioner formulas for men and children.

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Colors, Safety and Freedom with Lime Crime Makeup

The Wonderful Creations
Lime Crime is a cruelty-free makeup that will allow you to completely enjoy your own wonderful creations. Your entire appearance can be filled with many beautiful colors and fabulous accessories. Having fun and feeling beautiful can be experienced by everyone. Enjoy your freedom as you find your very own personal style with a little help from Lime Crime, found here on DollsKill.

Safe and Secure in Every Way
The highest security standards are in place for every customer. There is a solid protocol that is enforced by this company. Everyone can expect to be provided with top-notch security systems fully in place when they place an order with Lime Crime Makeup. These security standards are intended to completely protect every customer. The online shopping experience will be relaxing, exciting, and secure. You can enjoy browsing through the Lime Crime website while fully trusting that safety is a top priority. This is a site that is protected by Signfyd. This will put a sudden halt to the reverse attempted orders using unauthorized credit cards. Lime Crime does have a staff that is committed to the prevention of fraud and security concerns. This is a full time job. There is a long list of security protection that is in place in the Lime Crime Makeup selection on UrbanOutfitters. The additional precaution includes vulnerability scans. This is done on a regular basis through Trustwave. Sensitive information will not be stored. Transparency and trustworthiness is in place.

Makeup and Much More
Lime Crime Makeup has so much more to choose from. Looking and feeling absolutely stunning and beautiful is within your reach. Your open invitation to browse will be truly magical. You will discover an entirely new and amazing makeup and fashion shopping experience. Creativity is encouraged and embraced by Lime Crime. The Amazon website offering of Lime Crime will take you to a whole new level in shopping. You will want to browse through the following:
* clothing section
* shoes
* accessories
* clearance
Don’t forget to check into the “what’s new” area so that you can stay current with the latest trends. Don’t forget to have fun while you browse.

Doe Deere’s Favorite Rules To Break

Doe Deere founded the Lime Crime makeup for the expressed purpose of breaking the rules. Doe believes that women should be allowed to break any fashion rule they like. Doe Deere has several fashion rules she loves to break, and this article has a look at some of those rules. Women will feel liberated when they can break the rules for the first time, and Doe Deere has provided advice for every woman that is truly inspiring.

#1: Wear Bold Lip And Eye Colors

Women should feel free to wear a bold and eye lip color at the same time. Wearing a bold color on the lips and eyes is often seen as forbidden because women should balance a strong color with a light color. Wearing two bold colors together allows women to express their personality, and Doe believes that women will see much better results when they step outside their comfort zone.

#2: Wear More Than One Pattern

Mixing patterns has been seen as a no-no in the fashion world for decades, but wearing multiple patterns today is a bold fashion statement any woman may make. Women who are mixing patterns will find that they may wear new outfits every day they have never seen before, and mixing patterns will work well with bold makeup colors.

#3: Wear Socks Or Stockings With Open-Toed Shoes

Women have been discouraged from wearing socks or stockings with open-toed shoes for decades. Women have been told to wear their open-toe shoes in the summer, but their toes must be concealed in the winter. A woman who chooses to wear socks or stockings with her open-toed shoes may present yet another color to the world when she gets dressed in the morning. Women may add a pattern to their wardrobe with their socks, or women may show off their stocking patterns in their shoes.

#4: Wear Any Color You Want With Unnatural Hair Colors

Ladies often dye their hair colors that are not on the natural spectrum, and these women are expected to wear black and neutral colors only with their wild hair colors. A wild hair color works with any outfit a woman wants to wear. Hair colors are merely a basic guide for women who are getting ready in the morning, but hair colors should not stop women from getting dressed in anything they want. A lady with blue or purple hair should wear her favorite outfits every day.

#5: Mix All The Colors That Can Be Found

A woman must feel free to mix as many colors as she wants. Women have been told to mix as few colors as possible, but mixing colors is a fun way of getting dressed or doing one’s makeup. Women who choose to mix colors freely will enjoy their wardrobes much more.

Doe Deere’s favorite fashion rules to break will help women look their best every day. Avoiding traditional fashion rules is a freeing experience, and women must discard the old rules they once thought were so important.