What Clay Siegall’s Blog Says About Him

You can really get to know a guy by what he posts on the Internet. A social media or twitter feed can really show you what a person is interested in and what they believe in. In Clay Siegall’s case, you can even see his sense of humor.

Clay Siegall is incredibly serious in his everyday life. The man is in charge of over $1 billion worth of funds being put towards research for cancer and other autoimmune diseases. He is the CEO of Seattle Genetics which he cofounded and took public in 2001. He transitioned from being a scientific researcher himself to an administrative role with incredible success. He is the one responsible for raising $1.2 billion from both public and private institutions.

His company is the biggest employer in the biotech industry in the Pacific Northwest. Over 1000 employees work for Seattle Genetics with a singular goal in mind — discover the scientific truths behind certain diseases. The company designs precise cancer treatments for different types of cancer on a genetic level. Someday, Clay Siegall says in an interview, oncologists will have access to 70 or more drugs when planning treatment for a cancer patient. This kind of diversity in cancer treatment will help ease the suffering of cancer patients and may lead to a cure.

You can see Clay Siegall’s unwavering commitment to scientific truth in his blog. It is littered with stories from reputable sources concerning science. The science stories range anywhere from deep space exploration of galaxies collapsing into black holes to whether or not humans had interspecies relationships with Neanderthals. It is the kind of social media news feed that can keep you well informed for weeks on end.

You can also the his sense of humor come out. He has reposted a story about Boaty McBoatface. Boaty McBoatface is a research vessel that was named by an Internet contest. The ridiculously silly name one and now scientists must board this ridiculously named vessel in order to perform research. Out of all his posts, this one was slipped in there for a good laugh.