Know Why Waiakea Water Has Attained Unmatched Global Recognition

Life would no longer be life without clean and healthy water to use. It is true that you can get springs of water in any supermarket you get to but you may not get the desired brand you want. This doesn’t mean the solution is far from reach. Waiakea has come to solve this problem once and for all. It provides the best Hawaiian volcanic water you may have ever come across. Most of those who have consumed Waiakea water say it is the best dose for anyone with hydration issues. The brand is available in different quantities and perfect sizes to ensure that people with active lifestyles, which require the natural way and significant hydration, get what they have been looking for.

The volcanic water benefits that come with this brand are numerous. Even with just 1L Waiakea bottled water, you are sure the water would quench your thirst and probably improve your health in a great way. Most people like Waiakea water because its bottles are eco-friendly, convenient, and sleek. Waiakea happens to be the first bottled water to be CarbonNeutral-certified. It is uniquely packaged and sustainably sourced and this has multiplied its influence in the social programs.

This water is known to be filtered using a high-quality technique where a porous volcanic rock of thousands of feet is used. Waiakea water doesn’t just contain the natural alkaline element, but it is also enriched with the right electrolytes and minerals. The volcanic water of this company has a natural alkalinity of about 8.8ph and it is great for athletes and runners. Being the most alkaline natural water the world has, Waiakea water is effective in enhancing acid-base balance in the body.

The water also reverses osteoporosis by increasing bone density in the body. Some of the other health benefits associated with Waiakea water include preventing premature aging, preventing free-radical damage and neutralizing stomach acid. Waiakea was established in 2012 and there was no other volcanic water brand in Hawaii before. This water is good for resonating lifestyles and inspiring real positive changes in the lives of people in many ways. It has also contributed to environmental conservation among millions of Americans today.,18.htm

Waiakea Water: A Unique Journey to Success

Waiakea, Inc., the bottled water company that bottles Hawaii’s first volcanic water, has made it to the 2017 Inc. 5000 list for the fastest growing companies in America. Ranking 414 on the list, naming Waiakea Inc. a more exclusive brand, right along with other well known brands such as, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, GoPro, Timberland, and Patagonia.

Founded in Hawaii in 2012, by Ryan Emmons. Waiakea Inc., has grown by 1,059.3% during its short lifetime from 2014 to 2016. This is a remarkable growth rate for such a young company. Ryan Emmons is proud that his company is able to flourish so well, all the while maintaining its social and moral responsibilities not only towards clients of the company, but to the planet as well.

Emmons now believes that when Waiakea Inc., was included as one of America’s fastest growing companies, that there is more than one way to run a company successfully.

Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled Water is a natural alkaline water, that is originated from the melting snow and rain coming from the active volcano peak of Mauna Loa. The water is filtered through the porous lava, which enhances the minerals, turning it into a natural alkaline, and giving the water a remarkably delicious taste. This water has a special composition of minerals an pH, that is full of the electrolytes of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. It also has just the right amount of silica, about 30 mg., which is perfect for giving a soft and silky mouthfeel. Besides silica has been proven, through scientific studies, that consuming just 10 mg. of silica per day will lower the chances of Alzheimer’s disease by 11 percent. This water was awarded the “carbon neutral certification”, making Waiakea the first American bottled water company to be awarded this prize. The Waiakea Bottled Water company has also been noted to be “The World’s Greenest, healthiest, and most charitable of any other bottled water company on the planet!”

Recognized not only on the global platform for its product’s innovation; Waiakea is also known for being respectful and caring of the land. The water it provides is from a renewable, sustainable resource and is bottled at a facility using 33 percent renewable energy.