Tony Petrello at Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is the current CEO of the biggest oil and gas drilling technology firm in the world known as Nabors Industries. This is the biggest firms because of the great leadership which has been offered by Petrello. Since he took the mandate of leading the firm, he has made sure that everything in the firm is running smoothly. He has led the firm in such a way that it realizes its full potential by taking advantage of the numerous lucrative opportunities that are in the oil industry. Tony Petrello was appointed in 2011 as the CEO of the firm, and since then, it has been nothing but spectacular performance. While other firms are recording losses, Nabors is way up there making billions in profits consecutively.

Tony Petrello has been part of the management of this firm since 1992. Since then, he has been working for the better good of this firm. His initial task was that of the COO of the firm where he was supposed to help it with streamlining its operations. Tony achieved this goal after he organized operation such that expansion of the company became a reality. Nabors industries started purchasing other small competing firms in the industry so that it could expand its services. How Tony Petrello Helped Houston With Hurricane Harvey Relief .

Tony took the matter of the industry expansion seriously. Since he joined Nabors, he could see that there were untapped opportunities that the company would take advantage of if only it streamlined its operations in the right manner. Today, what we see at Nabors is a direct input of Tony. He has worked so hard for the company to become a leading firm in the universe and surely we can say that he has achieved his dream. He is still in the company shaping its growth. Nabors Industries is now not just another company in the industry, but a company that is shaping the whole drilling sector. Currently, it is operating in over 25 countries while its drilling technology is being used in multiple other locations.

Tony Petrello is happy with the achievements he has made so far. He has led Nabors with dedication, and it has paid off. He has established a great relationship with employees who now share in the same dreams he has for the company. Everyone in the firm is now working to make the firm greater than it is. All this is happening because Tony Petrello is a great leader.

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Leader of OPSkins Malcolm CasSelle is creating WAX an Online Engine that Eases Virtual Asset Transactions

Malcolm CasSelle has now ignited the world of cryptocurrency using in game virtual assets by taking the virtual items player use and tokenizing them. Malcolm is the global leader in sales in game virtual assets and currently is the CIO of OPSkins, the creators of what is called WAX, (Worldwide Asset eXchange) which is a new way of virtual asset trading that uses blockchains and decentralized smart contracts to increase the efficiency of trades among players.

The reasons for using WAX is because online interactions have two huge problems when it comes to the virtual asset market and those issues are fragmentation and fraud. However, when using WAX and allows users to instantaneously swap or purchase and sell their goods without ever leaving their game.

WAX enables users to tokenize or put a value on their different assets in their gaming experience. In the past individuals had to log out of whatever they were doing game wise and purchase their different individual pieces to upload into their game. However, with this players will be able to immediately purchase their acssets instantaneously. Another issue players were running into was the desire to trade with other individuals that were in other countries. WAX gives a common form of currency for all virtual assets allowing for trading among individuals in different countries or places where currencies are used.

WAX is solving the fraud issues that they have with the use of decentralizing the marketplace allows free users to interact with only each other and not a third party hackable source. The fraud proof purchase or trade will be conducted through what is called a smart contracts which guarantees delivery of asset and funds.

WAX solves this problem because it allows the transaction between 2 individuals to happen only when the to individuals agree upon the transaction being fully completed. With technology becoming ever present online WAX is now allowing for virtual assets and hopefully other products to be used via cryptocurrency and making a safe and efficient way to use good money another market.

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Meet The Man Behind Most Of The Prestigious Architectural Designs In Dubai

In the heart of the United Arabs Emirates, specifically in Dubai lies one of the shakers and movers of development in the country, a real estate titan, a billionaire, a developer and most importantly a philanthropist by name Hussein Sajwani. Having been having his own history in his recession moments, the DAMAC owner knows what it means to give back to his society thus becoming one of the iconic inspiration figures in the desert kingdom.

Being very much determined in his humble begins, Hussein Sajwani focused on becoming not only a millionaire but a billionaire. The developer started his successful journey by having a food business which was supplying foodstuffs to the United States army and Bechtel which is one of the construction giants. He later ventured into real estate after Dubai allowed foreigners to have their say in the country through owning properties. This was back in 2001. The billionaire sold some residential buildings and units for around 6 months and in 2002, he started his own real estate company called DAMAC Properties and became an established DAMAC owner and founder.

DAMAC Properties consists of very experienced leadership and the entire management team of directors on matters of real estate industry and construction generally. Through the leadership of its chairman, and CEO Hussain Sajwani, the Group has become one of the widely recognized as the leaders in luxurious architectural designs. It has worked with various international brands like Bugatti, Versace, Paramount Hotels & Resorts, and Fendi among others. The DAMAC owner has expanded their classy works beyond Dubai to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Kingdom, Oman, Jordan and Lebanon to mention but a few.

In their continuity to build strong relationships with various existing and also potential investors, Hussein Sajwani has his hand in real estate business with Donald Trump. The two titans in real estate collaborated in 2013 and came up with one the most luxurious golf courses in Dubai. The DAMAC owner has a solid business relationship with not only Trump but also his 3 children who are very protective of their brand, Trump Organization.

In additional to his architectural expertise, the DAMAC owner, Hussein Sajwani, is a philanthropist supporting various charities like AED, the poor, foundations and offering free Lamborghinis to various apartment buyers.

AvaTrade Review: The Top Reasons for Its Popularity among Traders

AvaTrade was set up in 2006 but had a different name. It was called AvaFx then but later the company was rebranded after it started to allow multi-asset trading facilities to its users. Today, it offers a wide range of services to its users and has offices in more than 11 countries but offers its services to users from 150 countries. The company has its head office based out of Ireland and is regulated by the financial head of the countries where it operates. The company has been expanding its services and is expected to allow users from the USA to trade very soon.


AvaTrade is known for its diversified and automated trading package that it offers to its users. The platform offers a simple pricing policy that allows the users to save money when they trade with the company. The platform is user-friendly, and even those with little technical knowledge can start using it as soon as they subscribe to it. The platform can be customized depending on the need of the user and also offers live feeds and live-analysis into the financial market for its users so that they can make quick and profitable trades. AvaTrade also has a lot of deposit requirement that makes it perfect for beginners as well. The minimum deposit necessary is just $100, and the platform offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options for the convenience of the users. The users are free to use their debit or credit cards, PayPal, Moneybookers, WebMoney, NeTeller, net banking and others for depositing or withdrawing their money.


AvaTrade also ensures that its users do not face any problem when trading on their platform. It aims to offer a seamless experience without any issue. It is the reason why their customer service is quite prompt and is available to the users at all times during the trading period. It also offers supports in 12 different languages so that the users can have their questions and queries answered within minutes. All problems are resolved promptly. The company ensures that its platform is completely safe and it uses the top security enhancement available in the market to keep the information of its users secured.

Louis Chenevert Invest in Technologies by Investing in People

CEO of United Technologies Corporation Louis Chenevert invests in Technologies by investing in people. Research and development in and of itself is the result of investment in engineering design concepts and the actual results of the production and manufacturing improvements. However, Louis Chenevert had the keen foresight to understand the relationship between continuous improvement of people for innovative ideas, creativity, and education can coincide with the research, advancement, and development of the company’s products procedures and processes. By enacting a culture at  United Technologies Corporation of continuous learning, Louis Chenevert set the path for his employees to continuously grow and be innovative. That, in turn, generated streamlined approaches for doing business.

A culture of improvement and constant learning from talented employees and staff allowed UTC to continue to lead the aerospace industry in innovation and new creative ways of doing business. The continuous culture of learning helped lay the foundation in the company for future generations to be built upon and provide innovative platforms for future growth of the organization. Future generations will build on the strong foundation established by Louis Chenevert to encourage investments in new technologies into the future. Louis Chenevert initiated Investments in the staff by providing scholarships to tens of thousands of employees to continue their education. As a result, the investments in the staff education created the intellectual muscle to create new technologies, new policies and procedures, and processes that revolutionized the aviation industry.

By investing billions in research and development at UTC and throughout the supply chain of the organization Louis Chenevert is craving a legacy for the future of his current client base and customers. In turn, United Technologies Corporation has a strong foundation for future success and profitable growth. Louis Chenevert has created an opportunity for the company to lead the industry and expand innovation, profit share and market share. Louis Chenevert decision to invest in technologies by investing in the people at United Technologies Corporation created opportunities for success and an enduring legacy of innovative advancement.

Daniel Taub and the fight against Nuclear Weapons

Daniel Taub, the ambassador of Israel to the UK, has proposed the idea of alliances coming together in the Middle East. The partnerships will be between the long-standing opponents and the Jewish state to counter the threat by the nuclear ambitions of Iran.

Daniel Taub was talking to The Independent, and he reasserted the view of Israel about the Geneva accord. According to Taub, the Geneva accord will try to put under control the threat caused by Iran as well as slow the process of getting a nuclear weapon.

A national security team from Israel was sent to Washington to negotiate with the American officials and maintain pressure on the traditional allies.

Mr. Taub talked about the possibility of a co-operation among Israel and several Sunni countries which include Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. He states that these countries are also concerned about Iran’s nuclear threat.

Daniel Taub says that there is an extreme radical axis running from Damascus to Tehran to Beirut all the way to Gaza.

According to him, it is possible for countries to rise above their immediate paradigms and differences. Despite the long-standing misunderstandings about the occupation of Israel on the Palestinian territories, Daniel Taub states that there is hope for a good relationship among these countries.

The Israeli nation has a very healthy relationship with the western allies, and according to Daniel Taub, this is very important. The deal between Israel and Iran is the first step towards making the entire world safe from nuclear destruction.

Although the agreement does not keep off Iran from manufacturing nuclear weapons, Daniel Taub says that it means a lot to the Israeli diplomacy.

Born in 1962, Daniel Taub is a native of Great Britain. He attended the Oxford University College, London’s University College, and also the Kennedy School of Government at the Harvard University. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Daniel relocated to Israel in the year 1989 and had ever since worked with the Israel Defense Forces.

While serving at the IDF, Daniel Taub worked in the position of combat medic and later as a reserve officer in the division of international law.

In 1991, Mr. Taub started working for the foreign ministry of Israel where he was able to hold various diplomatic and legal posts. Daniel Taub was appointed to serve as the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2015.

How Louis Chenevert Achieved Profound Success

Many people are known to change the business landscape as we know it. They leave a path to follow, which we refer to as a legacy. Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert is one such man who left a prominent legacy.

It is amazing what Chenevert did with his time at United Technologies Corporation. It was his time as Chief Executive Officer, as well as his time as Chairman of the Board, that allowed the stocks of the United Technologies Corporation to begin at $37 a share and then rise over a period of eight years to a little over $117 a share. Chenevert accomplished this through several ways.

Firstly, he spent much needed time educating his workers and spreading his vision to the executives. His workers were known, that if the slacked, to receive additional training so that they could be more productive in the plants. Also, he would spend one on one time with his executives, ensuring that they believed his vision of integrity and excellence for the company. He was so successful in this regard that his vision exists even after his departure.

Secondly, Chenevert made sure that his company bettered the environment. He was able to decrease the dreadful gas emissions by an astounding 26%. He followed up this accomplishment by lowering the consumption of water by another 53%.

Lastly, he greatly benefited the company by acquiring two of the most valuable companies he could his hands on. He purchase the largest elevator and escalator company in the world. You might know them as Otis. Then, in a move that shocked the industry and cause stocks to go skyward, he acquired the lucrative company Goodrich. This cost his company $16.3 billion. Of course, this move raised Chenevert’s company’s worth to $63 billion. Chenevert did a marvelous job at the United Technologies Corporation.

Brazil’s Aggressive Campaigns by Jose Borghi

Jose Henrique Borghi is the establisher of the Mullen Lowe agency. Jose Henrique Borghi was born and raised in Prudente. He attended the PUC Campinas where he then graduated. Jose Borghi participated in propaganda and advertising program pioneered by PUC. After that, he commenced his first job in his location in the year 1989. He worked at Standart Ogilvy agency. After a series of success, Henrique Borghi was promoted to serve at more executive agencies including FCB, DDB/DM9, Leo Burnett, and BorghiErh, a partnering company with Erh Ray.

Jose Henrique Borghi has been in charge of many relevant cases since he started his career. He has been at the front of the most impactful campaigns like the Fiat Carlinhos. This campaign was held to address issues associated with Down syndrome disease and was organized by the Down Syndrome Association. Most importantly, Jose Henrique Borghi has acquired expertise from more reputable organizations including Delta Airlines, Bank Boston American Express, and Coral Paints among others.

In 1994, Jose Henrique Borghi collaborated with Erh Ray. Together, they maintained the exchange of skills and knowledge for eight years until they created BorghiErh. Mullen Lowe network supported BorghiErh. The partnership has ventured in various campaigns including Mammals (Parmalat), Super 15 (Telefonica) and I digital (Itau). Of these campaigns, Jose Henrique Borghi has acquired twelve lions in Cannes. Jose Henrique Borghi displayed a high creativity level in the campaign of Mammals of Parmalat. In the event, kids were dressed in animal-like costumes and sang touching jingles. The event is in the hearts of individuals up to date, displaying Jose Henrique’s impact in the Brazilian advertising industry.

Mullen Lowe agency is integrated and creatively-driven in communications network and advertisements. Under Borghi’s leadership, the enterprise is recognized for possessing strong business heritage and mentality. The company’s characteristic is diverse and considerate of global and local culture. Jose Henrique Borghi has led the company into operating in over 65 markets with more than 90 agencies.

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