How Ends Citizens United Is Fighting For Election Reforms In America

Most Americans are not surprised with the revelation that the Kremlin tried to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. According to investigations, the Russian government spent money on Facebook advertisements with the aim of influencing the elections results. Most of the ad on posted on Facebook were in support of Donald Trump’s election. It is a known fact that various committees have been set up to investigate the collision between the new American president and the Russian Kremlin in the buildup to the 2016 elections in which trump won by a mere 70,000 votes in the critical swing states.

According to American election laws, persons or parties who obtain funding from foreign states ought to be prosecuted legally as the act goes in contrast to the law. The involvement of an external entity in the American electioneering process not only degrades it but it also takes away the credibility of the process. According to foreign bodies that include other governments are categorically prohibited from making any form of contribution to the various political campaigns, however, enforcing this rule is increasingly becoming difficult as no clear rules or terms of engagement have been set. That is not the only problem as the prosecution of individuals found to have gone against this law never happens.

The most significant issue the American judiciary is faced with is bringing to book the various culprits who break this law as there is a general laxity by the judicial and legislative processes to enforce the country’s campaign finance laws. The $100,000 said to be used by the Kremlin to buy Facebook advertisements remain to be a hypothetical estimation as the total foreign funding in the 2016s election may never be determined with the current state of the American judicial process. Another scary issue is that from the ongoing investigations, it is hard to decide on if the Russians were the only foreign meddlers in the concluded presidential election. If other countries were involved remains to be a mystery that is far from being uncovered including the extent of external funding.

About End Citizens United

End Citizen United is a known non-profit organization that has been committed to limiting the use of money and funding to affect the outcome of America’s elections. End citizen United was established back in 2010 after the controversial Supreme Court ruling which allowed companies to make unspecified amounts in donations to the political candidates as the court viewed the corporations as individuals. End Citizens united has been championing for integrity and democracy in America and one way they have been doing this is by employing grassroots fundraising tactics in support of the candidates who are dedicated to reforming the campaign finance laws.