There’s Something Tasty on the Dog’s Plate These Days


There was a time not too long ago when processed food was the norm. People had fallen in love with the portability and ease with which heavily processed items could be integrated into their life. But it didn’t take long before the health effects of that diet became quite obvious. It’s taken people a bit longer to notice the same when it comes to their dog’s health. But just as people are looking for healthier natural options, a report from the Daily Herald shows that they’re trying to provide the same for their pets.

The article begins with the author touring a dog food facility along with two executives within the company. What’s most notable about the experience is the obvious pride the men have in their food’s quality. They even stop to take a happy bite of the food in the same way that a chef in a human restaurant might want to. This and further examples go a long way to highlight just how fresh the ingredients in these dog foods really are. It’s obvious that they’re at or even above the quality of many meals that people are eating.

However, all trends need to start somewhere. And this one can be dated back as far as 2001. This was the year when a company named Beneful appeared on the market. Their reason for being and mission statement was simple enough. They wanted to create dog food which could provide the full range of nutritional benefits to a dog. But while Beneful’s mission state was simple, it’s clear that they had a lot of work to do in order to actually implement it.

At the time almost every brand of dog food was heavily processed to the point of obscurity. Purinastore Beneful was determined to make a dog food so fresh that one could simply open up the bag and see exactly what had gone into any meal. And they managed to do it. Even to this day the high quality dog food brand is notable for the fact that one can see the ingredients within any given meal. Open up a bag of their chicken flavor and one can see that Beneful derives that flavor from actual chicken. And the same goes with every other flavor as well, And all of that is usually accompanied by a full range of fresh veggies which ensure that every component of a dog’s diet is fully met. But in the process they ensure that the needs of his palate are met as well.