Flavio Maluf Strategy to Uplift the Eucatex Industry

Eucatex is one of Brazil’s primary producers of doors, wood fibers sheets, paints among other goods. The institution’s 67th birthday was held on 23rd Nov 2018. A majority of its career was endowed to support and other social activities.

The Sao Paulo industry was founded in 1951; its main raw material is eucalyptus. In 1962, they initiated the venturing in land and tree farming to secure enough resources in the coming years. Flavio Maluf is the CEO to Eucatex. Visit on his twitter for updates.

Eucatex’s headquarters is situated in Sao Paulo (SP). The company comes up with an ‘environmental education program’ termed as ‘casa da Natureza.’ The program is designated to circulate the notion of taking care of the environment, the advantage of right administration of the forest and how eucalyptus tree is essential in wood-based yields.

As they visited the park, Flavio Maluf team also learned about the benefits of planting trees to the society, the maintenance to be given to the trees and also planting of more trees in places that deforestation had occurred. The Eucatex education program has attracted visitors more than 27,000. Presided by Flavio Maluf, the institution’s aim is to come up with deals that will give a value of life.

Apiculture program was also initiated by the Eucatex institution designated to create a source of earning to the families staying near the forests. For example, the ones who want to produce honey can use the wood to rear their bees.

The people living around also have access to jobs. Eucatex Company offers protection against fire. Fire is a significant risk to the forest department during the dry season. The institution has been involved in the construction of firebreaks. Firebreaks avert the possibility of fire reaching the vegetation. An emergency line has also been kept for the residents to call in case of fire to access help.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Unveils an Ambitious Plan to take JD.com Global

Richard Liu Qiangdong, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of JD.com, has trained his eyes on global expansion. The CEO made the revelation during the recently concluded World Economic Forum, which was his first to attend. Richard Liu Qiangdong established the company in 2004. Since its inception, JD.com has risen to become a market leader in the global e-commerce retail industry. Currently, the company is worth $57 billion according to a recent ranking by Forbes.

According to Richard Liu Qiangdong, JD.co has embarked on substantial infrastructural investments to increase its ability to supply an expected increase in its customer base. The growth is expected after the company launches its entry into the lucrative American and European markets. According to Liu, JD has comprehensively covered Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

In preparation for the global expansion, Liu Qiangdong said that JD.com has already partnered with Walmart, a leading US online retailer. In the deal, JD agreed to buy Walmart’s online infrastructure in China. On the other hand, the Bentonville, Arkansas online retailer acquired a 12% stake in JD. Additionally, Walmart participated in a $500 million round for Dada-JD Daojia, an affiliate of JD.com. Dada-JD Daojia links a fleet of motorbike delivery staff to merchants across several Chinese cities and towns.

The announcement comes after Google secured a $550 million stake in JD.com. Speaking during the forum, Liu disclosed that the company is currently engaged in the initial strategic planning in collaboration with Google to attract customers beyond Asia. The initial plans indicate that Walmart will jointly work with JD to increase its operations in South East Asia, China, and the United States.

Speaking to CBNC News at Davos, Switzerland Richard Liu Qiangdong also disclosed that JD.con is planning to list its logistics business public. He also added that the company is mulling over the possibility of dual listing. Currently, JD.com entirely owns the subsidiary business. According to Liu, the listing is likely to happen in mainland China or Hong Kong, since JD is already listed on the Nasdaq.

Additionally, JD has launched a fundraising series at its logistics business. The series is expected to generate a total of $2 million. Already, Sequoia Capital China and Hillhouse Capital Group have expressed their interest as lead investors in the series.

LinkedIn: https://cn.linkedin.com/in/richard-liu-45113b47

Robert Deignan Draws Lessons From His Life To Help Budding Entrepreneurs

Robert Deignan is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services, which provides service to a plethora of customers’ technological concerns. The company was founded in August 2011. Prior to this, he served as the Executive Vice President at iS3 from 2002 to 2011, when he left the company to start ATS Digital Services.

Born in Florida, Robert Deignan was an avid football player and even went on to play for Miami Dolphins and the NY Jets. He completed his Bachelors in Science in Business Management from Purdue University. He has been involved with the tech companies right from the start of the technological boom and has built a career out of it. Right now he is at the forefront championing automation and wearable tech as well. As a savvy technical expert and entrepreneur, he lists down the useful things that helped him carve his bright career and business.

Robert Deignan believes in trusting intuition. Even after weighing pros and cons, he prefers to go with his instincts on deciding the correct way out. Hesitation in business can be deadly and so while meticulous planning helps, constantly being stressed about decisions can affect other aspects.

Robert Deignan considers it important to jot down ideas on a spreadsheet and analyze. Crunching the numbers is important to see the practicality of your vision.

Through his extensive experience, Robert Deignan realized that along with qualifications it is necessary to have the right mindset to be a fruitful employee and add value to the organization. So hiring the right candidates plays a huge role in deciding the success of your business.

Another important lesson that Robert Deignan considers important it is best not to mix business and family/friends. Business requires making tough decisions and emotions make things even harder. Not wanting to do something because it may affect your personal relationship may prove detrimental to your business.

And lastly, Robert Deignan feels it is extremely important to take care of yourself. As an entrepreneur, it is all the more significant to disconnect from everyday affairs once in a while and reflect on the big picture. This not only boosts creativity but also helps in increasing productivity by avoiding burn-outs.


The Life of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade

Dr. Carlos is a legend in the automobile industry, and he has sold over one million cars during his career. Dr. Carlos was born in Joao Pessoa in Brazil, and he studied and practiced medicine. He was a doctor that was well respected in Brazil, but in 1979 he decided to shift his career from a doctor to become a businessman. Dr. Carlos founded CAOA which is a Brazilian Car manufacturer and distributor. He is on the board of directors of CAOA, and he serves as the chairman of the establishment. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade acquired Ford Landau in 1979, but he did not get it since bankruptcy was declared before it was delivered to him. Dr. Carlos proposed that the dealership be passed onto him, and thus he created CAOA.

The Brazilian market in 1992 opened up its market to imported cars, and Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade took advantage of the opportunity. CAOA successfully managed to be the official importer of Renault which was a French franchise and the brand with the number one sales. Renault later took its right to import goods to Brazil a few years then. Later on, around 1998 his company exclusively imported Subaru, and they managed to triple the sales three years later. Dr. Carlos also managed to take over the market and importation of Hyundai in 1999.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade went on to build his factory in 2007 located in Anapolis, GO. Dr. Carlos chose this location purposefully as it is strategically positioned in an area of development, distribution, and growth on the Brazilian map. The organizational culture at CAOA ensures that the environment is protected and reserved and that their activities are eco-friendly. CAOA has also received several awards for the efforts in managing the environment. In 2012, the organization was given its first ward for reusing waste from vehicle production. They were also recognized as the most admired and won the award for three continuous years. Just recently in 2017 CAOA and Cherry partnered to form a new Brazilian automaker.

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Steve Ritchie: A Step In The Right Direction

As any smart CEO knows, customers hold the key to success. As a result, it’s crucial to not only give customers a great product day after day, but also maintain high levels of their trust. For Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie, writing a letter aimed directly at his company’s customers has been viewed by those in the industry as a step in the right direction. Showing a rare combination of emotional intelligence, business savvy, and a genuine desire to keep the trust of longtime customers while attracting new ones, Steve Ritchie has accomplished much of this with his open letter to Papa John’s customers.

With a company of more than 120,000 dedicated individuals, Steve Ritchie let it be known in his letter that each and every one of Papa John’s franchisees, employees, and customers can expect to see numerous positive changes in the coming months and years. From increased diversity and inclusion to a rededicated commitment to customer service and community involvement, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns set the stage for what many in the industry expect to be a true breakout year for Papa John’s Pizza.

In letting customers know Papa John’s has decided to bring in outside experts to audit the company’s diversity and inclusion practices, Steve Ritchie has acknowledged the company is taking a long, hard look at its strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, he knows the company will be able to establish clear and realistic goals, and also establish policies that will let the company be transparent each and every step of the way.

Determined to see Papa John’s once again become a company that is beloved and trusted by its customers and communities, Steve Ritchie has shown he will personally be in charge of leading this effort within the company. From setting out to travel the country to meet with franchisees and customers to constantly analyzing data to create a better product, Steve Ritchie is prepared to do whatever it takes to help Papa John’s once again reach the pinnacle of success. In doing so, he has already laid the groundwork to regain customer respect and loyalty.

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Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, Discusses His Career

As one of the richest people in Saudi Arabia and the DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani is no stranger to the business world but just how does he manage to maintain his composure amid all the stress related to running your own business? He recently sat down with Arabian Business to discusses where he plans to go with the company and how he manages to stay on top of all the things he has to do. As a child, he first recognized his knack for being an entrepreneur and pursued that passion. By the beginning of the 21st century, Hussain Sajwani had worked his way up the corporate ladder and become the DAMAC owner you see today. When discussing social media, he mentioned that he believes it to be one of the most powerful and effective tools of the modern day and age.

In fact, his company actually uses social media to help promote their products. One of the things that Hussain Sajwani enjoys the most as the DAMAC owner is when he is able to enjoy the finished product of one of the skyscrapers or homes that the company has built. He is very adamant about being able to enjoy his own handiwork. When discussing the secret to the success of the company, he said that there is no one person who keeps the company running smoothly. Rather, every single employee helps to ensure that the company remains successful. When asked whether he values education or experience more, he mentioned that you can’t have one of those without the other.

As such, he believes the two concepts to be equal. One of the biggest decisions he had to make for the company is when they decided to have DAMAC go public because that required them to make a lot of different changes within the company. Finally, he was asked where he sees the company in five years and he responded that he would like to expand into other parts of the world because they’ve already built over 20,000 residences throughout the middle east. We wish him the best of luck.

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Clients Stand By The Experts At Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research LLC is a publishing company founded by Frank Porter Stansbury. The company is privately held, and it has been in operation since 1999. The headquarters of the company are located in Baltimore, Maryland. They have additional locations in Oregon, Florida, and California.


Its staff of financial experts conduct ongoing and in-depth research on numerous investment topics, including oil, gas, gold, and other mining investment trends and opportunities. Additionally, they will cover other relevant topics such as health care, stocks, corporate bonds, biotech investments, and alternative asset investments. The editors research and analyze all of the data to pass on the findings to their clients. They stay ahead of the global pre-market news and all of the major stock markets. Stansberry Research has clients located around the world who subscribe to the company’s publications. The company publishes a number of newsletters and also the popular Stansberry Digest. Newsletters are written by the financial editors, published by the company, and they are then sent out to clients on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The information contained in the newsletters are a series of professional, unbiased analysis and advice to help inform and educate the clients.


There are many investors who opt to self manage their own investment portfolio, but they still want the insight and the guidance of a professional. Regardless of their experience level pertaining to investing and trading, investors appreciate the valuable words of their trusted editors at Stansberry Research. They offer sound financial guidance based on historical analysis along with today’s economic outlook. These editors possess years of financial expertise. Mr. Stansberry also serves his clients as an editor.


When buying, selling, and trading opportunities arise within any of the global stock markets or the commodity markets, for instance, subscribers will be promptly updated on the news. Clients also receive updates on world currency rates, and much more. Stansberry Research wants to help all of their clients build wealth and achieve their desired financial goals.


Hussain Sajwani – The Story of Application of Ideas

Never take experience for granted for one never knows what advantages that experience can bring. That is the story that Hussain Sajwani likes to tell about his youth when as a young student he worked for his father after school. The family variety store business was the setting and long hours were what was required by his father. He told his father that he would never be a businessman when he grew up because the hours were too long.

It didn’t work out that way, however, as right after college, Sajwani started a catering company that did business with the US Army by providing them meals. The venture was a great success and Sajwani owes that successful time to his father making him work as a youth. With the catering venture, he learned to organize large groups for effectiveness and to grow a large company.

In 2002, Sajwani founded DAMAC, Inc., a real estate development and management company. It was about this time that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) decided to allow foreign residents to purchase property and to live in the UAE. This was a new event and Sajwani foresaw a large real estate boom. He began to purchase land immediately and his hunch was correct as a huge number of people immigrated to the UAE.

Sajwani is a great promoter and marketer and his tactics worked well. One of his favorite slogans was, “A New Bently With Each New Luxury Apartment.” His first project was all sold out even before any construction had begun. The living accommodations that were built by DAMAC were top-end luxury apartments and resorts, as he knew that there would be a considerable amount of the population would have the money to purchase higher-end properties and he was right.

According to independent.co.uk, by paying cash for land, financing very little of the rest, and having separate accounting for each property in the banking and accounting areas, Sajwani was able to weather later economic downturns and keep his projects alive. Today, Sajwani sits atop a real estate empire that extends throughout the Middle East, London, and Paris. His foresight and business acumen have afforded him the notoriety and prestige that his him in great demand for advice and planning for large communities and companies.

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Hussain Sajwani Excels in Leadership Roles

Over the past few years, emerging entrepreneurs have asked questions about how to succeed in business. Moreover, authors and investors in different industries have published books regarding how to succeed in business. While so much has been said and documented on entrepreneurship, little has been highlighted regarding the actual driving force of a successful entrepreneur. In this article, we shall highlight the significant traits of a successful entrepreneur and business professional with the primary focus on Hussain Sajwani.


Background Information


DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani grew up under the care of dedicated and loving parents who gave him the best childhood memories. Working alongside his father who owned a retail outlet that distributed significant personal use items for men, Hussain Sajwani understood the need for relying on business ethics while dealing with clients. Even so, his father encountered multiple challenges while dealing with shipments from China. However, he pursued all solutions to his problems because he needed to set a good example for his son. Well, he managed to achieve that as over the years Hussain Sajwani adopted the excellent leadership skills in business.


Joining the World of Business


While his father wanted him to pursue the family business and inherit it in the long run, Sajwani had other plans to pursue formal education and probably a white-collar job eventually. As such, he joined a medical training school in Baghdad. He focused on finishing his coursework. However, as life would later present its challenges, Sajwani decided to quit and move to the United States of America. From that moment, his life took a turn as he joined the list of students who landed a full education scholarship. Arriving in America to pursue economics from the Washington University, Sajwani managed to pass honorably and delve into the career industry. Sooner than later, he landed an employment opportunity at GASCO, a leading oil and gas company situated in Abu Dhabi.


DAMAC owner


The DAMAC owner worked for a few months before deciding to delve into a sole proprietorship where he leveraged catering services. As he recalls in his narrations during most interviews, the food catering services were leveraged to billions of clients across Dubai. That way, the DAMAC owner garnered sufficient resources to start a real estate property development company.


The Outline


The DAMAC owner is the current chief executive officer of DAMAC Properties, a company that provides luxury property to Dubai’s larger real estate market. He has partnered with billionaires and likeminded individuals to provide high-quality real estate to clients.


Life Lessons


From his early life and career, it is evident that Sajwani is persistent given that he hailed from a modest background where he was required to put in hours of work to learn business management. Perhaps he can also be described as a resilient business professional as he has carefully structured his career path and outlined his interests in the order he best preferred and found urgent.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Hands Over The Presidency To Octavio De Lazari Junior

The economic function of a banking institution involves the provision of funds for businesses and personal needs of every individual. Alongside playing a significant role in a nation’s economy by acting as an intermediary between those who have surplus money and those who need money, banking institutions are responsible for stabilizing the economy of a country by facilitating business transactions. Banco Bradesco is one such institution that continues to support the healthy economy of Brazil. Known as a leading financial services institution as well, recently it underwent tremendous changes following the resignation of the longest-serving president; Mr. Brandao de Mello.

Background Data

Brandao de Mello resigned at the age of 91. He had served the company for more than two decades and was now ready to hand over the leadership realms to a youthful financial services expert. While resigning, he specified the importance of maintaining internal recruitment in the organization. To reiterate his point, he appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco to serve as the incumbent president. That was until March 2018 when the board of directors who held a meeting to select the new president. Now recently, the board of directors held a meeting to choose a new leader. After a series of conferences and continuous scrutinizing of resumes, they settled for one Octavio de Lazari Junior as their preferred candidate.

The New President

Octavio de Lazari is 54 years old and is the serving vice president of Bradesco. His appointment as new CEO was solely based on the fact that he is experienced and harbors diligence coupled with tremendous people skills. Moreover, he has intriguing leadership skills crafted with a better understanding of how Bradesco runs. Having joined the bank in 1978, it is definite that he is well-versed with the demands of clients and colleagues. Over and above, Octavio de Lazari Junior has a bachelor’s degree in economy and sciences after graduating from the prestigious Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences in Osasco.

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Additional Information

On the other hand, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will maintain his initial position as the chairman of the company. Alongside that, he will fulfill his term as the outgoing chief executive officer until Octavio de Lazari Junior is ready to take over. Well, because of these new transitions, most employees and even outsiders have been raising questions about the direction of the company. It is clear that these changes will have a significant impact on Bradesco. However, the effect inclines its weight on the positive side of the scale.

The Overview

Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Bradesco when he was about seventeen years old. He first worked as a clerk then earned a promotion as a finance manager. Being that he was dedicated to giving the best in all ways, he often impressed the board of directors. Finally, he was promoted to work as the chairman of the board. But before that, he had walked Banco Bradesco through tremendous success stories that earned it substantial share markets. It is correct to conclude that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a competent business leader, team player and project manager.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: https://oglobo.globo.com/economia/bradesco-anuncia-novo-presidente-octavio-de-lazari-junior-vai-substituir-luiz-carlos-trabuco-cappi-22365414#ixzz56wDld69g