Stream Energy Leads the Way in Modernizing Corporate Charity

Corporate generosity is a well known tradition of many American companies and is one that Stream Energy based out of Dallas, Texas is striving to uphold. The direct sales company was established in 2005 and has managed to generate $ billion in revenue in that time. Originally the company focused on supplying power to its customers, but over the years has adapted and expanded alongside new technology and now offers additional services such as wireless plans, virtual medical visits, digital voice, and protective home services.

Alongside the impressive success of the bottom line for Stream Energy, the company also has a proven track record of philanthropy both financial and more. The company which operates in 10 states, recently took a step to not only cement it’s philanthropic goals but expand on them by establishing “Stream Cares”. This group within the company is focused solely on inspiring more volunteer efforts among associates and to direct time and money to the most
impactful and deserving causes.

One such cause that the company made a large impact was Hurricane Harvey which devastated the Texas Gulf Coast in the fall of 2017. Stream Energy stepped up to aid in funding the vast recovery efforts as well as made decisions to help mitigate some of the financial burden specifically to their own customers.

Another focal point for Stream Energy Cares stays close to home, as they have been and remain a key partner of Hope Supply Co, which is a Dallas based organization focusing on homeless children in the area. Stream Energy footed the bill for over 1,000 children’s meal and entrance fee to an event known as Splash for Hope. The event gives homeless children a chance to experience a local water park for a day, as well as providing food and additional necessary items.

Stream Energy is not the only American company who makes an impact in their community. However, with their new initiative “Stream Cares” they are at the front of a new trend in business which is making charitable giving a more precise and directed effort within companies across the country.

Jed McCaleb: A Brilliant, Visionary, Genius With Cutting-Edge Technology

Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of the universal financial network Stellar, believes technology should be consciously leveraged to improve the human condition and reduce inefficiency. A serial entrepreneur, McCaleb also created the file sharing network eDonkey, the first bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox and he founded Ripple in 2011. Realizing the global financial infrastructure leaves too many people without resources or the means for economic participation, in 2014 he co-founded The goal of the financial network is to enable everyone to be able to enjoy economic participation.

At Stellar, Jed McCaleb is in charge of technical development. Stellar is a non-profit that contributes to open-source software and combines technology and digital financial literacy. It supports the Stellar network. McCaleb also advises MIRI, an organization which researches ways artificial intelligence can have a positive impact. He explained that the idea for Stellar came from his evolving interest in Bitcoin. He saw Bitcoin as more than an a new currency, but also a distributed database that connects financial institutions. He thinks the technology can potentially transform the world.

Jed McCaleb envisons Stellar helping the 2.5 billion people with no access to banking technology to save and send money cheaply and easily. He points out the financial infrastructure Stellar offers is already being implemented by non-profits and businesses. This includes South Africa’s Praekelt Foundation integrating Stellar into its open-source messaging app Vumi. Jed McCaleb constantly strikes a balance between leading technical development and management. He works in two modes, focused and reactive, to increase his productivity and efficiency. He codes and builds and handles the elements of running a business.

Excited about the potential artificial intelligence has to change the world, Jed McCaleb donates to the non-profit Machine Intelligence Research Institute. He also spends lots of time on planning, strategy and the essential elements of projects with global impact. His focus is on building great products. He doesn’t let failure stop him. His tenacity has led to his success. In January 2018 the value of McCaleb’s ownership of Ripple was $20 billion. On Forbes’ world’s richest people’s list he would have been ranked 40th.

Betsy Devos Stands Firm For School Choice In Higher Education

Betsy Devos, the newly nominated Secretary of Education for the United States, has recently come out in support of school choice in the higher education arena. The Secretary of Education has a long history of supporting school choice in the public school system. Infant, her history of support for school choice and her advocation for low-income families were strong factors in her nomination to the position of Secretary of Equation. Devos began her political career almost three decades ago while assisting her husband, Dick Devos, in his campaign to become governor of the state of Michigan. Although Dick Devos eventually lost his bid for governor, the loss did not stop Dick and Betsy from engaging in the political efforts to reform public schools in Grand Rapids, Michigan and throughout the United States. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Following her husband’s failed attempt to become governor, Betsy Devos became the head of the Grand Rapids Republican party’s effort to provide school choice vouchers to low-income students in the city. Liberals largely opposed the efforts to provide quality education to students of all background, stating that these measures would demean the public school system. The parents of the students who eventually received the vouchers, however, have expressed extreme gratitude for the effort Betsy Devos and her team made to present a quality education to their children. After achieving success through the introduction of school vouchers, the development of new charter schools, and the creation of homeschool initiatives, Betsy Devos was nominated by Donald Trump to the position of United States Secretary of Education and has began her attempt to better America’s education system on a large scale.

Because of her background with school choice initiatives, it should have comes as no surprise that the Secretary of Education would support school choice in the higher education arena. Betsy Devos has recently discussed her attempt to provide school choice options to college students by describing ways in which these efforts would benefit the students and the American economy at large. Devos stated that the current model of college awareness in the public school system has not been successful and must be replaced if Americans wish to compete on a global scale in the educational arena. Although students attending public high schools once received counsel about their options following graduation in a way that catered to the individual student’s gifts, talents, and personality, public schools now advocate a “once size fits all” approach toward student progress. Betsy Devos does not believe every student should be pressured to attend a four-year college or university and that community colleges and technical programs are viable, productive options and not fallbacks. Devos is scheduled to meet with the American Board of Higher Education later this year. Read more news on Los Angeles Times.

Bruce Levenson: Founder Of UCG And The Center For Philanthropy

Bruce Levenson is probably most known for owning the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and according to a Forbes report, he recently sold the team to Tony Ressler’s group for more than what most experts thought the team was worth. Also not long after the sale the team’s former General Manager Danny Ferry filed a claim with AIG insurance about a workplace tort he claimed to have experienced. The situation has turned into a fairly large legal battle between Levenson and the other former Atlanta Hawks’ owners against AIG as they are filing a lawsuit for bad faith and failure to honor the insurance policy. Levenson has a lot on his resume to point to both as an NBA owner and a very successful businessman in the journalism industry.

Levenson holds a bachelor’s in journalism from Washington University and a J.D. from American University, though he never actually went into practicing law. He started out as a contributor to the Washington Star newspaper, but in 1977 he and his friend Ed Peskowitz decided to start their own publishing business right in their own home. That business became Unified Communications Group (UCG), a world-renowned conglomerate of industry journals. Levenson also helped start a marketing research company called TechTarget that spun out of UCG and became publicly traded. UCG is also the parent company to the GasBuddy app.

Levenson has been heavily involved in philanthropy ( in the Washington D.C. community being president of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation and also a chair member of Hoop Dreams and the Concert Against Hate. He also is heavily invested in the Holocaust Memorial Museum because the horrific event hits close to home in his mother-in-laws story of surviving it. He helped start the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program to help young people learn about the event and become museum tour guides. Levenson also supports BBYO and Seeds of Peace.


A Glimpse Into Sanjay Shah’s Business and Private Life

The Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio has interviewed the best of the best in the business world. 5th April 2016 was Solo Capital founder Sanjay Shah to share his experience, his charity organization and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. The interview was hosted by its renowned host Eric Dye and covered several aspects of Shah’s life, businesses and his nonprofit charity organization Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah is the owner of Solo Capital which consists of various investment businesses overseen by one parent Solo Group Holdings. His first enterprise was Solo Capital which is a brokerage firm and was founded in 2009. He used his financial knowledge to advance his business and practiced good governance practices to attract and maintain his clients. He is of the view that before a person can start a business enterprise they should first think it through and prepare their finances accordingly. He further stated that insight and advice provided by others should be considered since they might have an idea that has never occurred to you before.

Before the creation of Autism Rocks campaign he did not specifically take up a course and used to donate randomly. After his son was diagnosed with Autism he decided to channel his energy and resources in helping others fight and understand the symptom. In most cultures it is not understood and confused with other ailments.

Sanjay Shah is a first class business man who until 2009 was a normal accountant in a bank. His fortunes changed when he lost his job due to the 2007-2008 financial crisis. In March 19, 2011 he earned 19 million Euros after successfully predicting the Euro decline. Although his son was diagnosed with Autism he did not hide but came out and founded a foundation that would help other Autism victims. Being a trained doctor he is aware that a cure was just a temporary measure more needed to be done.

His company Solo Capital is a renowned boutique investment firm that has come to be trusted and praised by its numerous clients. The company has offices in London, Dubai, Luxembourg Malta and the Cayman Islands. In order to monitor his other businesses the companies are monitored and controlled by one holding company which is controlled by another company Aesa S.A.R.L.

How Dick DeVos is Using His Success to Become One of the Greatest Philanthropists of Our Time

Dick DeVos is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Mr. DeVos has been involved with business ever since he was a child. As a child he often spent time at the family business which was Amway. When Mr. DeVos earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University, he used the degree to continue with the family business. 

DeVos began his career working at Amway Corporation in 1974. He held many positions that included research and development, manufacturing, making, sales, and even in the finance department. Eventually in 1984, he earned a position as one of the vice presidents with the overall responsibility of overseeing the company’s operation in 18 different countries. With Dick as a leader of the company, Amway was able to open up to new markets and was able to triple the international sales. It was reported that with DeVos in charge of intentional sales, the profit increase grew by 45 percent before he left to pursue his business at the Windquest Group. 

This success does not come without an end story. The DeVos family in its entirety is renowned for their charity, but has remained silent about any concrete amounts until recently. In an MLive article, the family discloses that $1.2 billion has been given to various causes and philanthropic organizations throughout their lifetimes. It is important to note that this amount only covers their non-political donations as those are not considered in the realm of charity. Over $99 million of that has gone to educational causes, which are a particular passion of Dick and Betsy.

DeVos and his wife, Betsy, were able to use their success to help improve their community. One of the biggest initiatives that he and his wife took was to improve the overall education of the community. In addition to this, they had the goal of opening education to be available to anyone who was qualified despite financial issues. 

In 2008, The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation was opened and gave millions to students who came to his community from developing countries. In addition to this scholarship, Mr. DeVos and his wife created a scholarship for students that would be given out on a daily basis. This scholarship that is funded by the DeVoses is awarded to the students that have the desire to pursue higher education from Northwood University. 

In addition to this, Mr. DeVos opened the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This public charter school was created in 2010 to offer free education to everyone. DeVos is a helicopter and airplane pilot, himself so his strong beliefs in education and passion for flight makes his founding of the aviation school even more understandable.

Mr. DeVos made the donations to make the public school in order to allow anyone to receive a top education despite financial issues that can prevent high learning education. Mr. DeVos has always been involved with education as he believes it is the single most important aspect of life that can push anyone out of poverty because it demonstrates hard work and initiative.