Rona Borre Sets the Pace for Business Growth

Rona Borre is the founder and the CEO of Instant Alliance, a Chicago-based staffing company that has become the talk of the town as far as a successful company. Started in 2001 after Borre quit her job where she had broken all kinds of sales records, Instant Alliance was a steady success thanks to Borre’s methods of operation and persistence.

Instant Alliance focuses on a narrow niche of placing mainly financial and technological professionals because those are the types of people who are in demand from companies who are growing. A growing company needs financing expertise and the technology to run expansion and all that it encompasses. Check on for related article.

Borre also uses a tactic that many of her competitors fail to utilize. Most recruiters spend a great deal of time using a shotgun method of going through all of the resumes possible until they happen upon a good candidate. Borre and her group of account executives spend a great amount of time getting to know the executive team of the hiring company and how they operate. Then they pinpoint just the right candidate to fit that culture.  To read an important article, click here

The results are in and they are spectacular. Instant Alliance has only a one percent attrition rate from the start of the company. There is also the achievement of 3 interviews to one hire which saves time for everybody. The final tally puts Instant Alliance out in front of all of their competitors by a long shot. More on

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