Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a charter school located in California. Rockets are complicated and take many years to develop. It requires patience and teamwork to get the proper results. Its much like what the school is. Getting students who are young, ambitious and want to take their dreams to untouched heights.

Rocket ship is actually a non-profit school, they truly want the best out of creative students. Not everyone is from the same household. They have been working with organizations in San Jose to help children who are not fluent. Science shows that children who don’t speak English have an immediate disadvantage.

Other school districts see the impact that rocket has and wants them to go to their school district. A writer for the Mercury news details her time trying to get her daughters into school as unfortunate. That she “didn’t have the luck of the draw”. Its the reason why she volunteers. She knows that teachers are hardworking and do the best for the students. However there are flaws in the systems of certain schools. They don’t have the proper materials and there are too many students in each classroom. Thankfully Rocketship tried to help everyone to do their best.

In Washington DC, there has been many problems when it comes to the school district. People often criticize the board and their decisions, along with the lack or progress. The city also has a really bad wealth gap, so those who can’t afford to live in the city at all won’t receive the benefits of being in the school district. The residents pointed to the progress of Rocketship education and want them to assist them in the district. Now, teachers are being interview for a DC charter school to put a step in the right direction. Only perseverance and team work will lead them to success.