ClassDojo is Enhancing the Classroom Experience

The classroom can become dull and uninspired for many students. It is easy to see how classrooms can get this way because of a lack of communication between teachers and students. The barrier that stands between the two can be difficult to break and is something that many teachers struggle with on a regular basis. It can often be even more difficult for teachers to bridge the communication gap between the parents and themselves, but ClassDojo was created to make this gap smaller and to give the students, teachers, and parents a chance to work together to make the learning experience something that is more easily communicated between all parties.

It is important to note that many times parents feel like they are left out of the day-to-day activities in the classroom. There are ways that they can tell what their child’s grades are with report cards and progress reports, but it is often more difficult for them to see what actually goes on in the classroom since they cannot be there on a regular basis and are not present with their child at all times in the classroom. ClassDojo makes them able to feel like they are a part of it all.

Teachers can sometimes have trouble keeping a classroom organized and may struggle to find a way to make their classroom more unified. This is something that is a necessary part of teaching and is also something that some students may see in the way that their teachers are able to effectively teach them. It can be difficult for students to learn in this type environment and may actually burn the teachers out more quickly than if they were in a well-organized environment. It is important that teachers have a system like ClassDojo that they can use to make their students feel more comfortable and confident.

Students may also have trouble learning when they are not in a comfortable environment. Test scores can go down, students can become frustrated and the learning experience can become nearly as troublesome as some not-so-savory employment opportunities that they may face when they are adults. The ClassDojo system was developed to help students see that they can truly be a part of something better and that they can feel better about their learning experience no matter what level they are at, the area they are in, or their previous experiences in the classroom.


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