The Makers of Closer – Alex Pall and Chainsmokers

Closer was one of the biggest hits of 2016 in the international music market. Topping charts in the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. The song skyrocketed the DJ-ing electro-pop duo into a household name franchise. Having listeners from a variety of age groups and appealing mostly to the younger masses, ages 15 and under and 30 and over.

The Chainsmokers comprises of the DJ-ing duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The duo met when Alex Pall was DJ-ing in New York City, and he was haunted by the fact that he had to be serious about working as opposed to his hobby of DJ-ing around the city with limited reach and with a very small electro dance music market. He was then introduced to Taggart, and they hit it off, becoming the Chainsmokers. Taggart moved from his previous residence, and Pall quit his job.

Alex Pall believes in being relatable to their listeners through their music. He felt some sort of kinship to Taggart when they met, from their ambition to the music they listened to while they were growing up and that sparked the need to share and combine their ideas. Together, they could produce music and make themselves seen as actual artists and not just creators of some catchy beat. They blurred the lines of what was considered dance music and have released music that ranges from being indie pop, dance, pop etc with creations such as Don’t Let me Down and Roses.

The talk of their expansion comes in when he discusses the aspect of festivals and tours they want to partake on. With their growing fanbase and label demanding an album, Alex Pall wishes to produce an album that has ‘flow’, not just songs stuck together. He wants to create an album that speaks volumes of them as artists. The issue of festivals and tours comes in how they want to evolve their production and acts. One way they are doing this is by having Taggart sing which changes the game completely

They perform their songs live, and that distinguishes them from other DJs in the business. He wishes to reject the topic of complacency in their career by having continuous creative ideas. By speaking to their visionary, they can put their thoughts and ideas into perspective. They believe in progression and crossing boundaries through their music through their very own listeners.

Getting Halloween Ideas from Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa

Halloween fever is still here with us and everyone is still looking for some costume inspiration. Well, if you are looking for great costumes for the season, why not steal some ideas from Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa. In their show this week, the TV co-hosts decided to take their fans through some of the best throwback TV costumes in history on the ReBOOt. Here, is a breakdown of some of the ideas which they made part of their Halloween inspiration and tips.

Some of the epics show that they made part of the journey include classics such as All My Children, The Brady Bunch, Saved by the Bell, Laverne and Shirley and I Dream Jeanine. The duo modelled all of these amazing costumes on ET and dished out tips on how they were able to get all of it together. The amazing thing about the entire parade of Halloween costumes is that they changed them within a time of less than 30 minutes. Ryan confessed that the process was not as simple and as effortless as it seemed. He added that the transition between Shirley and Jon Baker was a little tough and that he had a little lipstick from Shirley when he went onto the next costume.

Kelly Ripa, on the other hand, stated that the most costume which stuck out most for her was Farrah Fawcett. She laughed as she stated that she just wore her own clothes and they added nipples to show a transition into a Charlie’s Angel character. She also stated that the experience could have been complete if she had gotten the experience to bring back hope and faith, because it is part of her iconic past.

Clothing line creator Ryan Seacrest has had an illustrious career as a Radio personality and TV Host. In January 2017, he started co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan on a permanent basis. He has been nominated several times for an Emmy. He won an Emmy for his role in the production of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Seacrest comes from Atlanta, Georgia and has been part of American Idol for a long time.

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Clay Hutson Works Around The Clock To Organize A Flawless Music Event

The music business is one sector crowded with many eager beavers, who seek to make a name in the industry while also cashing in handsome cheques. As such, the business is highly competitive and only players who display high levels of professionalism and work their fingers to the bone, cash in on the spoils the music industry offers. Clay Hutson is one such individual who has not only created a thriving empire but also raised the standards of live music performances and impeccable organizing of concerts and events. In an industry that is all about connections and referrals, having a sound reputation can break or do your business. Luckily, for Clay Hutson, his image is untarnished and is in a case of an excellent workman who is complemented by his tools. Consequently, Hutson’s clientele is composed of some of the biggest talents in the world, including Guns’ n’Roses, Pink, Kid Rock, and Garbage.

For Clay Hutson, being in the music business is not by chance. It is a career he has worked to build, without fainting in spirit, hope or determination. Focused on being the sharpest tool in the shed and pushed by an insatiable passion for performance arts, Hutson enrolled to study theatre design in college. Later on, he would find employment as a project manager and a sound engineer in a mostly successful entertainment company. Clay Hutson says that the jobs gave him first-hand knowledge and priceless experience in the entertainment business. This exposure would come in handy as he would later start his venture which made him a howling success that he is today. His soft heart for rock’n’roll music coupled with his experience working with Billy Graham’s team, earned Clay Hutson enormous respect among rock’n’roll lovers.

More about Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is among the few people who give their careers more than they take. Although he now has a team which works alongside him, Clay remains the main catalyst for the success of his company. While preparing for a concert, Hutson personally sees that all components from sound, lighting, stage design, and video feeds are working perfectly. The fact that the music industry is billed with hype and the latest technology is often the thing to go. And that’s why Clay Hutson has been constantly updated with the latest trends. Besides, he has remained consistent in his trade, and is currently manning Kid Rock ’s live and stage performances.

A Day In The Life Of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a 43 year old actor who lives in New York, USA. He moved to New York recently from Los Angeles to host a show. He is an American Radio Personality, television host and a producer as well. He has worked in various super hits such as American Idol which have earned him fame far beyond the USA. He is also the producer of the famous reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. He runs a clothing line as well as skin care products. Other than all this, he gives an ample amount of himself as well to work out and other such things. The question anyone of us would ask is that how does he manage all this stuff at once? Let’s look into his daily routine.

Ryan Seacrest wakes up every day around 6am. After his shower, shave and moisturizers, he has his matcha tea followed by a quick coffee. After this comes the workout. Ryan hates to skip a workout and his exercises consist of a diverse variety of different types of workout. He gives time to cardio as well as general workouts all the while training for boxing as well. According to Ryan Seacrest, he hates treadmills and always goes to parks for a run.

He also likes to stay up to date on what is going on around the world. He gives a portion of his time to learn about the ongoing news and what is happening around the world. He is habitual of taking a car every morning so he can read all the way to work. Another little know fact about him is that Ryan Seacrest loves to eat. Eat a lot ,in fact. He himself brands himself as a massive foodie. He is mostly a vegan, but he says that he works to eat well.

He is the type of person who lives life to the fullest and wants to enjoy every bit of it. On the weekends, he likes to take time out for his family over a splendid dinner and a bottle of good wine. We all have something to learn from his lifestyle. Get in touch with Ryan via Facebook or Instagram.

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The Chainsmokers Take Dark Direction

There are many things you can say about the Chainsmokers but laziness or lack of originality aren’t among them. They have managed to remain relevant in one of the most difficult periods for artists in general while still maintaining a unique style. Now, they want to move away from their college minded style into something more mature. This darker turn is going to change how people think about the Chainsmokers and what they’re about. It means the duo has a lot to do in order to pull it all off and give the crowds what they want.

There are plenty of things you can see in the Chainsmokers that separates them from other artists. They are a plastic and creative pair with an eye towards the new and fresh. That means they are actively creating some of the most interesting music to be heard in college bars across the country. This new single “Sick Boy” is going to give an entirely new direction for everything they do. This new way of doing things is going to bring the Chainsmokers an audience that it normally hasn’t had in ages. A more mature and wiser audience than the college crowds they go for.

The Chainsmokers have so much to offer the world and they have no problem showing that to us. This is just the latest example of that at work. There are other examples of this in their past. “Closer” gave them a wave of energy they hadn’t had since the beginning of their careers. You can find plenty of college kids trying to do what they do and even more. What separates them from others is that they have made their vision clear. They wanted to target certain demographics and deliver a musical experience those crowds would find themselves enjoying the most. There is no telling how the future is going to go, but it seems that the Chainsmokers have a future ahead of them. Crowds seemed to have love what their past works have been and it doesn’t seem hard to imagine they will like what they are about to give.

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers Aims to bring New Side to Dance Music

The Chainsmokers, popular dance music band, is made up of two up and coming DJs and singers Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two make up a unique duo like the dance music has never seen before. The two are working to become recognized as true artist with real emotions in their music rather than hiding behind their DJ stations and loud techno drops. The duo wants to be recognized as genuine people with real stories and evoke emotions through their music.

The two were introduced to each other by Alex Pall’s manager. After their first initial meeting, Alex and Andrew both quit their jobs and instantly began working together to pursue their dreams as DJs and artists.

The longer they worked together, the more sure they were things would work out and they would be successful. They are were both ambitious and driven to make this work. They became extremely observant of what other dance music artists were doing that made them successful and tried to implement those things in their own unique way to build up their careers.

Now, finding success in their careers as one of the top bands, they are continuing to push themselves to become better and continue producing music and songs that people can relate to. Many artists find it surprising that they sing and produce songs about themselves. They do work with songwriters, but it’s always with them and about something they’ve experienced. This has stretched their popularity as well as their reach to various audiences.

Because of social media, the band has been able to see who their music is reaching. It began as college students and has now spread to those under 15 and over 30. Alex Pall and Taggart have been extremely happy to see their changes to dance music have allowed their music to spread so quickly and to a broad audience.

The two continue to work hard and produce albums that allow them to be real people with catchy tunes that appeal to all.

The Best Anime Characters Period


Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto is an iconic anime character with an intriguing background. He is an orphan who is viewed with suspicion in his village. He is also a cheeky teenager who likes to make jokes and play pranks to get the attention and company that he craves. Additionally, he is a ninja with incredible capabilities.

Naruto has appeared in several films, but he is most prominent in his own film Naruto that documents his life and battles, and is one of the coolest sword anime around.



Vegeta is popular particularly for his evil personality and imposing appearance. He is first introduced as an evil character with a thirst for revenge and lack of regard for anyone. However, he gradually shakes off his evil ways as he interacts with other characters and even finds love. Notably, though, Vegeta still retains his evil laugh and sarcastic tone.


Vegeta has a tragic background. His race was destroyed and, as the sole remnant, he has faced a lot of abuse and humiliation. He also grew up in compromising situations without company or the basics of life.


Son Goku

Goku is a unique anime character, and one of the most popular. He is one of the few characters whose growth from childhood to adulthood has been documented. Additionally, his appearance is everything that anime fans like the most: masculine and cool.

Goku is seen as the core character in the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z. The irony of his position is that he is not the best character in the show, but the most popular one for his influence.


Hunt Rounds Out Cast of Wacky Characters in Magic Mike XXL

The comedy/drama Magic Mike XXL opened on July 1, 2015, as the sequel to the popular Magic Mike released in 2012. The movie takes place three years later after Mike has left his stripping career behind to run a furniture business. When Mike gets a call from Tarzan informing him that Dallas has gone missing, Mike drives to a hotel to find the remaining Kings of Tampa. Dallas has left them behind to start a new show, so the group has decided to travel to Myrtle Beach to a stripping convention for one last showstopper to end their careers.

The movie, which grossed $122.5 million at the box office, stars Channing Tatum along with an all-star cast including Crystal Hunt of Guiding Light and One Life to Live fame. Crystal plays Lauren in the movie, one of the many beautiful women Channing Tatum’s character meets along the way. Her character is a member of a group of wealthy women that become involved with the young men.

Crystal is a lifelong actress having started her career acting in pageants at the tender age of two. While her early career focused mainly on roles in commercials, Hunt is most well known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light, which granted her a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

Crystal went on to appear in the films The Derby Stallion and Sydney White before joining the cast of One Life to Live in 2009. She left the show in February of 2010 but returned in March of that same year to play the ghost of her character and then again in January of 2012.

Along with an acting career, Crystal explored photography, and then Hunt followed her pet passion by opening a high-end pet boutique in her home town of Clearwater Florida. And in 2014, she stepped into the shoes of a producer, making the feature film Talbot County with long time friend and actress Dania Ramirez. Be sure to check out her page on IMDb for her full list of credits.