Sunday Riley Reinvents Their Best-Selling Clay Cleanser

At the affordable price of thirty-five dollars, Sunday Riley offers a ceramic slip clay cleanser packed with a slew of natural ingredients such as French green clay and rice oil esters in a formula that is unique to many other products available in the beauty market today. This clay facial cleanser is gel-based and compatible with any type of skin. Allure has had a long-standing relationship with Sunday Riley beauty products. So many Allure staffers have a strong affinity toward the skincare brand. Recently Sarah Kinonen of Allure Magazine discussed why the reformulated ceramic slip clay cleanser from Sunday Riley is better than ever.

Kinonen stated that the new version of the praised clay cleanser will soon make its debut in the Allure Beauty Box allowing the product to branch out to an even wider audience at only a fraction of the price. She stresses that those previously familiar with the product might not initially recognize their face wash they have come to know but will eventually meld perfectly with it again after a couple uses. At the beginning of the year, the best selling cleanser was reformulated from a creamy gel cleanser with a pungent scent to now a sleeker water-gel with a subtle aroma of neroli oil. Sunday Riley (@sundayrileyskincare) divulged to Kinonen that there were various factors that led to the decision to rework their popular product. The main reason was to ensure that it was able to be applied to any type of skin. This was made possible by removing multiple essential oils from the original formula that can be skin irritant. The only essential oil that remains is neroli which beautifully complements the pore cleansing nature of the clay solution in addition to aiding skin hydration.

Lastly, the packaging of the clay cleanser also received an overhaul. Many had become accustomed to the chalky tan bottle with a pump dispenser that previously contained the product is now in a vibrant blue tube and is priced ten dollars less. The now more portable, super gentle face cleanser is a beauty product that Sarah Kinonen and the team at Allure highly recommend to all women. Check out Sunday Riley’s skin care here.

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Clay Hutson Works Around The Clock To Organize A Flawless Music Event

The music business is one sector crowded with many eager beavers, who seek to make a name in the industry while also cashing in handsome cheques. As such, the business is highly competitive and only players who display high levels of professionalism and work their fingers to the bone, cash in on the spoils the music industry offers. Clay Hutson is one such individual who has not only created a thriving empire but also raised the standards of live music performances and impeccable organizing of concerts and events. In an industry that is all about connections and referrals, having a sound reputation can break or do your business. Luckily, for Clay Hutson, his image is untarnished and is in a case of an excellent workman who is complemented by his tools. Consequently, Hutson’s clientele is composed of some of the biggest talents in the world, including Guns’ n’Roses, Pink, Kid Rock, and Garbage.

For Clay Hutson, being in the music business is not by chance. It is a career he has worked to build, without fainting in spirit, hope or determination. Focused on being the sharpest tool in the shed and pushed by an insatiable passion for performance arts, Hutson enrolled to study theatre design in college. Later on, he would find employment as a project manager and a sound engineer in a mostly successful entertainment company. Clay Hutson says that the jobs gave him first-hand knowledge and priceless experience in the entertainment business. This exposure would come in handy as he would later start his venture which made him a howling success that he is today. His soft heart for rock’n’roll music coupled with his experience working with Billy Graham’s team, earned Clay Hutson enormous respect among rock’n’roll lovers.

More about Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is among the few people who give their careers more than they take. Although he now has a team which works alongside him, Clay remains the main catalyst for the success of his company. While preparing for a concert, Hutson personally sees that all components from sound, lighting, stage design, and video feeds are working perfectly. The fact that the music industry is billed with hype and the latest technology is often the thing to go. And that’s why Clay Hutson has been constantly updated with the latest trends. Besides, he has remained consistent in his trade, and is currently manning Kid Rock ’s live and stage performances.

Robert Deignan Draws Lessons From His Life To Help Budding Entrepreneurs

Robert Deignan is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services, which provides service to a plethora of customers’ technological concerns. The company was founded in August 2011. Prior to this, he served as the Executive Vice President at iS3 from 2002 to 2011, when he left the company to start ATS Digital Services.

Born in Florida, Robert Deignan was an avid football player and even went on to play for Miami Dolphins and the NY Jets. He completed his Bachelors in Science in Business Management from Purdue University. He has been involved with the tech companies right from the start of the technological boom and has built a career out of it. Right now he is at the forefront championing automation and wearable tech as well. As a savvy technical expert and entrepreneur, he lists down the useful things that helped him carve his bright career and business.

Robert Deignan believes in trusting intuition. Even after weighing pros and cons, he prefers to go with his instincts on deciding the correct way out. Hesitation in business can be deadly and so while meticulous planning helps, constantly being stressed about decisions can affect other aspects.

Robert Deignan considers it important to jot down ideas on a spreadsheet and analyze. Crunching the numbers is important to see the practicality of your vision.

Through his extensive experience, Robert Deignan realized that along with qualifications it is necessary to have the right mindset to be a fruitful employee and add value to the organization. So hiring the right candidates plays a huge role in deciding the success of your business.

Another important lesson that Robert Deignan considers important it is best not to mix business and family/friends. Business requires making tough decisions and emotions make things even harder. Not wanting to do something because it may affect your personal relationship may prove detrimental to your business.

And lastly, Robert Deignan feels it is extremely important to take care of yourself. As an entrepreneur, it is all the more significant to disconnect from everyday affairs once in a while and reflect on the big picture. This not only boosts creativity but also helps in increasing productivity by avoiding burn-outs.

Guilherme Paulus Focuses on Consumer Base

Prior to 1972, Guilherme Paulus had been an intern with IBM, but this would mark the year that he would change career paths, instead, pursuing the life of a successful hotelier and entrepreneur. Upon meeting Carlos Vicente Cerchiari during a boat trip, Guilherme Paulus would learn of a new venture in which his new friend intended on launching a tour agency in his hometown. With Cerchiari prepared to produce the capital, and Paulus prepared to run the day-to-day operations, a partnership formed that would last four years, catapulting the careers of both parties. In the mid-1990’s, Guilherme Paulus launched his first hotel, and today, GJP Hotels and Resorts is the premier business of its kind throughout Latin America.

In 2017, Guilherme Paulus was named Entrepreneur of the Year, and he broke down a few of the secrets to his business success, as well as a few failures that have helped to shape the person that he is today.For Guilherme Paulus, each day is an opportunity to build on the success of the previous one, and because of this, he often begins with thanks and appreciation. It is this positive attitude that fuels him despite the rigors that are often associated with being a renowned entrepreneur. While each day is different in Mr. Paulus’ world, there are a few things that he carries with him each day, most notably, his passion for his career. In his estimation, “to make a dream a reality, you have to truly love everything you do.” This belief structure is anchored by his ability to back his truths with hard work and consistent energy.

One of Mr. Paulus’ most important attributes regards his leadership ability to remain fluid. Throughout his career, he has consistently dabbled in different sectors of business regarding tourism. While he has often heavily emphasized international travel in Brazil, he has also dedicated a number of resources to strengthen the local tourism market as well. In order to keep his finger on the pulse of his target consumer group, Mr. Paulus visits several of his luxuarious hotels each week, making sure to develop relationships with his extended staff, as well as the people that GJP Hotels and Resorts, serves. He also keeps a close watch on the latest industry-disrupting technologies, as the rapid development of these innovations has changed the nature of communication between business entity and consumer.


Stream Energy Founds Stream Cares in an Effort to Give More Back to the Community

When Hurricane Harvey dropped and Houston neighborhoods flooded, companies and businesses watched as Americans died and others left homeless. Stream Energy came in and used their hard-earned funds to help the victims of the floods recover and get back on their feet.

Stream Energy has embraced philanthropy in their value system. In line with this, it started Stream Cares foundation in an effort to support as well as carry out Stream Energy’s philanthropic activities. During the Hurricane Harvey, Stream demonstrated a level of social responsibility that makes philanthropy part of their brand. They not only give back money to the community, they also give non-financial support to community members.

The onset of Stream Cares foundation saw the philanthropic activities of Stream Energy help to build the reputation of the company. In case of a fall, you have a better chance of bouncing back, if you invested in philanthropic activities.

The Corporate America has really tried to give back to the community. According to a research, the Corporate America contributed $19 billion to charities across the United States and beyond in 2016 only.

The Dallas-based company has endeavored to transform local areas by funding activities in the areas. Additionally, the company contributes to philanthropic activities through its employees. Stream has built and promoted associates who supports charities as individuals.

The associates of the company mainly addresses issues related to homelessness. The workers identifies homeless individuals in Dallas in order to help them with food and supplies or get out of the streets. According to a research, homeless people have increased by 2.5%, a rate that is alarming. Together with Hope Supply Co., Stream organizes an event where people come and give food and supplies to homeless children, an event that occurs each year. Apart from the annual event, Stream and Hope Supply Co. routinely gives the homeless children supplies ranging from diapers to clothing to school supplies.

It doesn’t stop there, Stream Energy has helped the tornadoes victims in North Texas in 2016 and collaborated with its associates to contribute funds for the victims. Still, Stream Energy is looking for better ways to give back to the community.

Clients Stand By The Experts At Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research LLC is a publishing company founded by Frank Porter Stansbury. The company is privately held, and it has been in operation since 1999. The headquarters of the company are located in Baltimore, Maryland. They have additional locations in Oregon, Florida, and California.


Its staff of financial experts conduct ongoing and in-depth research on numerous investment topics, including oil, gas, gold, and other mining investment trends and opportunities. Additionally, they will cover other relevant topics such as health care, stocks, corporate bonds, biotech investments, and alternative asset investments. The editors research and analyze all of the data to pass on the findings to their clients. They stay ahead of the global pre-market news and all of the major stock markets. Stansberry Research has clients located around the world who subscribe to the company’s publications. The company publishes a number of newsletters and also the popular Stansberry Digest. Newsletters are written by the financial editors, published by the company, and they are then sent out to clients on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The information contained in the newsletters are a series of professional, unbiased analysis and advice to help inform and educate the clients.


There are many investors who opt to self manage their own investment portfolio, but they still want the insight and the guidance of a professional. Regardless of their experience level pertaining to investing and trading, investors appreciate the valuable words of their trusted editors at Stansberry Research. They offer sound financial guidance based on historical analysis along with today’s economic outlook. These editors possess years of financial expertise. Mr. Stansberry also serves his clients as an editor.


When buying, selling, and trading opportunities arise within any of the global stock markets or the commodity markets, for instance, subscribers will be promptly updated on the news. Clients also receive updates on world currency rates, and much more. Stansberry Research wants to help all of their clients build wealth and achieve their desired financial goals.


A Day In The Life Of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a 43 year old actor who lives in New York, USA. He moved to New York recently from Los Angeles to host a show. He is an American Radio Personality, television host and a producer as well. He has worked in various super hits such as American Idol which have earned him fame far beyond the USA. He is also the producer of the famous reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. He runs a clothing line as well as skin care products. Other than all this, he gives an ample amount of himself as well to work out and other such things. The question anyone of us would ask is that how does he manage all this stuff at once? Let’s look into his daily routine.

Ryan Seacrest wakes up every day around 6am. After his shower, shave and moisturizers, he has his matcha tea followed by a quick coffee. After this comes the workout. Ryan hates to skip a workout and his exercises consist of a diverse variety of different types of workout. He gives time to cardio as well as general workouts all the while training for boxing as well. According to Ryan Seacrest, he hates treadmills and always goes to parks for a run.

He also likes to stay up to date on what is going on around the world. He gives a portion of his time to learn about the ongoing news and what is happening around the world. He is habitual of taking a car every morning so he can read all the way to work. Another little know fact about him is that Ryan Seacrest loves to eat. Eat a lot ,in fact. He himself brands himself as a massive foodie. He is mostly a vegan, but he says that he works to eat well.

He is the type of person who lives life to the fullest and wants to enjoy every bit of it. On the weekends, he likes to take time out for his family over a splendid dinner and a bottle of good wine. We all have something to learn from his lifestyle. Get in touch with Ryan via Facebook or Instagram.

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Taste of Technology with Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a passionate entrepreneur and business philanthropist. Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona where he has tapped on technology and giving back to the community. Jason Hope went to Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. Jason also has an MBA from college’s W.P. Carey School of business. He is passionate about mobile technology and investing in startups.

Career Life

Hope is a board member of Arizona Science Center and a founder of Jason Hope –Tees. His company focuses on T-shirts making and printing. Besides, Jason focuses on researches done on SENS foundations. He is the chief editor of the Crunch base news. CrunchBase is a database of companies that sell data access and business intelligence tools. On March 13, 2017, CrunchBase was first published. CrunchBase is the leading innovative application that millions of clients use to discover investments, industry trends, and news for global companies from startups.


Jason Hope’s CrunchBase foundation is a master record of data on global top innovative companies. It issues a unique approach to researches on data collection aided by a strong community. CrunchBase believes that client’s decisions deserve the best collective information.

The company features the following emerging trends in current market business, bringing technology to communities in the region. Artificial Intelligence, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Biotech, FinTech, Gaming, HealthTech, InvestorTopics, Justice/Diversity, Mobility, Privacy/Security, Retail, Robotics, Space

On September 5, 2018, a professional networking event will go down in Moscone West. This will institute TechCrunch Disrupt, a world’s top revolutionary startup. Jason’s Hope CrunchBase will be launching game-changing tech biz. He will be having hefty discussions with the top notch, industrious innovators.

Web traffic and web app metrics are some of the free apps build in by Jason hope Crunchbase. Web trafficking boosts digital performance by intensifying client leads. On the other hand, web app metrics such as AppTopia helps to analyze the statistics on usage and growth of mobile apps.

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Anil Chaturvedi in the banking sector

Anil Chaturvedi is currently serving as the managing director of Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. He was appointed to this position after serving for many years in various private, commercial and investment banks in the United States. He has a great reputation as a banker. He has been in the industry for four decades in which he has proved that he is indeed one of the best banking professionals. All the banks he has worked with has seen his productivity and attest to his brilliance in managing finances. Anil Chaturvedi is treated as a key player in the banking industry, and his advice is sought after by many banking and financial institutions which would like to know to react to certain changes in the global financial industry.

Anil Chaturvedi is a graduate of Delhi University. He holds MBA from this institution. Previously he was at Meerut University where he graduated with a degree in economics. His understanding of matters business is laid on a solid educational foundation. He is able to interpret issues which play out in the financial industry from the educational point of view and his experience as a seasoned banker.

Anil Chaturvedi attended his first job at the State Bank of India. This is where he had his first encounter with the practical management of banking operations. He was placed in the planning and development department. He was given the responsibility of making sure that the company was getting more clients. He played his role with great perfection. He worked for this bank for four years and made a huge difference. At the end of his term, the bank had made $500 million.

After working for this bank for four years, he moved to ANZ Grindlays where he worked for another two years. Her. He created a business model that is still beneficial to the bank. He left ANZ Grindlays for Merrill Lynch. This is the organization which made him the person he is in the banking sector. He played his role with great diligence and helped this investment bank make huge profits as well as attract many high profile investors. He stayed in this bank for 17 years.

MB2 Dental: Helping dentists to establish successful dental practices

Dentistry, just like any other profession is always in the process of transition. The current education system produces students who learn to swim in gentle warm waters, but they are tested out in the cold and rough seas, mostly on their own. All the same, we have to adapt to the rough and tough life that comes forth.

How MB2 Dental can help young practitioners achieve success

MB2 Dental is a dental management network that was founded by a dental practitioner known as Dr. Chris Villanueza. When Dr. Chris graduated from the dentistry school, he was torn between working for a corporate and starting his dental practice. He had realized that dentists who chose either of the sides did not accomplish much in their careers. So, he had to find a way to merge the two. That’s how MB2 dental came into existence. MB2 dental was established with the aim of offering direct support to dentists. The company is built on the belief that if dentists work together, they can accomplish much in their practices. MB2 dental services go a long way in assisting the dentists to focus on their primary duty of delivering the best services to their clients. MB2 dental, on the other hand, is left to handle other issues such as securing office space, equipment, Human Resources and other crucial services needed in private practice. The good thing with MB2 dental is that it is run by a qualified dentist who understands the challenges that dental practitioners go through. Having served in both worlds, Dr. Chris understands what dental practitioners need to make their services better. The company now supports more than seventy dental practitioners across six States.

Equipping final year dental students

MB2 dental does not only work with established dental practitioners. They often engage with students from various dental schools where they recruit and build relationships with future doctors. Dr. Chris and his colleagues educate dental students, especially those in their final year on the opportunities that lay ahead of them. By the time a student graduates from a dental school, they already have a clue of the world that awaits them. MB2 dental is founded on the belief that dental practitioners can achieve more together than when they work independently. It consists of more than 75 affiliates with a close-knit leadership. Since its inception, MB2 dental has helped numerous practitioners establish a work-life balance that leads to better performance.