George Soros Warns of Brexit Consequences

International financier George Soros warns of severe consequences should the UK choose to leave the EU, and other prominent citizens are voicing similar concerns.

George Soros warns of a possible of decrease in the value of the British pound. The losses could exceed the 15% devaluation experienced following a currency crash in 1992. He predicts the pound would likely fall to parity with the Euro, depriving the UK’s national currency of close to 20% of its current value. He warns of an income loss to each British household of 3000 to 5000 pounds annually. Some analysts, including chairman Wilber Ross at W.L. Ross & Co., doubt the fall would be as severe. Learn more about his profile at

Mr. Soros is the storied founder of Soros Fund Management, LLC. A survivor of the WW2 Nazi occupation of Hungary, Soros fled to England where he studied at the London School of Economics. His current net worth is estimated at close to $25 billion.

Through is philanthropic efforts starting in 1979, George Soros has consistently supported ideals transcending national boundaries. His Open Society Foundation funds efforts to bring transparency and accountability to natural resource industries, among others. He is also a noted supporter of Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

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‘The EU Is on the Verge of Collapse’—An Interview

Countering George Soros’ warnings of the economic pitfalls of a Brexit vote is former London mayor Boris Johnson, who promises to apologize to the British people if a leave vote should result in an recession. UK Justice Secretary Michael Gove points out that Soros has not always been correct in past predictions.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron strongly supports a “stay” decision, endorsing Mr. Soros’ concerns.

Power couple David and Victoria Beckham echoed the caution voiced by Mr. Soros. Soccer superstar David Beckham believes membership in the EU will be better for Britain’s children.

Certain polls in the UK currently show the difference between “leave” versus “stay” at less than 1%.

The nation votes on Thursday, June 24th.

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George Soros Prediction About EU Comes True

Major Economic News

In case you haven’t already heard, there have been some major predictions revolving around the European Union. It is rumored, according to major economists and investors, to be near the point where it is vulnerable to collapse. This is major news because the EU affects economies throughout the world, and its collapse would surely change the way they function. It doesn’t help that Europe is seeing a larger populous as of late, which is a serious drain on Europe’s financial resources. In a recent article from NY Books, professional economists discuss George Soros’ recent acknowledgement and prediction of the EU’s collapse, which was originally reported in New York Review Of Books.

The interview with George Soros may have uncovered some of the main reasons that the EU is having so much trouble keeping it together, and he reveals some possible solutions to the problems that Europe is facing. Soros claims that the German Chancellor may have created an economic crisis in Europe when giving orders to open Germany to migrants and refugees. This decision may have caused the economy to be set off balance in a major way. Their economic system was not ready to deal with the added population of refugees and migrants in their country. The solution would lie with Merkel, according to Soros.

According to Soros, Merkel has the power to fix the problem that she created in letting in the large amounts of people. Soros also claims that the German people have the power to fix the problem. In his interview with New York Review Of Books he states, “And the people who can stop Merkel’s dire prediction from coming true are actually the German people. Now it’s time for Germans to decide: Do they want to accept the responsibilities and the liabilities involved in being the dominant power in Europe?” It’s obvious that Germany and Europe will see major changes in their way of life.

George Soros is a philanthropist who made his fortunes after moving to the United States. He fled the Nazis at an early age, and he moved to England before settling in the United States. He made his fortunes through International Investments. Then, he worked as a philanthropist to raise funds for college students in South Africa. The fund that George Soros founded and managed was actually the very same fund that helped him gain such large amounts of money when he came to the United States. In addition to his philanthropic activities and investment management, George Soros is a critically acclaimed author. He has written over a dozen books on these subjects, and he has been published in a wide variety of magazines, websites and periodicals.