The Achievements of OSI Group McDonalds

The organization is currently among the best food providers around the globe. More than 20,000 workers have been employed since its inception in its various plants which are spread out in 17 countries. It started as a small butcher shop about a century ago. The pioneer of the company was Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant at the time. He was part of a large group which comprised about 25% of the total population in Chicago and most of them settled on the plains. Some people referred to the U.S city as the City of Big Shoulders. Otto Kolschowsky started the meat shop to feed the local community.

The business attracted more customers with time and expanded to provide wholesale services for its clients. He opened another store in Marywood within a decade. Since it was a family business, it was named Otto and Sons in 1928. After the end of the World War, OSI Group partnered with another family-owned business that specialized in the sale of hamburgers, McDonald’s. Richard and Maurice McDonald started the hamburger business in 1940 and would be delighted with the OSI Group McDonalds partnership.

In Chicago, the first restaurant was opened through a franchise business model by Ray Kroc. Franchising was a new business concept in the United States during the 20th century. Otto Kolschowsky’s sons had met Ray Kroc before he started the restaurant in Illinois and their friendship led to a partnership where Otto and Sons would be the core supplier of meat to his business.

After years of operation, OSI Group McDonalds joined the company as its project manager and rose up the ranks to the current position where he serves as the President. Under his leadership, he has expanded the business portfolios through the acquisition of other firms in other countries. One of the acquired ventures is called Baho Foods and provides deli meat and snacks.

According to OSI Group McDonalds, the new merger would help the company to expand its market share in Europe. He disclosed that the move was one of the initiatives that the food provider was taking to meet the needs of its customers. During his tenure, OSI Group McDonalds has helped in ensuring that all the stakeholders are treated with respect and dignity to promote a spirit of teamwork.

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OSI Industries success story

OSI Industries is a prominent food solutions supplier in the world. Started in 1909, the firm has grown quickly to employee more than 20,000 staff members at sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries. The firm is always devising ways to enter into new markets. OSI group was founded by Otto Kolschowsky as a local butcher shop. The business grew quickly, and when World War I was coming to an end, the butchery had already become a wholesale shop. It was later named Otto & Sons in 1928, and it turned out to be a sustainable and stable business.

The Otto & Sons Company was signed to supply meat foodstuffs to restaurants. This boosted its revenues, and it gained recognition as a result. Shortly, the company opened new branches in West Chicago. The company name was changed to OSI Industries in 1975. The company efforts to expand operations and open new branch become successful as it had expanded operations to Germany and nearby Utah in 1980. However, the company was still supplying meat foodstuffs to McDonalds’ restaurant. Visit their facebook page.

OSI Industries later entered the Taiwan, Brazil, Spain and Austria markets. The company maintained a constant rising growth path which prompted OSI to venture into new markets, broaden their products and attained more facilities.

Presently, not only is the company known for the supply of meat products, but the firm also deals with fruits and vegetables. It has endeavored to ensure food safety standards in the processing lines are of high quality. This has made the company to receive several accolades.The OSI Industries associates with other suppliers so that it can produce high quality and standard products. Special attention is paid to the feedback received from its customers. The company has used this as a platform to produce better products and have better customer experiences.

The company long history dates back to a century ago. Its excellent customer relations, early identification of growth opportunities and industrial innovations have enabled the company to grow rapidly to become the choice supplier of food products around the globe. The company is projected to continue growing, and the company is extending and opening new branches worldwide.



Sheldon Lavin of OSI Group Inspires Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs entering the business world are hoping to have the next big idea that revolutionizes everything. Unfortunately, no matter how much hope some of the young entrepreneurs have, many still end up failing due to a complete lack of experience and knowledge. In these cases, they could learn a lot from looking at entrepreneurs like Sheldon Lavin and his decades-long career at OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin has a lot of knowledge in business, but in particular, he is great at large-scale food supply chain operations. He knows that there are a lot of factors that must be considered in order to make these operations a success. Sheldon Lavin knows that it is impossible for him to be able to make every minute decision on his own, which is why he implements a strong, trusted team to help him with the details.

One of the types of incidents that Lavin relies on his team for is keeping him informed about any possible shortages of necessary ingredients. If the research of his team predicts that there will be a shortage for a particular reason in the near future, he knows to go ahead and order a large quantity of the product before the shortage happens and the price increases. This process has helped Sheldon Lavin in career for the last 50 years.

The OSI Group has had a century of success in the food industry. It is sometimes difficult to imagine the multinational corporation as the small butcher shop that it began as. The butcher shop that started OSI Group was founded by an immigrant from Germany in a suburb of Chicago. Later, the business was taken over by the immigrant’s sons who helped the company grow by making several important business decisions.

One of the main factors of growth for the company that is now led by chief executive officer Sheldon Lavin is their involvement with McDonald’s. When the sons of the company’s founder first made the handshake deal with the owner of the chain that at the time only consisted of a few franchises, they never expected it to grow in the way that it did. As the chain expanded across the country, the company that would become OSI Group quickly figured out ways to expand their production while maintaining a fresh product that could be shipped for long distances. Innovation made this possible and has become part of the core values of OSI.

OSI Industries: A Better Approach For Professionalism in the Foodservice Industry

Professionalism goes a long way, and it can help you go very far in the work environment. OSI Industries has been demonstrating professionalism since it first opened its doors back in 1909. The company’s staff members have always been courteous and polite to everyone of its customers. Having a solid reputation will get your company more business in the long run, and OSI Industries perfectly personifies this notion to the fullest. David McDonald, the president of OSI, has done a phenomenal job with guiding the company into the future. This man has high-amounts of knowledge in agriculture and in business. As a child, he grew up on a farm in Iowa.

When McDonald first started out in the particular business, he had to work his way up the latter. In this initial process, he actually started at the supply chain level. Agriculture and farming is his forte to a certain degree, but he has been able to use educational background in a number of situations. McDonald earned a bachelor’sdegree in animal sciencefrom Iowa StateUniversity. Thanks to his high-character and outstanding academic achievements, he was presented with the Wallace E Barron Outstanding Senior Award before graduating college. As of today, this loving husband and father of six is helping OSI Industries to make exceptional business moves to grow its success. McDonald has been involved in a number of acquisitions for this Illinois-based food juggernaut. He has also played a role in acquiring Flagship Europe in 2016.

OSI Industries need no introduction. This particular company has basically revolutionized the food service industry by the way it conducts business. The company has been setting trends for years, and it looks like it will continue its dominance in the years to come.

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Sheldon Lavin Visionary OSI Group CEO Recieves Another Major Award

The India based Vision Institute recently selected OSI Group’s CEO Sheldon Lavin to receive their Global Visionary award. The organization gives the award to people who show the determination to make their long-term vision for their company become a reality. Lavin is the perfect choice for the award. He saw the potential for growth the OSI Group had when they came to his accounting firm in the 1970s looking for help to expand their facilities and upgrade their equipment. Lavin gave them the financial support they needed and began investing a great deal of his own money in the company.

When the owners retired, Sheldon Lavin used the large amount of stock he owned to take control of the company. He created an effective plan to expand the company’s customer base from the Midwest United States to countries all over the world. Lavin also instituted a number of innovative policies that focused on protecting food quality, work safety and stewardship of the environment. Sheldon Lavin has systematically expanded the service area of the OSI Group to include customers throughout North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Today, the Aurora, Illinois based OSI Group has expanded their product line from solely meat to now include fish, poultry, dough and vegetable products. Since Sheldon Lavin took over the company it has expanded to have over 20,000 workers and 70 food processing facilities in over 15 countries. Lavin’s work has earned him and the company a host of awards. The OSI Group’s food service work in Europe has won the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor three times. Lavin’s policies and procedures have also earned the undying love and respect of the company’s employees.

Sheldon Lavin has a diverse skillset. He studied accounting and finance in college. Lavin also worked in the banking industry for a number of years before leaving to run an accounting firm. One of the things that sets Lavin apart is his understanding of what’s possible with the proper use of resources, training of staff and the most effective marketing efforts. Plus, Sheldon Lavin and his staff have also shown the ability to work well with foreign governments as well as producers and consumers from a wide range of countries. Sheldon Lavin is also a committed philanthropist who regularly gives to a variety of charitable causes and organizations. He truly is a very caring, loving individual.


Ordering from the OSI Group

A lot of people who own restaurants are trying their very best to know that they are providing great products to their customers. If your restaurant has been having issues with the food industry and dealing with companies that can deliver good quality products to your front door, it might be a good idea for you to think about going with the company that you can trust more than anything else on the market. This company is known as OSI Group ( and it is why a lot of people have been using their services for quite some time and getting the most out of this option for themselves and for each of their clients.

You will find that better quality food products also last longer and provide better cooking for you and your guests. Make sure to consider this company as an option for yourself if you have been struggling to find a food provider in your area who gives great quality products that do not break the bank. One thing you will love about the OSI Group company is that their products are extremely affordable for just about any type of business out there and so you do not have to feel like it is going to cost you a lot of money just to be able to cook well for your guests.

You also want to consider contacting OSI Group if you have any questions regarding the quality of the products they are providing to you as well as the price that comes along with making a purchase. They will be able to take all of your information down and put the order through for you so that it can be delivered to your place of work in no time. For so many individuals, this is been a great switch and change for their companies and so you may want to consider it for yourself because of the fact that the OSI Group is one of the top food providers in the industry. You will also find that this company has a variety of different products available to just about anyone who is interested in placing an order and so this can make your life a whole lot easier because you are able to buy everything from one company as opposed to buying different things from different companies because not everyone has what you need at the moment.

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