OSI Industries success story

OSI Industries is a prominent food solutions supplier in the world. Started in 1909, the firm has grown quickly to employee more than 20,000 staff members at sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries. The firm is always devising ways to enter into new markets. OSI group was founded by Otto Kolschowsky as a local butcher shop. The business grew quickly, and when World War I was coming to an end, the butchery had already become a wholesale shop. It was later named Otto & Sons in 1928, and it turned out to be a sustainable and stable business.

The Otto & Sons Company was signed to supply meat foodstuffs to restaurants. This boosted its revenues, and it gained recognition as a result. Shortly, the company opened new branches in West Chicago. The company name was changed to OSI Industries in 1975. The company efforts to expand operations and open new branch become successful as it had expanded operations to Germany and nearby Utah in 1980. However, the company was still supplying meat foodstuffs to McDonalds’ restaurant. Visit their facebook page.

OSI Industries later entered the Taiwan, Brazil, Spain and Austria markets. The company maintained a constant rising growth path which prompted OSI to venture into new markets, broaden their products and attained more facilities.

Presently, not only is the company known for the supply of meat products, but the firm also deals with fruits and vegetables. It has endeavored to ensure food safety standards in the processing lines are of high quality. This has made the company to receive several accolades.The OSI Industries associates with other suppliers so that it can produce high quality and standard products. Special attention is paid to the feedback received from its customers. The company has used this as a platform to produce better products and have better customer experiences.

The company long history dates back to a century ago. Its excellent customer relations, early identification of growth opportunities and industrial innovations have enabled the company to grow rapidly to become the choice supplier of food products around the globe. The company is projected to continue growing, and the company is extending and opening new branches worldwide.

Check: https://discoverorg.com/directory/company/OSI-Group/7670


Escondido is Creating San Diego’s Culinary Frontier

Bellamy’s restaurant reveals Escondido as the new culinary frontier in San Diego county. How did the area outside of Downtown snag Southland’s most elusive foodie loyalists?

The Talent: Patrick Ponsaty

Ponsaty’s culinary take on his homeland of Toulouse is what earned him the prestigious title Meilleurs Ouvrier de France. He mastered his adored and delicate food pairings at El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn as Executive Chef. The reward for drawing a loyal fanbase was running his own kitchen at Mistral at Loews Coronado Bay Resort.

The Inspiration: El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn

When Brian Bonar, a Scottish entrepreneur, was ready to take on the restaurant industry, he knew precisely the team he wanted to work with. Bonar is a long-time fan of PonsatyÕs creations and the team at El Bizcocho. When the doors were shut for renovation and an overhaul was planned to strip El Bizcocho of its French inspiration, Bonar knew it was an unfounded loss for the foodie community.

Instead of seeing a loss, Bonar offered the team a new home where they could truly shine. BellamyÕs is a true foodieÕs home to enjoy the raw talent that has been perfected over time. Trevor Da Costa was brought on to run the Front-of-House and Mike Reidy as Executive Chef.

The Location: Escondido

Brain Bonar is creating a restaurant empire that is only beginning with Bellamy’s. Ponsaty now has the freedom to build what he needs to be the best. The kitchen at The Ranch at Bandy Canyon will be his final home and of his own creation.

The Ranch is an elegant event space situated on the 144-acre estate that is reminiscent of Napa and the South of France. It will truly bring Ponsaty and San Diego back home. In the meantime, Ponsaty is training Reidy to take over when The Ranch and BellamyÕs will be ready to be transitioned.

The Financer: Brian Bonar

A reporter from Whitepages said that Brain Bonar came to the restaurant industry as an executive in the medical field. As Chairman of the Solvis Medical Group, Brian Bonar success was handling and managing the basics and logistics to create the ideal environment for talent to grow – Dalrada reporter said that.

True growth is not only a success for the individual but the community the company wants to be in service to. Bonar has made his new ventures a family business by bringing on Gianina Pickens to run the day-to-day at Bellamy’s.

Contact Information to Visit
The Ranch at Bandy Canyon
16251 Bandy Canyon Rd., Escondido, CA 92025
Phone: +1 (760) 871-6494

Bellamy’s Restaurant
Address: 417 W. Grand Ave., Escondido CA 92025
Phone: +1 (760) 747-5000