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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin fight for the rights of every individual, and they do so no less than through their Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund, a place of refuge and safety for many. This foundation has been in the works for many years. It protects and delivers, at times offering alternative solutions that were never even thought of in any previous time.

Venezuelan migrants, for instance, would do more than well to take advantage of such a wonderful service in turn as their country has been through more than its share of downward spirals all around, especially in the last 20 years.

This country and its residents have faced one share of economic and social disaster after another, starting with Hugo Chavez and his dominant tyrant control of the country; this man was, without a doubt, influenced by none other than the evil Castro brothers themselves, dictators of Cuba for many years prior.

After Chavez passed away in late 2013, Nicolas Maduro took the reins and began to implement only more fierce totalitarian communism on the country and, as any human with a heart of compassion and understanding can imagine, the state of that nation only continued to decline – and we now have the wasted country that we have today, a Venezuela broken and in need of serious hope. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

Not to dismay, certain organizations like the Frontera Fund exist for this very sole purpose: to eradicate every form of civil, human or migrant evil and injustice in today’s word. It all starts, of course, with proper word of mouth: The more that people learn about human rights and their current application – or lack thereof – within any country, the faster they can do something about it and change any society for the better.

So, then, it all really begins with having a firm base of knowledge and a true grasp of the present facts altogether, not to mention a heart of passion and a calling to make the change.

It has been reported, for instance, that billions upon billions of dollars have been lost or misplaced within Venezuela; the logical speculation of many is that this money has not just randomly disappeared but instead gone into the overly affluent, selfish pockets of Maduro and the Castro brothers, along with their other dirty little friends in the business of South American tyranny and oppression – which, believe it or not, has now become a form of business or hobby for many around the world today.

Just look at North Korea’s top idiot, Kim Jong Un, and you will see exactly what we are talking about: A word spoken from his stupid mouth will not but reaffirm the point and make it clear to all that he is no less than evil and insane altogether; someone else should take the office in places like these. If that fails to happen, then the very core of all civil and human, not to mention political, rights is in peril.

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