Jason Hope Talks About The IoT

One of the most modern subjects in the world of technologies is the Internet of Things, which is the ability for devices and gadgets to sync with each other, something that years ago was just present in futuristic movies. Called IoT for short, it is a real phenomenon that is hitting the stores in more and more fields that you can think. Refrigerators with an internet connection, watches and vehicles are all becoming smart devices that can connect with each other to allow a means of communication never seen before.

Jason Hope talked about this phenomenon and stated that it is one of the biggest jumps in technology to hit the industry. The IoT is not only the next trend as it is one of the primary fields that the most influential tech corporations will be investing in the future, including Google and Microsoft.

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For now, the Internet of Things allows apparels to sync with each other to increase efficiency and decrease wasted time, but Jason Hope believes that it leads to so much more. A smart refrigerator, for example, can preemptively warn the owner that they are running out of food without even having to open it. Gadgets come equipped with sensors that just allow for a huge variety of things that they are capable of doing.

Jason Hope is one of the most influential names when talking about technology and most recent advancements. He is also passionate about philanthropy and has backed foundations like SENS with no vision of profit. SENS Foundation is focused on improving the quality of life for aging people and Hope is involved in supporting their cause. He believes that the research to find more cures and enhance the aging experience to be one of the most important causes leading into the future.