The Man With A Golden Heart, George Soros

George Soros has managed to remain a rich billionaire after years and billions of dollars of giving away. The man has remained to be an uncanny businessman with the most indispensable economic mastery of the global trading on stocks, currencies, bonds, and treasuries despite his age and the immense amount of time he dedicates understanding how the world works and picking the liberal struggles he often backs financially. As one of the most generous men in the world, he is often misunderstood to bear political aspirations. However, his generosity has never been motivated by ambition. Even his political persuasions do not dissuade him from the truth or from backing just causes. One of the most influential Democrats of his time, George Soros, coincidentally, was once part of an oppressed minority group and perhaps, his philanthropy has been a manifestation of his psychological need to pay back to the world what was done to his people back in Hungary. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Born in Budapest, Soros was born a survivor. The Nazi Regime had decided to wage war with the Jewish community and had encroached in on Hungary with the aim of ethnically cleansing the Hungarian Jews. They managed to kill over 500,000 Hungarian Jews and could have done worse if it wasn’t for the Soros Family. George Soros and his kin forged documents for their family and other Jews around them in a bid to hide their Jewish identities. Soros, as reported by the Washington Times, is convinced that their refusal to submit to persecution was the biggest statement the Jewish Community could ever make to the people world to appreciate diversity and to stand up for their individual right to live.

Convinced that education would be good to help him forge a better life path for himself and those around him, George fled Budapest and went to study at the London School of Economics. To raise his school fees, he worked as a casual laborer in a night club and as a manual laborer at the railway constructions around London. He valued education so much that when times became good for him a decade later, he offered scholarships to South Africans who were deeply involved in fighting against the Apartheid regime. He also created the Central European University after the demolition of the Berlin wall and funded the teaching of Critical Thinking to the Soviet people.

The Ferguson Protests

Of the 12 billion dollars that the Man Who Broke the Bank of England has donated over his lifetime, philanthropist and Democratic Party Associate, George Soros gave a sizeable one-off contribution of 33 million dollars to the fruition of the Ferguson protests. After Michael Brown got shot, the people reacted violently and spontaneously to the extra-judicial killing. The violence had already started accruing devastating effects to the cause and the campaign against racial profiling and police brutality. Fortunately, Soros moved in to better organize the protests and to give sound voice to the message that needed passing. That, he did by organizing several journalistic groups and lobby groups to spread the Black Lives Matter hashtag campaigns. He also organized for national bus rides and coordinated protests that made the issue a national concern and subject for debate. Learn more about this article at

Insight from George Soros on the Refugee Problem

George Soros calls on his personal, political and professional experiences to detail a comprehensive plan for how the world could work together to solve the current international refugee crisis. MarketWatch recently published the article, which first takes aim at the European Union (EU) and its blatant failures so far in solving the problem of record numbers of people currently seeking asylum throughout Europe. Soros laments that instead of working together for a collective solution, the member countries of the EU have rather been focused on their own individual interests. Because EU member countries took stances against offering refuge to asylum seekers, this set off an element of panic among refugees, fueling the desperation of the situation.
In his bloomberg article, Soros sets out a six part plan to help EU countries manage the refugee situation in a much more organized and proactive way. Soros even backed up his plan with hard numbers, stating that the EU should consider accepting one million asylum seekers as a whole each year. Along with this, Soros proposes that the EU contribute 15,000 euros per refugee accepted by each EU member country. Soros contends that appropriately sharing the financial burden of the refugee situation is critical to EU member countries being willing to accept responsibility for the refugee situation. Soros also calls for the EU to provide adequate funding to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to provide for the four million refugees that are estimated to be coming from those countries. This proposition aims to head some of the immigration problems off at their source.

In addition nybooks also posted, Soros demands that the EU establish a unified plan and central agency for tracking refugees. Similarly, Soros states that there must be an established route for refugees to travel so that they are guaranteed safe passage on their journey. The EU should monitor these routes and help facilitate safe passage of refugees as much as possible. Part of the bigger picture of Soros’ proposal is that he hopes that the EU can set the gold standard for how the international community at large handles the current refugee situation. He suggests that after the EU has its basis plan set in place, that the EU should work with the international community so that these standards are set in place globally. After that stage, Soros also explores the EU to seek support from the private sector in the form of NGOs and other private sources of funding to financially support the safe passage and the successful relocation of asylum seekers.

Forbes billionaire George Soros has a very personal history with immigration. He was born in Budapest in 1930 and lived through the Nazi occupation of Hungary. Soros fled Hungary in 1947 to travel to England to study. He then left for the U.S. to begin his career. Soros now serves as the president of the Soros Fund Managament and chairman of the Open Society Foundation. He is also a very active philanthropist who supports many liberal causes.