Shiraz Boghani Hospitality Career

Shiraz Boghani is not a stranger when it comes to success. The businessman is famed for his accomplishments in the tough markets. The renowned businessman was born in Kenya. His parents were living in Kenya when Shiraz was born, but they decided to move and settle in the United Kingdom in the year 1969. His parents were wealthy, and they could afford to take their son to leading schools in the UK. Boghani was passionate about accounts from a tender age, and this is why he decided to specialize in the subject when he went to the university. The businessman graduated with a degree from a leading college before he could venture into the corporate world.

Shiraz Boghani has had a very successful career. Immediately he got an opportunity to work in the complex markets, the businessman started getting experience, and this saw him acquire top positions in various companies. His employers were happy with the kind of results the businessman was producing, and this is why they gave him promotions. The educational background of Shiraz was a key factor in his success. After a career in accounts, the renowned businessman realized that he has a calling for the hospitality department. Venturing into this sector was the best thing the businessman did for his career.


Shiraz Boghani currently holds many positions. He is the chairman of the prestigious Sojourn Hotels. The businessman founded the group of hotels several years ago, and he has brought so many changes in the United Kingdom hospitality department. The businessman is also one of the founders of the popular institutions known as Sussex Health Care. The foundation has been instrumental in changing the lives of many mentally challenged personalities in the country. At the moment, the businessman is holding the position of managing partner at one of the most successful hotel companies in the country, known as Splendid Hotels.

Not long ago, the renowned accountant received an award because of the success experienced by Splendid Group of Hotels under his leadership. Getting an award in the hotel sector is not an easy activity. However, for Shiraz, the award did not come as a shock. The businessman has been very successful in this field, and he has made sure that his hotels become the leaders in the tight market. The businessman says that employees working at the Splendid Group made it easy for him to get the award. These professionals made sure that customers in the hotels are offered the services they are looking for.

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