Jason Hope: The Expert That Consumers Can Trust

When people hear the phrase “Internet of Things” they might not quite know what the speaker is talking about. Current society is centered around technology and staying connected to one another, but often the processes that enable those interactions are not considered. While it can be difficult to master the latest smartphone, the technology that goes into creating it is seemingly endless. With so many new technologies and devices hitting the shelves, it is more important than ever that consumers understand them. Jason Hope sees that need and his new e-book will help consumers navigate one of the fastest growing technologies.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is exactly how it sounds, it is an internet of things around the world. This network consists of various devices that have software or chips that enable them to communicate with other devices. When people are trying to understand IoTs the typical reference would be a smartphone. A smartphone can connect to the internet and communicate with a variety of other devices. Appliances are also capable of this as well as cars, navigations systems, and smart homes. It appears that many new devices are designed now with IoT in mind. This makes it more important than ever that consumers master their use.

“Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” is a guide that anyone with questions about IoT devices should pick up. The e-book is available on Amazon.com as an immediate resource for consumers and eloquently answers all their questions regarding their devices. Hope is even sure to go into security, as it can be a major concern for individuals nowadays. One of the biggest things in the e-book that Hope discusses in the benevolent impact that the IoT has on society. As its usage skyrockets, these devices will only become more important.

Eventually, IoT will dominate the business world. While this is something that is typically associated with the consumer market, the odds are very good that businesses will start to rely very heavily on the technology as well. This means that learning the technology becomes important for individuals beyond what they do in their free-time. Resources like Hope’s e-book might help people get a jump on their peers. Hope has years of experience in the technology field. Through growing his own successful companies to becoming a renowned futurist, Hope is an expert that consumers can trust.

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Jason Hope the Mobile Technology Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is a futurist from the state of Arizona. He is an investor in healthcare technology, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. He got an undergraduate degree from Arizona State University in Finance then later he got an MBA. These courses helped him start something that was business related. Mobile technology had the upper hand in his mind as a catalyst for change because of its ability to reach a wider section of people and its various benefits. Mobile technology also had a wider room for expansion giving him motivation for starting selling premium text message services. This helped Jason lay the groundwork for his medical research and technology while still protecting his ardor as a futurist.

His main source of capital is from the portfolio he owns of technology companies. At the beginning of his career, he created a mobile company known as JAWA. During the addition of various companies in technological industry, this company was acting as a parent company. Jason earns a living from his portfolio of investments that include companies that provide Digital Media Solutions, Marketing Services, Computer and Business Information Systems and Interactive Software. This was from the knowledge that the future society would really on technology because of the ability of technology to connect and interconnect places, individuals, and things. Jason was able to keep his mind focused on the direction the technology was taking, and this was the idea behind JAWA formation. The profits were got right away from its formation, and it spearheaded foundation of portfolios.

What keeps an entrepreneur like Jason up on his game is the fit sense of uncertainty. This helps him think of the future and a head of his competitors. Many queries and obstacles mainly arise on the discovery of new products, services or ideas. Managing of these challenges is the determinant of how successful an entrepreneur will be. To some entrepreneurs, doubt will make them fail but to Jason uses this tool to drive his success further. He knew he would end up in the technology sector because of his passion for technology. He strongly believes in technology, and he plans to continue to do more in the field.

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Jason Hope Riding The Wave Of Technological Success

Jason Hope has high hopes for the future of technology. Considering the high rate at which it is advancing, there is not a better time to get involved. Mr. Hope enjoys expanding professional network outside of the technology industry so that he is able to share his new technologies with everyone. He is experienced with both the technical and business sides of the equation so he able to use that to his advantage. Mr. Hope is the founder of Jawa, which is based on his interested in mobile systems of communication.

Mr. Hope now invests in young entrepreneurs in order to help them earn the funds to develop their idea to completion. He has a good eye for the companies that show the most promise and have something revolutionary to offer. One of the things Mr. Hope is most looking forward to is the Internet of Things. He thinks this will make electronic interactions vastly more efficient, but it will also be game changing in the medical world. Mr. Hope advises people new to the business to never forget what got them started and to stay true to their original idea.

Mr. Hope is also a dedicated philanthropist. He is very interested in the work that the SENS Foundation is conducting and he supports them. He believes that extending the lifespan of humans is possible and it can be done while also improving the quality of life as they age. He believes this is possible by focusing on prevention disease in addition to the treatment of it. Mr. Hope wants to improve the health and treatment of disease and he is able to do so by contributing to the SENS Foundation.

Mr. Hope lives Scottdale, Arizona and he spends his time working on this philanthropy and staying up to date on the latest technology. He has always been ambitious and attended the Arizona State University to get his bachelor’s degree in Finance. To address the business side of things, he went to the Carey School of Business at ASU. He earned his MBA during his time at that school.

President Of The US Money Reserve Discusses How One Day A Penny Might Not Exist

In, an interview by CNBC Squawk box Philip Diehl, president of the US Reserve speaks about how a penny has become devalued in current day. It is no longer copper and instead is made out of zinc. In today’s world people often pass a penny by. Sometimes they don’t even take it back from the cashier.

There is talk that at some point they will stop producing the penny and often it is more expensive to make the monetary coin than it is even worse which makes little sense in today’s world. The need to keep the penny around is more done for the conversation of the coin that one of our most famous presidents sat on, Abraham Lincoln.

Is it more important to have it as a symbol or to get rid of it and help the economy. It is interesting how it is considered such an important token of history and that keeping it around is even considered.

It is interesting to think about how many people would now just pass it by instead of taking it’s importance in to context. The thought of making something, losing money and keeping it around seems to be a fruitless effort. There is also thoughts that it would make bookkeeping a difficult effort. Strangely enough the opinion is that it really wouldn’t cause any problems and is more trouble than it is worth.

According to Crunch Base, Soon the United States will move to get rid of the penny and nothing much will probably change the US Money Reserve. Instead of a Pennies could be a thing of the past..penny being the biggest issues people are concerned that a nickel might be more of an issue but, it is truly not a big of a problem to be concerned about.

Someday in this world a child will be born and the shiny copper (not really) will be something we never discuss again. It sounds like most of the reason for hanging on to the penny is simply rooted in tradition and nothing more. Eventually the penny will be some sort of nostalgic peace of history. It will definitely be remembered but, probably not used.

Status Labs CEO Showcases Digital Profile Advice

Status Labs is an online reputation and brand management company that has been focusing on helping people cultivate their web presence for years. The company was recently highlighted for the commendable work in aiding those afflicted by the invasive Ashley Madison hacks in the summer of 2015. With people focusing more and more on how their web presence is showcased the CEO of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, made sure to drop a few tips off to people who need help. As it turns out, there is a lot that can be done to keep your online image a priority.

Identify Problem Areas
If you grew up with the internet then the odds are good that you’ve been on more than a couple of websites. Both fortunately and unfortunately our web presence isn’t one static thing, it is something that is always evolving. So what you first need to do, according to Fisher, is head to your favorite search engine and start identifying what results your brand name will incur. You’ll immediately see potential problem areas in the form of outdated articles, poor image quality, or even unflattering posts from the past. Identifying your issues is only step one of your web presence make over but it is arguably the most important one.

Replace Problematic Material
Bad content that is attached to profiles you operate should be completely deleted at the source. If you’ve found your info compiled by a data broker you can go ahead and send an email to the company directly, requesting that your content be removed. From there you can start from a clean slate and begin replacing the bad content with better stuff that is more representative of your brand. Start cultivating search engine driven content in the form of articles, profiles, and other digital media. You can work with a company like Status Labs or you can go it alone in order to get the job done.

Consider PR Consultations
If you are aiming to be a big presence in the digital world then you could do worse than sit down for a consultation with a company like Status Labs. Learning how to optimize and engineer the best web presence possible could make a world of difference for your company at the end of the day.