Jim Hunt: Providing Knowledge The Average Investor Needs To Succeed

VTA Publications’ CEO Jim Hunt is one of those people who is always reading about stock market trends or devising new ways for investors to profit from trading. Fortunately, Hunt shares his ideas through his information publishing company, VTA Publications, with exclusive courses that anyone, even people who have never bought stocks before, can use to generate wealth for themselves.

Recently, Hunt decided to prove his stock trading system works by making his own mother a millionaire. Using his YouTube channel, Hunt will post proof that, in just 10 steps, he is able to take one thousand pounds and turn it into a million pounds. If Hunt can do this for his mom, his system on prnewschannel.com can work for men and women who are not accumulating enough savings to fund the comfortable retirement that they envision.

Also recently launching Wealth Wave, Jim Hunt decided to teach individuals how to profit when the stock market falls or crashes on vtapublications.co. According to Hunt, the money is still in the market, it is simply transferred elsewhere, therefore, people who understand spread betting will still profit. While it sounds difficult, Hunt and other expert financial professionals on prnewswire.co explain when is the ideal time to trade, even for novices, nevertheless, if an individual needs help, Hunt and his team are there for them. Webinars and DVDs provide the training Wealth Wave customers need to start raking in profits when everyone else is complaining that their stocks are falling.

Hunt began his career working in a bank, however, he became disillusioned when he saw how poorly the average person understood what was really happening in the finance sector. Hunt developed VTA publications to change the situation and give the average investor the knowledge they need to succeed.

Martin Lustgarten the Enigma

Investment banking is one of the fields which is not only challenging but if looked at well is very lucrative. Many organizations and individuals all over the world are in the race to be the best in this field. However very few can say they have reached the intended heights. Many successful investment bankers will tell you of the many hours spent grinding to get customers invest with them. The world out there is a jungle between competing for investment banks. However, in every field, there are those who have mastered the art of massaging customer’s ego to a point that they cannot invest with anybody else but them. One such person is Martin Lustgarten.


Martin Lustgarten currently lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. This is one region that is filled with many investment banks and bankers due to the many investment opportunities presented by this region. To start with there is the Port of Miami which is a dream for such investors.


Martin Lustgarten has worked his way up the investment banking world to reach the highest echelons of the business. As the CEO of Lustgarten, he is tasked with looking for money making opportunities for the organization. His experienced which he has amassed over the years is the primary weapon he uses to convince his potential clients to sign up with him.


It’s very uncommon to find investment bankers with a heart. However, Martin Lustgarten is a man who is a giver. He is usually involved in philanthropic work as a way of giving back to the community. He was the brain behind “My shelter dog rescued me”. The CSR event organized in Florida was aimed at raising funds for shelter dogs. He was I the forefront of sensitizing people to donate for the animals. This event proved a success, and it just shows you how charismatic Martin Lustgarten is as well as being popular. Getting the perfect mix of hard work, charisma and philanthropy is not an easy thing, but Martin Lustgarten has succeeded to do that effortlessly. Find him on Tumblr to see what he’s personally into.