Sachs Capital Group Acquires RMG Networks with Madison Street Capital Advising

Madison Street Capital, an investment banking firm with international presence, played an exclusive advisory role in the acquisition of tech company RMG Networks. In addition to hiring Madison Street Capital, the client, Sachs Capital Group, closed out the transaction with the help of Virgo Capital and Merion Investment Partners, a debt facility provider. With RMG Networks, Sachs Capital Group comes into possession of a digital signage company that also deals in hardware and proprietary software including various services used by many Fortune 100 companies.


Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen was responsible for leading the Madison Street team in assisting this client, according to Madison Street Capital.


Gregory H. Sachs, CEO of Sachs Capital Group, expressed his satisfaction with closing out the transaction in a recent statement. Along with counsel of Madison Street Capital, he was able to make use of their long standing partnerships and expertise to determine the proper sources for funding and when to move forward. He also stated that he was pleased to have the Madison Street team at his side as the acquisition was nearing its end.


Petersen had similar feelings after working on this transaction and seeing it to its end. Having acquired RMG Networks, Petersen sees Sachs Capital Group in command of a larger portion of the market, poised to experience a great deal of growth thanks to the development of cloud storage and new digital signage techniques to be used on more communication platforms.


RMG Networks’ last day of trading on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange was on September 28, 2018. As per the agreement in the transaction, those in possession of RMG Networks stock were paid $1.29 per share.


About Madison Street Capital:


Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking form based in Chicago. Committed to integrity, excellence, and bold leadership, the Madison Street Capital reputation has led to working with corporate clients of high standing. They play a financial advisory role, help manage mergers and acquisitions between businesses, making decisions that lead to the best financial outcome for the client. Madison Street Capital even determines the value of public and private businesses.


When taking on a new client, Madison Street Capital shares the same goals. This allows for a clear strategy that makes sense of markets and global economy with respect to the client’s business needs. Under their counsel, Madison Street Capital’s clients have gone on to meet their ambitious visions and achieve business success.


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Madison Street Capital-A Leading Provider of Boutique Financial Services

According to an article found on Benzinga, Madison Street Capital, an international investment banking company based in Chicago, was named the winner in the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. This announcement was made by the M&A Advisor. Over the years, the various M&A awards categories are presented to the leading companies based on such aspects as restructuring, deal making and financing.

Awards Category

In this regard, the Madison Street Capital firm had been nominated for two categories in this year’s M&A awards. The two are the best Industrials Deal of the Year and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year categories. This came as a result of the firm’s contribution in the acquisition of the Acuna & Asociados S.A. the winners for the various M&A awards categories will also be named during the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala that will be held at the New York Athletic Club on 9th November, 2016.

About the Madison Street Capital

The Madison Street Capital is a renowned boutique investment banking firm that is currently based in Chicago, Illinois.

Services Offered by Madison Street Capital

The company is among the leading providers of various financial services, such as middle market investment banking, capital restructuring, hedge fund administration, mergers and acquisition, private equity fund administration, corporate advisory, financial asset management, bankruptcy, reorganization, business valuation, financial opinion, and valuation for financial reporting services for businesses within various industries. Some of the popular clients who have used the services of the Madison Street Capital in the past include Central Iowa Energy, LLC, Bond Medial Group Inc, and Bond Medial Group Inc.

What Makes the Firm a Top Choice?

The preference of this firm by many companies and businesses today may be attributed to their experience, knowledge and extensive relationships. The quality of services offered by the Madison street capital firm conforms to the requirements of the leading middle market investment banking companies and businesses today. In this regard, the company has a vast base of skilled and experienced professionals. This being the case, the Madison Street Capital is capable of facilitating appropriate capitalization and financing structure to meet the requirements of every one of their clients.

Experience is an important attribute in today’s financial services industry. With highly experienced pool of professional employees, the firm can offer ideal solutions for different situations. Over the years, the company has been able to offer careful analysis as well as more precise recommendations for various businesses and companies.

If you are a business owner and are looking for the best firm to facilitate acquisitions, favorable lending and selling a business, or are just looking for the best opinion, with regards to corporate governance in your business, Madison Street Capital is well renowned for excellence in offering various services in the investment banking industry.

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Martin Lustgarten’s Theory of Investment Banking

Investment banking can best be defined as advising corporations, individuals, companies, charitable firms and governments on financial matters and how they can best get capital and boost their business. Its difference with local banking is that it does not involve the actual depositing and issuing of money. Investment banks hire investments bankers who have been professionally trained to provide the necessary knowledge with regards to investment banking. Martin Lustgarten is a witty investment banker who has carefully mastered his art and perfected it.
Lustargarten’s theory of investment banking is that first, one needs to be quite conversant with financial services and finances. In addition to that, the investment banker needs to have a broad understanding of the field that he or she is offering advice on. Martin insists that it is important that an investment banker exhibits finesse on matters he or she is consulted on. The benefits of finesse in what you offering advice on can be noted by the degree of excellence that he has been able to achieve due to his following of market cycles which gets him to understand the markets well.
Martin continues to add on to his theory by stating that an investment banker should tread carefully when dealing with risk. He advises that the only way to play safe when it comes to risk is by assessing and calculating all possible chances for loss. According to him, calculating for potential risk of loss will help the banker be prepared for any occurrence.
Martin Lustgarten
The investment banker was born in the year 1959 in Venezuela. He is the proud owner of an investment bank that has its headquarters in Florida and sits at its helm as the CEO. His daily activities involve assisting people to make investments, help businesses achieve their investment goals and market their businesses. His connection goes as far as Hong Kong and Singapore where he also provides his services. His willingness to educate people on investment banking matters has earned him great fame.
One of Martin’s Lustgarten biggest hobbies is his love of traveling around the world. He is also an active participant on social media platforms where he connects with the world and updates himself on world news. Martin Lustgarten lives with his family in Miami.

Follow Lustgarten on Twitter @mlustgarten2 to learn more.

Madison Street Capital – 2016 Hedge Fund Mergers and Acquisition Outlook

Madison Street Capital, a Chicago-based M&A advisor has announced its annual market outlook, after which it has predicted that 2016 will be a stronger year for hedge fund mergers and acquisition. According to data provided by the company, there was a 27% increase in the number of hedge fund M&A in 2015, where the company reported 42 transactions completed or announced, compared to 32 transactions announced in 2013 as reported by

A big number of these deals were large assets managers acquiring firms or doing team lift-outs for specific strategies. Considering the prolific growth of allocations directed to alternative asset space, there is a strong indication that this acquisition trend will carry on by the end of this year and possibly 2017. According to a Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, despite 2015 being a difficult year for the industry in term of performance, upcoming and small-sized hedge funds were performing above average, making them targets for acquisition.

And as the hedge fund industry continued to grow, managers with the richest expertise in niche strategies as well as those capable of achieving highest returns, are more valuable to largest asset management firms as acquisition than they would try to raise fund on their won. This is because investors always show a strong preference to allot only to asset management firms and larger hedge funds. Smaller firm on the other hand will be able to build a resilient operational infrastructure in addition to being the targets for asset managers.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street is an international investment hedge fund committed to excellence, integrity, leadership and service in offering financial opinions, financial advisory services, valuation services and acquisition expertise to privately and publicly held business enterprises. Particularly, Madison Street Capital is the global leader in delivering corporate finance mergers and acquisition advisory.

The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois though the middle investment banking has offices in Africa, North America and Asia. The company numerous professionals has the ability to develop a suitable financing and capitalization structure to suit each and every one of its clients. The company provide a variety of financial services including hedge fund administration services, financial asset management services, private equity fund administration services, business valuation services and corporate advisory services.

Over the years, the company have helped clients in hundreds of industries allowing them to achieve their goals in a timely manner. The company’s experience in the fields of corporate governance and independence is the reason behind it being the leader in financial advisory services.

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Martin Lustgarten Providing Quality Investment Banking Services

The investment banking industry provides a variety of banking services. Unlike most local banking institutions that focus primarily on individuals and small businesses, investment banking institutions tend to have a broader focus. Investment banking as an industry focuses more on corporations and individuals who have above average net worth and available investment cash.

The investment banking industry has a structure that contains three areas of concentration. The three areas are sales and training, asset management, and investment banking division. Each area has specific purposes and handles certain investment banking needs. As an industry, larger investment banks have more flexibility concerning the areas that are operated and maintained. Smaller investment banks usually focus on the investment bank division.

Regarding the investment banking division, there are two segments within the division. The segments are industries and products. Both of the segments are structured to assist both individuals and companies with transactions, mergers, and acquisitions. Also, the two segments can give assistance pertaining to financial issues such as providing funding for business deals, or helping clients find funds for business transactions.

There are several reasons why smaller investment banks utilize investment banking division more so than the other two areas in investment banking. One of the main reasons is because investment banking division has more diverse services.

Investment banking division, which is often referred to as corporate finance, is structured to provide services to corporations on a wide scale. This does not mean that investment banks cannot offer services to entities other than corporations.

Smaller investment banks can be ran successfully off the personality and business savvy of the people holding key management positions. Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who has been able to run a successful investment bank based on his knowledge, talents, expertise, and skills concerning the investment banking industry.

Martin Lustgarten is the CEO and founder of Lustgarten Martin, which is an investment bank. The investment bank provides a variety of services for corporations such as providing advice concerning corporate finances, securing funding for business deals, and assisting with public stock issues.

He has a mixture of clients that range from small to large corporations. In addition, Martin Lustgarten offers a personal touch related to the services offered through his investment bank that caters to the specific needs of his clients.