Respected for His Work in Real Estate and Fashion, Chris Burch Is Now Doing Big Things In the Realm of Hospitality:

Chris Burch is one of the most successful American entrepreneurs in the world today. He is well known in the business world as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of venture capital management firm Burch Creative Capital and co-founder of fashion firm Tory Burch LLC. Chris Burch hails originally from Wayne, Pennsylvania and attended college at New York state’s Ithaca College. During his college career, Chris Burch and his brother started a company called Eagles Eye Apparel. The pair were able to grow this business into a highly successful operation that eventually sold for $165 million. Chris’s highly successful career as an entrepreneur has seen him find success in numerous different industries including real estate and fashion.

One of Chris Burch’s recent success stories is the development of a fabulous resort called Nihiwatu Resort located on a small Indonesian island.

The Nihiwatu project is a hospitality industry project that Chris Buch is developing with his business partner James McBride. The project started when the two partners bought a hostel on Sumba, an island of Indonesia. A $30 million investment was put into the island as it was developed into an incredible 5-Star hotel that was voted as the worlds best in 2016 by prestigious publication Travel + Leisure. More than being just a mere hotel, Nihiwatu Resort offers its clients an overall experience that includes access to amazing hiking trails, surfing and some of the best fishing that can be found anywhere in the world. Chris Burch has also placed a large amount of the focus of Nihiwatu on empowering the areas local communities as well as preserving the regions distinct culture.  Check for a related article.

Chris Burch originally found out about this unique island when he was visiting Bali and he quickly fell in love with it. Soon, he was recruiting his friend, well-regarded hospitality industry magnet James McBride, to help him do something amazing. The Nihiwatu Resort now serves as the largest employers on the island of Sumba and Chris Burch has started the Sumba Foundation. All profits generated by the resort go into the foundation and are put toward the fight to improve education and provide clean water. The elimination of malaria is a key focus of the foundation. This work is well in line with Chris’s reputation for philanthropy and serves as a way for him to give back to a place that he has truly fallen in love with.

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