Ted Bauman And Safe Investing

Economist Ted Bauman believes that the best approach to investing is to adopt a low-risk approach. While many will think that this investment style is boring and can limit returns, Mr. Bauman argues that investors have historically made more money with a low-risk strategy than other methods. With the US stock market at record highs, now may be the time to heed his business advice. Mr. Bauman earned degrees in history and economics when he moved to South Africa. He spent many years working with those in need and feels that society should play its role to offer those at the bottom opportunities for a better life. After living abroad for over twenty years, he returned to the United States and is currently employed with Banyan Hill Publishing, where he is the editor of three newsletters, all of which are designed to aid his subscribers in making smart financial choices.

Ted Bauman currently feels that US equities are way overvalued. He uses an indicator called the CAPE ratio in order to come to this conclusion. As an investor who specializes in low risk strategies, he feels that an area for investors to investigate is Chinese equities. The trade war rhetoric between the Trump Administration and the Chinese government has been one factor that has caused stock prices in China to plummet. The Chinese Yuan has been devaluing ever since the trade war began and soon after Chinese stocks followed suit. The Shanghai Composite is down over eighteen percent this year. Economist Ted Bauman feels that Chinese stocks currently are safer than US stocks because they are extremely undervalued.

Bauman has recommended the iShares China Large-Cap ETF as a way for American investors to gain exposure to some cheaper Chinese companies.Ted Bauman gets discouraged from how often investors will go without diversifying into bonds. A way to lower risk in a financial portfolio is to have a proper weighting of stocks and bonds. Investors who hold bonds will receive interest payments, like receiving dividends. Ted Bauman does feel that stocks in the US could end up crashing, but he does not believe investors should panic and completely sell all their stocks. He feels a very wise plan of action is to seek undervalued investments and to rotate out of more overvalued investments.

Stream Energy Leads the Way in Modernizing Corporate Charity

Corporate generosity is a well known tradition of many American companies and is one that Stream Energy based out of Dallas, Texas is striving to uphold. The direct sales company was established in 2005 and has managed to generate $ billion in revenue in that time. Originally the company focused on supplying power to its customers, but over the years has adapted and expanded alongside new technology and now offers additional services such as wireless plans, virtual medical visits, digital voice, and protective home services.

Alongside the impressive success of the bottom line for Stream Energy, the company also has a proven track record of philanthropy both financial and more. The company which operates in 10 states, recently took a step to not only cement it’s philanthropic goals but expand on them by establishing “Stream Cares”. This group within the company is focused solely on inspiring more volunteer efforts among associates and to direct time and money to the most
impactful and deserving causes.

One such cause that the company made a large impact was Hurricane Harvey which devastated the Texas Gulf Coast in the fall of 2017. Stream Energy stepped up to aid in funding the vast recovery efforts as well as made decisions to help mitigate some of the financial burden specifically to their own customers.

Another focal point for Stream Energy Cares stays close to home, as they have been and remain a key partner of Hope Supply Co, which is a Dallas based organization focusing on homeless children in the area. Stream Energy footed the bill for over 1,000 children’s meal and entrance fee to an event known as Splash for Hope. The event gives homeless children a chance to experience a local water park for a day, as well as providing food and additional necessary items.

Stream Energy is not the only American company who makes an impact in their community. However, with their new initiative “Stream Cares” they are at the front of a new trend in business which is making charitable giving a more precise and directed effort within companies across the country.


Stream Energy Founds Stream Cares in an Effort to Give More Back to the Community

When Hurricane Harvey dropped and Houston neighborhoods flooded, companies and businesses watched as Americans died and others left homeless. Stream Energy came in and used their hard-earned funds to help the victims of the floods recover and get back on their feet.

Stream Energy has embraced philanthropy in their value system. In line with this, it started Stream Cares foundation in an effort to support as well as carry out Stream Energy’s philanthropic activities. During the Hurricane Harvey, Stream demonstrated a level of social responsibility that makes philanthropy part of their brand. They not only give back money to the community, they also give non-financial support to community members.

The onset of Stream Cares foundation saw the philanthropic activities of Stream Energy help to build the reputation of the company. In case of a fall, you have a better chance of bouncing back, if you invested in philanthropic activities.

The Corporate America has really tried to give back to the community. According to a research, the Corporate America contributed $19 billion to charities across the United States and beyond in 2016 only.

The Dallas-based company has endeavored to transform local areas by funding activities in the areas. Additionally, the company contributes to philanthropic activities through its employees. Stream has built and promoted associates who supports charities as individuals.

The associates of the company mainly addresses issues related to homelessness. The workers identifies homeless individuals in Dallas in order to help them with food and supplies or get out of the streets. According to a research, homeless people have increased by 2.5%, a rate that is alarming. Together with Hope Supply Co., Stream organizes an event where people come and give food and supplies to homeless children, an event that occurs each year. Apart from the annual event, Stream and Hope Supply Co. routinely gives the homeless children supplies ranging from diapers to clothing to school supplies.

It doesn’t stop there, Stream Energy has helped the tornadoes victims in North Texas in 2016 and collaborated with its associates to contribute funds for the victims. Still, Stream Energy is looking for better ways to give back to the community.


PSI Pay Achieves Financial Success With Cashless Technology

Global cashless technology innovation company PSI Pay continues to surprise prospectors with the record financial results obtained from the success of its cashless digital technology innovations that are revolutionizing the way individuals buy, sale, and transfer funds. In fact, in 2015 the revenues at PSI Pay increased by 43%, business volumes also increased by 29%, and profit margins increased by 43% in 2014. The success of this organization has been predicated upon the popularity of cashless transactions in society today. PSI Pay continues to provide technological advancements that are creating opportunities for advancement within the banking infrastructure that are paving the way for creative new approaches to regular business transactions. With the creation of the digital payment ring a cashless device that is utilized to make purchases without the use of a credit, debit card or cash. The digital payment ring can be worn and waved over terminals to actually pay for basic items that customers need within organizations that have made the investment in the new technologies.


PSI Pay is continuing to provide safety and security measures that are backed by the likes of MasterCard where they are actually a principal member. PSI-Pay is continuing to provide research and development in the areas of biometrics and various other wearable technologies that will allow further advancement in the cashless transaction infrastructure that will make purchasing, buying, selling, and transferring digital assets extremely safe and easy. Society is continuing to move towards the realization of cashless forms of payment and money transfers online and is creating an opportunity for companies like PSI Pay to capitalize on this new phenomenon and develop reliable forms of technology to capitalize on this pattern of living. The safety measures utilized at PSI Pay create opportunities for the company to increase their reliability with the elimination of identity theft by providing data protections that will ensure proper execution and elimination of fraudulent transactions.

The technology infrastructure at PSI-Pay assists customers with opportunities that are on the cutting edge of the cashless technologies. The company continues to thrive financially and is committed to reinvesting in new research and development innovations that will continue to propel the company to extremely profitable returns on investment and lead to exceptional opportunities for the general public to make purchase transactions easier and more reliably.


Louis Chenevert Invest in Technologies by Investing in People

CEO of United Technologies Corporation Louis Chenevert invests in Technologies by investing in people. Research and development in and of itself is the result of investment in engineering design concepts and the actual results of the production and manufacturing improvements. However, Louis Chenevert had the keen foresight to understand the relationship between continuous improvement of people for innovative ideas, creativity, and education can coincide with the research, advancement, and development of the company’s products procedures and processes. By enacting a culture at  United Technologies Corporation of continuous learning, Louis Chenevert set the path for his employees to continuously grow and be innovative. That, in turn, generated streamlined approaches for doing business.

A culture of improvement and constant learning from talented employees and staff allowed UTC to continue to lead the aerospace industry in innovation and new creative ways of doing business. The continuous culture of learning helped lay the foundation in the company for future generations to be built upon and provide innovative platforms for future growth of the organization. Future generations will build on the strong foundation established by Louis Chenevert to encourage investments in new technologies into the future. Louis Chenevert initiated Investments in the staff by providing scholarships to tens of thousands of employees to continue their education. As a result, the investments in the staff education created the intellectual muscle to create new technologies, new policies and procedures, and processes that revolutionized the aviation industry.

By investing billions in research and development at UTC and throughout the supply chain of the organization Louis Chenevert is craving a legacy for the future of his current client base and customers. In turn, United Technologies Corporation has a strong foundation for future success and profitable growth. Louis Chenevert has created an opportunity for the company to lead the industry and expand innovation, profit share and market share. Louis Chenevert decision to invest in technologies by investing in the people at United Technologies Corporation created opportunities for success and an enduring legacy of innovative advancement.


Soros Continues to Speak Out on Social Causes

For more than fifty years, one of the most successful people in the financial services industry has been George Soros. George Soros is the founder and chairman of Soros funds, which is a group of hedge funds that has more than 50 billion dollars in assets under management. Due to his involvement in this firm and his own personal Investments, George Soros has accumulated a net worth in excess of 25 billion dollars, which makes him one of the wealthiest individuals in the world and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

While many extremely wealthy individuals choose to spend their older years relaxing and enjoying life, Soros has continued to be extremely involved in a wide range of social and political causes across the globe. One of the key areas of interest for him over the past few decades has been the political system in the United States. While Soros was born in Europe and grew up in the United Kingdom, he has continued to have a major impact on the past few presidential elections in the United States. He famously has supported a range of different Democratic candidates including John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. In many situations, he is also a variety of different public statements against Republican candidates including Donald Trump and George W Bush and what George Soros knows.

While Soros has spent a lot of time focused on the presidential elections in the United States, he has also been outspoken about a variety of social causes that are affecting the rest of the world. Over the past few years, one of the most significant social causes that he has spoken out against has been the way many larger countries in Western Europe and the United States have responded to the Syrian Civil War. He has spoken very favorably about how Germany has managed to take in a lot of refugees and has been critical of other countries that have not been willing to open up their borders to allow in those people from Syria that are at risk and more information click here.

Soros has also made many different public statements about what he used to be concerns for the future of the economy of the world. Soros has continued to mention that he thinks that the world is poised for a global crash and many stock markets will drop considerably in value. He believes that many of the signs of this have included the bankruptcies and significant financial to faults of Greece, Puerto Rico, and other local and national economies across the globe and Follow him Twitter.com.

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