Jeremy Goldstein Wants New Yorkers To Know About This Legal Service That Helps Find Them The Right Lawyer

Jeremy Goldstein knows that people have a hard time finding the right lawyer, and he is working to spread awareness about the fact that New York residents can now conveniently search online for one.

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) was launched by the New York State Bar Association and is an online portal where people can search for lawyers who are local to them at all hours of the day or night. They can also use their telephone to access the service, and people are enjoying this simple way to find a lawyer who is in good legal standing. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

By partnering with, the New York Bar Association has been happy to get the word out to the public about this cutting edge online service. This is also good news for lawyers who will be able to serve larger numbers of people who are looking for their services. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

By filling out a confidential questionnaire related to the legal issue they are seeking and their location, they will be referred to the best lawyers in their area. While there is a small fee for the original 30 minute consultation, people are not obligated to continue with the lawyer afterwards.

This will give people in New York a better chance to find the right lawyer without feeling hard-pressed to accept one they are unsure about.

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC,., which is a botique law firm that focuses its efforts on offering advice to management teams, Chief Executive Officers, compensation committees, and corporate executives related to compensation of executives and governance matters related to corporations.

Before he founded his own law firm, he was working as a partner for an important law firm in New York. He has been a part of some of the most well-known corporate transactions that have taken place over the last ten years, and one of these was the purchasing of Goodrich by United Technologies.

Jeremy received his undergraduate education at Cornell University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree with distinction in all subjects.

He also finished up his Master of Arts Degree at the University of Chicago and then went on to earn his J.D. while studying at New York University Law School.

His work with charitable organizations includes him being a member of the Board of Directors at Fountain House, which is a charity that focuses on helping women and men to recover from mental illness.